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The Story of Occultus Magica begins in March of 2011, when Kagami Miyuki discovers her powers for the first time. However, not all events occurred after that point. The following timeline attempts to list, chronologically, when all the events in the story of OM happen.

The Nishi-Ku Arc

The following tracks the events of the group of kids that formed and started the story of the Occultus Magica.

Month Episode Title Description
March 0 School Daze The original group forms, and deals with an incident forming at Nishi-Ku Academy
March 1 Bones for Bread The mages deal with their first big threat, a Gashadokuro
July 2 Right of Passages Caoranach is encountered for the first time when two classmates of the mages are kidnapped.
November 3 Going the Extra Magic Mile Coco is revealed, and Duncan leads the group into a training trip to prepare them for the challenges ahead.
December 4 The Worth of a Soul Percival disappears, and the group dives into the Elementalia Magicus to save him.
January 5 The Warrior, The Wolf, and the Way Back Home The end of the first arc; starts with a relaxing trip to unwind after the previous adventure, and ends in tragedy.

The Safeholme Arc

Ten years after the end of The Warrior, The Wolf, and the Way Back Home, the story picks up again with Ruarc heading an the Safeholme Academy. The Safeholme Arc follows two lines, episodes about the Students, and chapters about the Faculty.

Month Chapter/Episode Title Description
April Episode 0 Safeholme Manor The new Students are introduced, and a student meets her master.
April Episode .75 Class is in Session, Witches! The Students have their first class in Intuitive Scholastics.
April Episode 1 A Practical Morning Exercise Ruarc tests the Students through a live-exercise of magic.
May Chapter 1 Into the Maw The Faculty must answer a call to action in the Elementalia Magicus, addressing a potentially world-shattering event.
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