[Prelude] In the Pursuit of Knowledge

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Re: [Prelude] In the Pursuit of Knowledge

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When Ruarc looked up to her, he saw a somber face and eyes that were difficult to read. They suggested both remorse and grim determination.

"Don mention it. But since ye have..." She paused, searching the druid's battle-haggard face. "Ye find yerself a weapon in that book. Cuz that man is evil, n I don run from evil. Next time, it's all er nothin."

There was an unspoken addendum to that final sentence. Cuz it's all I have t give. Jane was of the mind that her best was all she had to give the world: to best the dark elements of the world around them that even residents of its dimmest parts could feel safe. She didn't believe she could end evil, but she could reckon it.

For Alexei, reckoning was coming.
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