Space combat range, speed, and weapon changes and reduction.

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Space combat range, speed, and weapon changes and reduction.

Post by Kai »

For our setting changes, we need to figure out a preferred range for such things as Space combat, which will affect what we need for speeds on our craft, and also weapon ranges, as well as acceleration. In accordance with this, we are also going to be re-scaling the setting as a whole, as well as our starship classes. Fighter classes are already small enough that no changes aside from speed and weapon range need to be made.

I would like suggestions and solutions to the range and speed issues, for our setting. I know Cadette had some good ones last night but I was too sick to remember, so could you please post them here in a much more permanent setting?
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Re: Space combat range, speed, and weapon changes and reduct

Post by CadetNewb »

Ok, the ideas I had last night...

First off, though it's not realistic, combat should be done in ranges similar to what's seen in Star Wars; it's more fun that way, simply put. We'll still stick to Newtonian Physics instead of "Aircraft in SPESS" like what George Lucas decided on. Because range will be shorter, we'll have to cite reasons why it's so. For the lasers, we'll just say that bloom causes it to be easily deflected/dispersed after a certain range. Autocannons wouldn't be' effective' beyond our combat range simply because they're not fast enough to hit a moving target, but can still be walked onto something holding still I suppose.

As for the small craft speed, I recommend we choose what is an average for combat. After that, a fighter's performance will be measured in it's top speed and how long it takes for it to accelerate to it's top speed. It is not as realistic as measuring fighter performance in G's, but it's easier to digest, and therefore not as harsh on any new or potential players.

Now, because the fighter combat range and speed have been made much smaller, we'll have to have EVERYTHING revolve around them. That is, the big ships and everything need to be made to revolve around the players in dogfights. I'm guessing that maximum range for the fighter craft weapons would be considered medium or medium-close range for our larger ships. This will allow our larger ships to engage in longer range battles, but also make sure the fighters are still practical to use. I'm guessing it will take a minute or two for fighters to go from one ship to another (at maximum effective main battery range). We'll need to determine if this is at maximum speed or average combat speed.

There's always more, but I can't think of it right now. Again, the ranges we set for all craft need to center around the players who will be dogfighting/carrying out torpedo strikes/bombing runs. Otherwise, fighters will either become too powerful, or useless.
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