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Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2021 10:07 pm
by Kokuten
Arty lingered over the body it had just swiftly ended, withdrawing the blade sheathed within. With a bit of care, the droid wiped the arm-mounted weapon clean of blood, the head on the unit craning over the shoulder to check for any more threats as it worked. Arditis didn't kill Terrans, and Arty was feeling it rather suddenly, the super-class programming of his behavior was running exceptions. For some reason, instead of freezing up or crashing, the unit just kept cycling exceptions.

One moment he had been running through a kill-target, then it had realized what it had done. He reached down to grab the weapon, and it contemplated if it was right to do so. He assuaged it with a simple gesture.

Arty grabbed the hand of the dead rev, and set it in a respectful spot on the chest, "Wrong place, wrong time, wrong side, bub."

It stood, and checked the weapon. The safety wasn't even on. The unit made a noise equivalent to a low chuckle, and toggled it and posted up at the door, glancing at the others, before setting up watch on the entrance they had come in from.

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 6:59 am
by Kai
Niall made haste swapping with Cormac, ensuring that his pistol was properly loaded as he took the rear guard position. From the door he could hear the sounds of Brownie and the others' 'distraction' getting louder as they pushed closer to the armory as planned. The young Marine prepared to send his Sabeline contact another signal now that they had secured their target.

Inside the Armory was pretty standard fare- racks holding the typical Gauss Service rifles used by humanoids, and a few other specialized weapons like SMG's, matksman's rifles, Squad support rifles, as well as weapons for those with different physical dimensions, such as Drathonians. A rack also held plasma pistols and other similar sidearms, with the ammunition for everything stored in a second locked area- Cormac would need to access that as well in order to use the available weapons.

Camilla would notice that the majority of the available weapons were holdovers from the Drathonian war- perfectly serviceable if a bit worn and outdated. Arty, as well, would be pleased that he could find a weapon he had the correct programming to use easily.

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 7:00 pm
by Straken
"Music to my ears, ma'am," Cormac chimed as he practically skipped into the armory. Scanning the racks, he considered how he'd do with each piece. On one hand, he could go long range to make up for his lack of defense. One the other hand though, he was lightly armored and pretty confident in his dexterity, so the submachine guns were calling his name. Biting his thumb and dwelling like he were on which hat too buy, a low grumble swelled in his chest. "Ah, beans."

Striding forward, Cormac picked up an SMG, held it in mock firing position, and looked down the sights. Nodding in affirmation to himself, he tucked it under his arm and made his way to the ammo closet. With another slightly smug display, Cormac dug into his jacket and withdrew his encrypted ID before slotting it into the security panel. Another satisfying sound signaled the door unlocking.

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2021 9:22 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
Camilla blocked the armory door with her body until Cormac had made his choice. She had no hesitation with hers: she hefted an MG3 with both arms and slung the carry strap over one of her broad shoulders.

In her infantry days- eons ago it seemed, scrabbling through jungles- she was a heavy weapons specialist by trade. She'd never shaken her affinity for them, and took every opportunity to use them.

She crossed to the ammo stockade just a few places behind Cormac. Staff Sergeant Camilla Enos was silent and methodical as she prepared herself and her equipment for the trials ahead.

Skipper still held his TOR-S2 and merely had need for ammo. Dhalsim added a shotgun to his collection and likewise restocked his silenced rifle. Bienvenidas, though, surprised his whole team by claiming a reaper. They were all excellent shots, it came with the territory, but Benicio had never performed as a marksman for the team. In response to their curious stares, he said simply: "We need to be prepared."

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2021 2:10 pm
by Kokuten
Arty, having gotten over its doldrums, and with the entryway being plugged by another soldier, fell back to rearm. The Arditi made a quick sweep of the weapons, before its scanners caught the sight of a few racks of body armor and deployment gear. Immediately, the droid started to unclip the fraying, decaying plate carrier that it wore. It tugged a vest of similar size off the hangar, clipped it on, and began systematically transferring everything from the pockets of its old vest to the new one with a mechanical precision. The motions were quick, rapid, only stopping to consider the picture it had mentioned earlier. Looking at it now, it seemed to take more consideration of the woman depicted.

Then, it finished transferring its gear, dumped the items in its backpack into a fresh one, and tossed the dilapidated, old gear into a corner. Looking a bit more fresh, the unit stepped up to the weapon racks, its hands running appreciatively over all of the options available. The CSG, the Gurotte, the Bro, the Tiger, the SPAMR.

Arty stopped on a set of dusty Orcs; terrible, compact boarding shotguns. The fast-attack solution, the hail Mary of the Hopeless Bastards armory. The droid pulled the CQB firearm from its place, and seemed to consider the weight. The manipulators on its arms appeared to relish the feel of the forearm grip and the pistol-grip.

The moment passed, and the AELF set the Orc back in its place. Instead, it reached for a weapon that looked like a SUGR, but with a mechanical hand mounted underneath. When Arty pulled it from its rack, the stock was revealed to have been replaced with a double-articulating elbow, connected to an Arditi arm.

Beep. Arty's body let out a chippy noise, before its right arm dislocated and fell to the floor with a clatter. Its hand spun, settling the shoulder of the SUGR arm exactly where it needed to go for the magnetic guiders to bring it in and sink the restraining bolts. As soon as it socketed, the hand underslung of the SUGR began curl into a fist.

The ammo read on the the rifle lit up, and the harpoon motor, mounted inboard, began to spin up.

"I love tha' Orc, but nothin' beats good, old fashioned, tungsten solutions," chuckled Arty, picking up its dead arm, and stowing it in it's backpack, "Ain' that right, Angel?"