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The Races of Battle Hymn

The universe of the Battle Hymn of the Republic is a diverse local, despite centering in on the Terrans and their exploits.


Artificial Enhanced Life Form(AELF), a catch all term for sentient robots, androids, AI, and other non-organic self aware constructs.


Altresian placeholder.


Chattaanites evolved on a planet of harsh elements, which is what led to their often frightening, or at least jarring, appearance. More than one layman Terran has been head referring to Chattaanites as trolls, giants, or even dwarves.\


The Chirshun are a race formerly enslaved by Drathonians to mine their own planets rich mineral deposits, now fledgling space-faring race under the wing of the Galactic Concordance. Easily discerned by their chitinous armor and slim forms.


The Drakoni are a Drathonian subspecies known for nimble hands and a proclivity for mechanical tinkering. Since the end of the Drathonian War, a great percentage have been hired by their brethren Moonies to retrofit Drathonian stations and repair the ships of travelers willing to risk harboring with Moonies.


The Drathonians are a brutally bodied reptilian race and the primary antagonist of the Battle Hymn of the Republic arcs. After their defeat, the remainder dissolved into their clans and many of these clans became galactic nomads.


A near-human anthropoid race that descend from a long-dead fallen empire. The Kepari have hands for feet, prehensile tails, and tarsier-like eyes that are often replaced by augmentation in regular day/night societies. Kepari can, at times, pass for Terrans depending on their disposition, but their features tend to give them away at a closer glance.


A Drathonian subspecies, AKA 'Dragoni.' Moonies are known for their skittishness and cunning. Most Drathonian military stations have been reclaimed by the Moonies and now serve as docking stations for anyone with enough money- or too little intelligence.


Though an upright, civilized and genteel species of feathered reptilians, Ottyo are an enigmatic presence in the galaxy which bars outsiders from their core worlds - they have almost entirey withdrawn from the galaxy, with sightings rare, and contact even rarer.


The Sabeline are a near-human species of aliens which have been likened to either vampires or dark elves, Sabeline are proud, peaceful, and make excellent warriors and statesmen alike.


Seflaurind are semi-humanoid with traits that take after plant life, they are rather fragile but highly intelligent and peaceful. Second to none in agriculture, they were enslaved by Drathonians at the beginning of the Drathonian War, but have become a central part of the United Galactic Republic.


Terrans are humans, as well as any derived race that is genetically viable with Humans; typically descended from the original Terran race, these hardy, adaptable peoples have an enormous amount of variation depending on where they live, and the Terran race encapsulates numerous cultures and ethnicities.


Tsorians are a humanoid, amphibious seahorse like species. They cultivate and distribute Tsorian kelp around the galaxy, and have become accomplished merchants and politicians.

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