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Welcome to the BHotR Wiki!

Welcome to's Wiki! This houses the Wiki databank for both BHotR, as well as Occultus Magica, a modern fantasy centered in Osaka, Japan. Feel free to peruse articles and learn more about these two wonderful settings!

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Set in a future timeline, the galaxy is threatened by war, not just once but again and again. A republic of like minded species bands together to defeat their enemies, whether in the Greatest war, or in small wars against radical splinter factions, the Republic must stand strong as a bulwark against chaos and anarchy.

Occultus Magica

OM is a setting based off of the 'mahou shoujo' or Magical girl genre of Anime. A world with Myriad types of magic, and just as many mages using them, Magic is still an Occult art, and unknown to most people. Those who do find themselves in possession of magic, however, find themselves pressed into keeping the order of the world balanced, so those without magic can live their lives without worry. However, not all magic users work for good…

Other Roleplays

Set in various worlds each with their own unique setting, there are other roleplays hosted on though they lack as much detail or screen time as the other plots, each of these is still a fun read and worthwhile in it's own right.

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