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Magic Rank System

Magic users are often categorized by rank, which shows at a glance the relative power or ability of a person. While there are more correct ways to show a person's respective abilities, a ranking is an easily understood system to show which mages are on the same level, and so on.

To find one's rank, you need to add their Skill and Power levels together, then divide by two to take the average. The resulting number coordinates to a bracket on the following chart, each bracket of which falls under a rank:

Rank D C B B+ A A+ S S+ SS SSS
Average 0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90-100

As an example: Bob has 30 skill and 20 power. When he adds them, his combined total is 50. He divides this by two, to get 25. Looking at the chart, we can see 25 is within the B rank bracket, therefore, Bob is a B ranked mage.

Magic Types


The art of deciphering rune marks. It is the means of incorporating magical symbols into (or onto) physical objects in order to harness and direct the innate magic present in the object. The type of symbol and the material used as the medium determines the quality and strength of the rune. The practice of using and carving runes is commonly used among many as a means of training young mages about how to focus their own powers.


The art of Summoning allows one to bring forth creatures that are either of this realm or not with a ritual, or the utterance of a specific phrase. Summoning requires a power source, typically the caster itself, and, depending on the creature, requires a sustained amount of power to remain in place. Animal companions and other beasts or familiars of the world require no sustaining, only enough energy to bring them to you. However, things like demons, elementals, or constructs require a good deal of mana to maintain their form in real space.

For more on Summoning, visit here.


Magic that uses a combination of the user's own magic and magically-charged incantations, recitations, and rituals in order to invoke magical effects. Spellcasting is the most dynamic form of magic and is constantly growing as new spells are created, and new ways of casting them are created along with it. The main drawback of spellcasting is it usually takes time and concentration to cast more than the most basic of spells, which can leave the caster open to attack.


Magic that manipulates the elements of nature. Elemental magic is extremely common, and can be seen as part of almost every other type of magic.


'Heart' magic, is the name for magic that cannot be attributed to normal types of magic- it does not manipulate elements, summon anything, use runes, or entail the casting of a spell, but rather is a pure expression of magic, said by many of its users to come from the 'Heart', and so that is how it is named. Often in the form of beams, flashes, and explosions of light, 'Heart' magic can do just about anything, so long as the user has the capability of handling the amount of energy they must channel through their bodies in order to use 'Heart' magic.

Mana Manipulation

Mana Manipulation is a form of magic where a user manipulates unrefined mana as a form of magic. normally purely offensive, Mana Manipulation can, by experienced users, be used to heal minor injuries, or to transfer mana to other individuals. this can either be used as a boost, a recharge, or a method to temporarily grant magic powers to non-magical peoples.


Magitech is a newer type of magic system, developed in the twentieth century, which is derived from Caster Weapons, but which uses a purer form of magic shell, as opposed to spells contained within a magically augmented firearm cartridge. Magitech weapons are infinitely customizable, and often have several modes, usually incorporating both ranged and melee weapons into their design. Magitech is both a magic-use skill and a physical combat skill, and most magitech weapons will function as melee weapons, even when no magic is present.

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