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Certifications [Incomplete examples]

This is a list of all the possible certifications for men and women serving in the Terran military, and is to replace the archaic “class system” previously used. These are given to recognize an individual's specialized qualifications, and all Terrans are eligible for all certifications provided they meet the prerequisites. To qualify for a certification, you must pass an in-character evaluation. All new characters are allowed to start with 2 Basic and 1 Marine/Navy or 1 Basic and 2 Marine/Navy, unless otherwise noted. Due to the limit of human resources, you may later cross-train as you desire and as the Terran military deems appropriate.


  • In a situation when two or more Marines are of equal rank but one or more possess a vital certification (ie, a Spacer in Zero-G combat) it is standard procedure to relegate more power to such individuals, should there be uncertainties or vacuums in the chain of command. It is also suggested commanding offers defer to such specialized individuals if given the opportunity.
  • Some Certifications exist purely for the sake of consistency, and will be asterisked (*) as they are NOT recommended for player-characters (ie, you won't be seeing any real roleplaying with these certs).
  • Any Certification followed by a “+” allows for further specialization. Specialization is denoted in profiles by “[Certification] +[Specialization].”

Examples of starting Certifications:

Basic Certification

These are the prerequisites for all future certification.

  • Basic Training (BT): The prerequisite for all other Marine Certifications. If you are going to be on the field of combat in any way, shape, or form, this is a must. You know basic self-defense, survival, and guerrilla tactics, how to handle all standard rifles and sidearms, how to operate SAVIOR armor and standard communications devices, and hand-signal communication. Marines with nothing but BT are referred to as Greenhorns or Grunts. Offers access to all standard weaponry.
  • Basic Engineering (BE): The prerequisite for all technical jobs. Here you will come to understand the basic machines and devices to be found throughout the Terran military's hardware (and software). Basic troubleshooting with all mechanical, electrical, and communications devices is your expertise after this. Referred to as Flunkies and Grease Monkeys (or Greasers), their official title is Engineer (which in hindsight seems far too lofty for the FNGs, eh?).
  • Basic Piloting (BP): You can fly all small-craft without killing yourself, know all standard emergency procedures, and have training with all standard sidearms in case of an unexpected “landing.” So what are you waiting for? Go fly something! Prerequisite for all Pilot Certifications. These men and women are plain and simple Pilots. Any Pilot with 10 or more verified kills is an Ace Pilot.
  • Basic Medical (BM): Rather self-explanatory: if plan on being a medical officer or Field Medic, this is a requirement. Physiology, diagnostics, and the most basic medical care are tested here.
  • Bridge Operations (BO): The prerequisite for any of those key position aboard the larger Terran vessels. You'll learn proper etiquette for relaying information, the order of importance, and basic terminal procedure for all stations. These men and women shall henceforth be referred to as Officers of their particular station. May only have one Navy certification to start.

Marine Certifications

These Certifications note specialization in combat; very self-explanatory.

  • Close-Quarters-Combat (CQC) Prerequisites: BT. Details: Marines with the CQC Cert. are excellent melee fighters that prefer the implementation of bladed or blunt weapons or martial arts to defeat their opponents. Many also display a prowess with weapons improvised from their environment. Expect to see these Marines on the forefront of combat. Often referred to as Brawlers or Berserkers, they are granted access to all military-grade melee weaponry.
  • Scout/Sniper Prerequisites: BT. Details: These Marines show remarkable aptitude for long-range reconnaissance and engagement. They're vital intelligence gatherers and support units in a combat scenario. Able to request any Sniper-specific weapon. Cannot be taken with any other certification to start.
  • Heavy Ordnance (HO) Prerequisites: BT. Details: While many are willing to make jokes about this certification's abbreviation, none are willing to doubt the value of Heavies. They are trained to use the largest weapons in the Terran arsenal such as the “Organ Grinder” and “The Maw” without a support Marine. Heavies tend to be large or biotechnically enhanced Marines. Free to request all heavy weapons.
  • Non-Atmospheric Combat (NAC) Prerequisites: BT. Details: Known as Spacers, Marines with the NAC Certification excel in combat scenarios lacking gravity, and/or oxygenated atmospheres. They are often utilized for surprise boarding maneuvers via the exterior of enemy ships using “leeches:” breaching devices designed to quickly open the hull, thus venting any gasses present. Allowed to requisition leech-charges.
  • Quartermaster (QM) Prerequisites: BT, 1 Marine Cert, and rank of Gunnery Sergeant. Details: Quartermasters have an intimate knowledge of the entire Terran armory. Equipped with this information, they are capable of repairing all weapons given the right tools, and troubleshooting any problems in the field. Access to full armory, but most do not see the field.
  • Wheelman+ Prerequisites: BT & BE. Details: Wheelmen have been trained to drive Terran All-Terrain Vehicles such as the Warko as well as troubleshoot basic problems that may occur in the field. They may specialize with any ATV.
  • Mechanized Ordnance (MO)+ Prerequisites: BT & BE. Details: Those with the MO are the Leadfoots, the Marines driving the big bad tanks and APCs, such as the “Medusa Hovertank” and “The Grin.” Good friends to have if you like mobile artillery support or a safe means of traversing that open field with speed. Further specialization can be made toward any armored vehicles.
  • Mechanical Infantry Engineer+ Prerequisites: BE. Details: Called Gearheads, they know how to repair all manner of ground vehicles and have basic driving training with them. Gearheads also carrying Wheelman or MO certifications are masters of fixing up ATVs or tanks & APCs, respectively.
  • Field Medic Prerequisites: BT & BM. Details: After learning to defend themselves in Basic Training, those more medically oriented can go on to learn how to care for their comrades in the midst of combat. This certification includes basic psychology, sociology, and bedside manner in addition to the expected hands-on medical training.
  • Explosive Ordnance (EO) Prerequisites: BT. Details: Marines with an EO Certification are Demolitions Experts. They're trained how to handle the devices that open doors, walls- any planar surface that needs blowing up, really- as well as booby-traps of a similar nature. Likewise, they're given the knowledge to disarm most charges they may encounter.
  • Military Police (MP) Prerequisites: BT. Details: Soldiers who have opted for guarding outposts, stations, and fleet vessels as opposed to fighting on the front lines. They are tasked with maintaining order, dealing with military personal who break military law, and acting as a last line of defense should the enemy infiltrate their post.

Naval Certifications denote a variety of qualifications fixated around the myriad of spacecraft in the Terran Navy- anything from piloting licenses to fold-drive repairs.

  • Fighter Pilot Prerequisites: BP. Details: This is a certification with any of the various fighter craft in the Terran armada. The options are:
    • Delta Dagger: The oldest aerospace fighter still in use in the Terran Navy. Still very dependable, but slowly being phased out.
    • Scimitar: The core of the Terran Navy's fighter force. Expect to be in the cockpit of one of these bad boys if you want to kick some space-borne Drathonian tail.
    • Saber: The newest and meanest fighter craft, weighing in much heavier than its predecessors, but also much more heavily armed. It'll make Corvettes cry.
  • Bomber Pilot Prerequisites: BP. Details: So you want to blow stuff up in space? Look no further than these ships:
    • Shamshir: The current mainstay of the aerospace bombers in the Terran Navy. It has LOTS of bombs.
  • Transport Pilot* Prerequisites: BP. Details: Certification with these crafts means you know how to not only move these bad boys, but move them like ballerinas- smooth and graceful, even in the face of hardship.
    • Cherry Picker: These craft function as salvagers, tows, and docking bays for smaller craft.
    • Caballero: The all-purpose mule of the Terran Navy, if you're going somewhere, it'll be a “Cabby” getting you there.
    • Herring: These are meant to be the covert deployment vehicles; if you're going in quick and quiet, it'll be the Herring you ride.
  • Mechanic+ Prerequisites: BE. Details: These soldiers are skilled in repairing any Naval small craft, but may seek further specialization with any of the aforementioned vessels. They do all the handiwork between deployments.
  • Technician+* Prerequisites: BE. Details: The Technicians are qualified to make a variety of repairs to Terran Navy Starships; further certification is available in the following areas:
    • Electrical: If it requires wiring and/or circuitry to function, it probably falls into this department's lap to repair and maintain.
    • Integral: These are the Carpenters of the big ships, doing all the heavy-duty work.
    • Communications: They maintain the wired connections and wireless hubs throughout the larger vessels of the Navy.
    • Weapons: All those turbolasers need some lovin' too! These folks take good care of them (and those other big guns too).
    • FTL & Engines: If it makes the ship move, these folks know how to treat it just right.
  • Medical Officer* Prerequisites: BM. Details: These are the real “doctors” found aboard heavy-duty vessels; they cover the whole gamut- from neurosurgeons to prostheticians.
  • Starship Navigation* Prerequisites: BO. Details: Navigation Officers tell the ship where to go and how to get there, leaving it up to the internal computations to crunch the numbers and do the dirty work. Still, they are trained to work those large calculations, should an emergency arise.
  • Starship Ordnance* Prerequisites: BO. Details: They maintain awareness on the status of all weapons on their given vessel as well as mandate the basic priority and targeting algorithms.
  • Starship Communications* Prerequisites: BO. Details: They relay information to and from their ship with the rest of the fleet and their own arsenal of small craft, should they have any.
  • Starship Sensors* Prerequisites: BO. Details: They keep an eye on the status of the ship as a whole: its integrity, power, communications, and so forth are constantly monitored by this individual. They also provide critical suggestions for maintaining self-sufficiency and survival as well as coordinate the ship's Engineers to make sure they are properly prioritizing problems as they arise.
  • Starship Command* Prerequisites: BO, 1 prior Naval Cert, & rank of Lieutenant Commander. Details: Commander of a ship in the Corvette- to Mars-Class range.
  • Fleet Command* Prerequisites: BO, 1 prior Naval Cert, & rank of Commander. Details: Commander of a squadron of ships (2-10).
  • Starship Captain* Prerequisites: Starship Command, & rank of Captain. Details: Commander of a ship ranking above Mars-Class.
  • Fleet Admiral* Prerequisites: Fleet Command, & rank of Admiral. Details: Admiralty over a fleet of ships (2 or more squadrons).
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