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Magic Flora & Fauna



The Alchemist set the globe on the dashboard as they navigated through town, fishing for his phone out of his bag. “So the plant hones in on the object you're 'worried' about, particularly the thing you ask of it. It takes your wish, and then bends in the direction of it. Now, the kicker are the blooms. A good Worrywort has healthy flowers, because they only open wide if you're close to your target. Otherwise, they waver between opening and closing. So if we're close, we'll get flowers.”

A floral specimen that points in the direction of the user's desire, tends to appear only in the wild, and only if the person who finds it is lost.


Druid Familiars

A Druid's familiar is an animal that becomes magically bonded to the Druid on the day of the Druid's initiation into the Druid Order. A representative from the Druid's Council hand selects a newborn infant animal and presents it to the Druid, forming the soul bond in the process. The animal can be anything within reason and ranges from birds, to large and smalls mammals, as well as reptiles. While the region the animal originates in does not matter in the selection process, the bond between Druid and familiar is stronger if they both originate from the same region. Familiars stay with their Druid and act as Guides and Advisors to the Druid as they study the ancient magics of the world. Due to the soul bond, a familiar can live much longer than it would in its natural life, but it passes on when its Druid does so as to continue serving the Druid in the next life.

Cursed Dogs

A dog cursed by evil Runology. One attacked Ruarc in an Osakan park.

Dire Geese

Geese corrupted by runes. Several attacked Ruarc and Riley in Osaka's Utsubo park.

Guardian Beast

Guards of magical items. Guardian beasts have different powers depending on the items they were created to guard.

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