Dramatis Personae

Set in a modern world, with a hidden layer to society- a Magical one. Myths, legends, and fantasy are all true, hidden under a veil of secrecy to keep the non-magical people ignorantly safe from it all.
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Dramatis Personae

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=====Staff & Instructors=====
* Jane Smith, Instructor (Intuitive Scholastics)
* Percival Caxton, EM avatar and alchemy professor
* Ruarc Flynn, Groundskeeper and Property Manager (History, Language, and Runecraft)
* Riley Erin Alstad, Global Liaison & Ward of Vrey
* Dr. Lady Sumedha, Guidance Counselor

* Drysi Maelgwyn, druid
* Michizaki Katerina, elementalist
* Vrey Hallinel, raw magic golem
* Willow Fairburne, allomancer
* Johann Krieger, necromancer

=====Additional Cast=====
* Caoronach, a Fae Lady of Darkness
*Laoise, Familiar of Ruarc
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Character Template

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====== BLANK TEMPLATE ======

**Gender:** \\
**Age:** \\
**Ethnicity:** \\
**Hometown:** \\
**Affiliation:**(Good, Evil, Neutral, Government, N/A, etc.) \\
**Purity:** (Pure, Impure, mostly pure, mostly impure, indeterminate) \\

**Magic Type:** (Natural, Technological, extraterrestrial, Genetic manipulation, Psychic, Inherited, Learned, granted, N/A, etc.) \\
**Active status:** (Inactive, Active, Unknowingly active, Post-active((run out)), Involuntary) \\

===== About =====

**Primary Ability:**
* (Describe your character's powers here. All powers must have a limit. Up to two powers per character)
**Secondary Ability:**
* (If applicable)


**Skill level:** (1-100) \\
**Power level:** (1-100) \\
**Control:** (difference between skill and power ((in that order)), Positive numbers mean greater control, Negative mean less.) \\
===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** (A basic, normal, physical description of a character. can be a picture.) \\
**Personality:** (A synopsis of the character's personality, how they act around people.) \\
**Magical Item:** (Items that help your character with their abilities. Optional) \\
**Magical Outfit:** (Outfit associated with your character's abilities. Optional) \\
**Familiar:** (An animal or other that can commonly be found with the character. Optional)\\

===== Inventory: =====
(items your character owns)
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Caoranach ======
*Old profile*

[[http://www.pantheon.org/articles/c/caor ... |Caoranach]] is an ancient spirit from Ireland, said to be the Mother of monsters and Demons. Caoranach technically has no gender, but is perceived as female, and tends to take on a female form. She was once banished by Saint Patrick, but somehow managed to escape.

===== About =====

**Primary Ability:** Phantom Runecraft
* Phantom Runecraft is the ability to use and cast runes without the need for a rune to be physically drawn on an object. this means that Caoranch can bleed energy for her runic skills from the fabric of space itself, circumventing the need to charge objects with energy to cast runes. However, without using solid objects to cast runes, she cannot tap into the innate magical properties of these objects. Therefore, if one of her runes is pitted against an identical rune on an object of similar attribute, the drawn rune will be more powerful.
**Secondary Ability:** Demoncraft
* Demoncraft is simply the ability to create demons. Caoranach is able to make demons from just about anything, and can even summon them from thin air at need. Demons crafted from objects will take on attributes of that object, for example, a demon crafted from a stone will be incredibly durable and strong, albeit slow.
**Tertiary Ability:** Possession
* Caoranach is able to posses and reside within the bodies of living creatures. Caoranach can only inhabit bodies which have a soul, meaning that only humans and magical creatures may be inhabited. She can chose to co-habitate with the souls, sharing her power (though not her abilities) with the owner of the body, or she may completely take over the body, detaching its soul and making the body her own. She may co-habitate a body at will, but to completely take over an entire body, a certain ritual must be held, tearing the old soul out and replacing it with her own. Her powers depend on the innate magical abilities of the bodies she inhabits.

** Recent History:** After her escape from Banishment, Caoranach for a time haunted a castle in Ireland, from which she was able to escape by taking residence in the body of an unsuspecting young woman, whom she used to try and carry out an attempt at fully possessing a new body. This attempt failed when it was Foiled by a group of young mages who were able to escape from a trap she had set to keep them occupied. Defeated, she possessed the body of a magical dove, which she eventually discarded upon successfully com pleting the ritual that allowed her to take full possession of a new body.

**Skill level:** ??\\
**Power level:** ?? \\
**Control:** ?? \\
===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** Caoranach has had many appearances over the ages, but tends to chose that of a young female. In her current weakened state, she is capable of possessing bodies, and again prefers young female bodies as her abode, which she can modify to her tastes once fully taken over. [[http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=pos ... d=681583|A common look.]] \\
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== "Calamity" Jane Smith ======

**Gender:** Female\\
**Age:** 25\\
**Ethnicity:** TEXAN\\
**Hometown:** Houston, TX\\
**Affiliation:** GOOD \\
**Purity:** PURE \\

**Magic Type:** DRAMATIC \\
**Active status:** Obnoxiously Active \\

===== Abilities =====

**Primary Ability:** //Dramatis Persona// \\
Ever seen a movie- most notably action flicks and westerns? Think of every cliché you can, every stereotypical thing a main character could do or say, and all those predictable events that made you roll your eyes. Now imagine all those things always happening to a woman in her mid twenties who has learned to guide them. Essentially, everything is more dramatic wherever she goes. Here's a list of things that regularly occur for her:
* When she enters a room, the door tends to swing far enough to strike something and signal her arrival- they often swing back and forth like saloon doors even when not designed to do so. Pianos can often be heard coming to a halt.
* Being a Texan, things she owns and/or comes to interact with tend to be bigger.
* Wields 2 Colt Lightnings which are only reloaded when dramatically viable.
* Rides off into the sunset after a big battle... even if it's not the right time of day and no horse was previously present.
* Occasionally tumbleweeds, armadillos, and/or stampedes show up- and often out of place.
* Jane is regularly injured in open combat, typically receiving minor wounds such as a grazed cheek or shot to the shoulder.
* Her face is often hidden by her cowgirl hat ie, for dramatic introductions, entering new places, or while saying something very serious... or napping.
* Jane's "combat clothing" magically appears on her person when the time is right. For comedic effect, there are times when this "transformation" does not occur, and she fights in her school uniform.
* Her manner of speech is very... Western.
* Pounding her fist on a table in any food establishment will result in a mug of drink sliding into her hand.

This is much less of a power and more of a... Cosmic and decidedly unbelievably rare coincidence- or the very hand of a god who likes directing action movies; we don't know which it is yet.

**Secondary Ability:** //Convenient Recovery// \\
At the end of every "arc" or "episode," Jane returns to full strength essentially overnight, regardless of the severity, extent, and number of prior injuries (just like on TV!).

**How powers were granted:** Some really bored god... Or some crazy Cosmic Coincidence. Uncertain.

**Skill level:** 20 \\
**Power level:** 55 \\
**control:** -35 \\

===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** Jane's hair is a chestnut brown, wavy and falls just past her shoulders. Her eyes are blue, and she can regularly be seen smiling like any righteous hero worth their weight in karma. Her face is slim, even her nose, and her lips are small. Like any good Texan, she wears a cowgirl hat, the front of the brim frayed and much of it showing wear from its years of use. She can be intimidating as a woman standing an inch shy of six feet.

The instructor is always garbed in heavily worn riding leathers from head to toe. A wide-brimmed hat is always perched on her head, torn and frayed at the edges. The hem and shoulders of the ankle-length duster are frayed and pale. The toes of her boots are scuffed and permanently capped with dust. A gray button-up workshirt is tucked into her bootcut jeans, which also show signs of fatigue at the ankles. Two belts criss-cross her hips and support her holstered Colt Lightnings. She can occasionally be caught smoking hand-rolled cigarettes. \\
**Magical Item:** 2 Colt Lightnings, which can only be summoned by necessity to defend herself or innocents. \\
**Magical Outfit:** See appearance. \\
**Familiar:** The black stallion No Name\\

===== Inventory: =====
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Laoise ======

**Gender:** Female \\
**Age:** 13 \\
**Perceived Age:** 24\\
**Ethnicity:** Caucasian, Irish \\
**Hometown:** Morann, Ireland \\
**Affiliation:** Good \\
**Purity:** Pure \\

**Magic Type:** Natural\\
**Active status:** Active \\

===== About =====

**Primary Ability:** Soul Link – Magic Channel\\
Laoise is unique in that she is a Druid’s familiar. Thanks to the effects of the magical item given to her, she has the ability to take on a human form. This human form still has all of the benefits that she had in her dove form such as a telepathic connection between her and [[NC:character:Ruarc Flynn]], as well as the ability to channel magic between the two parties. Thanks to this bond as well as the fact that she is a magical entity, Laoise is capable of actively using magic.\\
* **Offensive:** Laoise is able to cast a basic offensive spell. The spell effect is a ball of white light that causes damage upon impact.
* **Defensive:** Laoise can cast a defensive spell that creates an aura around her that cancels out a limited amount of magical energy, or reduces the impact of physical attacks. Thanks to her Soul Link to Ruarc, Laoise is also able to create the aura around Ruarc to increase his defense.
* **Mana Boost:** By using the link between Laoise and Ruarc, Laoise is able to channel mana over to Ruarc to increase the Druid’s capacity to cast spells as well as increase the effects of Ruarc’s spells.
* **Healing:** Laoise is able to channel magical energy to heal others. Due to the bond, this ability is most effective when healing Ruarc.

**Secondary Ability:** Dove’s Grace\\
As an innate ability that seems to stem from her base form as a dove familiar, Laoise has the ability to positively influence her allies and negatively influence opponents. By singing a canto, Laoise can make her allies feel rested and revitalized with renewed energy, and can conversely make opponents feel drained and demoralized.\\

**History:** Laoise was born December 2nd, 2008 on the same day that Ruarc Flynn turned 15. Ruarc had come of age and was inducted into the Druid Order, and by the tradition he was presented with a familiar that is an animal that has been born either on, or around, the Druid’s birthday. So on that day Ruarc and Laoise bonded souls, and Laoise the dove became Ruarc’s Guide.\\
Going where ever Ruarc does, Laoise traveled to Japan, and got to try so many new experiences. In that time, Ruarc began dating a native girl named Raiko. While Laoise is not a fan of the girl, the shrine maiden was kind enough to give the dove a gift. This gift gave Laoise the ability to take on a human form.\\

**Skill level:** 35 \\
**Power level:** 25 \\
**Control:** 10 \\
**Rank:** B
===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** [[http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=pos ... 840|Laoise]] has pure white hair that extends down to her lower back, her skin is fair white and smooth, and her eyes are crystal blue. Through some judgement when taking a human form, Laoise's form does not reflect her actual age and looks to be around the age of 24 and stands at a height of just about 5'6" tall.\\
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Percival Caxton ======

| {{http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... cy.png?300}} |{{http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... Caxton.png}}|
^ **Pronounciation** ||
| PURR-sah-vuhl CAKS-tun ||
^ **Name** | Percival Caxton |
^ **Player** | [[users:kokuten|Kokuten]] |
^ **Gender** | Male |
^ **Age** | 15 |
^ **Ethnicity** | Caucasian |
^ **Hometown** | Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales |
^ **Affiliation** | Neutral |
^ **Purity** | Mostly Pure |
^ **Magic Type** | Blessed |
^ **Active status** | Active |

===== Percival's Themes =====

Theme(Normal): [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnjuV3gv ... =18|Dragon Age II - Hawke Family Theme]]

===== Primary Abilitiy =====

^ **Caller of Gods** |
| //Percival possesses the ability to summon gods into the corporeal world. All that is required is proper focus, the staff 'Unity', and the summoning phrase. The deities come forth as miniature versions of their true form, and use Percy's mana to fuel their attacks and strength.// |

==== Aurus ====

| {{http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... design.png}} ||
| //The God of Fire and War// ||
^ **Summoning Phrase** | //"Detroi! O Nyit O Ember!"// |
^ **Role** | Assault |
^ **Tools** | Wrath(Cleaver) and Fury(Sword) |

=== Granted Abilities ===

^ Grand Slam | //When Aurus is on the field, Percy has the ability to golf and bat his miniature form across long distances. The potency of the force that sends Aurus flying depends on the intensity of the user's emotions.// |

=== Joint Abilities ===

^ The Dragon God | //With Aurus present and the flames of [[nc:character:ruarc_flynn|Ruarc's]] Fire Storm fueling him, the miniature Aurus becomes mini no more.// |

==== Zulan ====

| {{http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... rzulan.png}} ||
| //The Goddess of Water and Justice// ||
^ **Summoning Phrase** | //"Prota! O Madan O Aqua!"// |
^ **Role** | Defense |
^ **Tool** | The Aegis of Hope |

=== Granted Abilities ===

^ Wave Walker | //When Zulan is on the field, Percival, and any set of feet Zulan enchants, can walk on water and will only sink if they willfully want to.// |

=== Joint Abilities ===

^ None | No ability has been found yet. |

==== Modeka ====

| {{http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... Modeka.png}} ||
| //The Goddess of Plantae and Peace// ||
^ **Summoning Phrase** | //"Hal! O Doktom O Growt!"// |
^ **Role** | Healing |
^ **Tool** | Love |

=== Granted Abilities ===

^ **Lifebreath** | //Percival can breath a soul into any small, inanimate object. Once the object receives a soul, it keeps it, even when the mana drains from it, rendering inanimate again.// |

=== Joint Abilities ===

^ **The Paladin's Forest** | //With the chivalrous power of [[nc:character:jonathan_miller|Miller's]] healing touch, Modeka can achieve her full form and bring forth the Paladin's Forest. These trees, which remain long after their use is expended, shed Spirit Leaves, which rejuvenate and recharge all mages within their healing reach.// |

==== Akanus ====

| {{http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... AKANUS.png}} ||
| //The God of Sky and Force// ||
^ **Summoning Phrase** | //"Sor! O Erot o Gal!"// |
^ **Role** | Air Support |
^ **Tool** | Lance |

=== Granted Abilities ===

^ **Zero** | //Akanus and Percival both have the ability to create a bubble that shears between reality and the Elementalia Magicus, this bubble causes a tear in space, negating gravity, and allows the god to fly groups or a single person around him.// |

=== Joint Abilities ===

^ None | No ability has been found yet. |

===== Secondary Ability =====

^ **The Font's Curse** |
| //Percival possesses no mana to call his own, and thus cannot learn any other form of magic. Even so, he is connected to massive seas of mana that constantly course through him and to his charge, Unity. When the flow of mana is pushed too hard, beyond his ability to process, Percival will experience the detrimental effects of internal mana exposure, ravaging him physically.// |

===== Ability Information =====
**Skill level:** 25 \\
**Power level:** 10 \\
**Control:** +15 \\
[[viewtopic.php?f=20&t=87|**Origin of Percival's Powers**]]

===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/ ... master.jpg]] \\
**Magical Item:** Unity, the Staff of the Elemental Pantheon. \\
**Magical Outfit:** Zulan's Shawl, mystic clothing that emits a personal barrier to shield against minor attacks. \\

===== Captured inventory: =====
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Riley Erin Alstad ======

**Gender:** Female \\
**Age:** 11 \\
**Ethnicity:** Canadian-English \\
**Hometown:** St. John's, Newfoundland \\
**Affiliation:** Non-Affiliated \\
**Purity:** Pure \\

**Magic Type:** Learned (Stagecraft), Inherited (Phantom Mantle) \\
**Active status:** Active \\

===== Abilities =====

**Primary Ability:** \\
* Stagecraft \\
Stagecraft users have the ability to magically manifest items that are generally associated with the stage. These items are imbued with magical properties. Properties can be anything from a simple glamor or illusion to something with real combat value. Due to these items being made purely from the user's mana they have a limited time use and the offensive minded ones are often unstable, but provide a large amount of power.
Stagecraft abilities do not require any vocal component to activate, but due to the dramatic backgrounds of many of the users they are often incorporated into the spells. \\

Known Abilites: \\
**Knitted Maw (Unstable)** \\
Riley manifests a hand puppet in the shape of a dragon's head. Her personal puppet appears to be homemade and has sewn on button eyes, the right eye is loose and shifts around as the puppet is moved. Despite its appearance the puppet can be used to create a blazing ten foot long cone of fire, this can be cast in bursts or channeled until all her mana is used up. Due to the nature of Stagecraft this attack can be very effective, but runs the risk of sputtering out when invoked too often or even creating an explosion that engulfs the user. \\
**Minor Illusions** \\
Riley can create multiple small illusions of objects or one full sized person. These illusions can make sounds, but are not complex enough to actually speak. If the illusion's task is predetermined or only reactionary she can still move and use other abilities while it's active. \\
**Blank Masks** \\
Riley manifests up to four featureless stage masks. These are projected at enemy creatures, summons, or mages and when they come in contact with their target's face the masks silence the opponent and begin to drain their mana. The masks are very difficult to pull off as they mold to the enemies' face, but can be rather easily broken. \\

**Secondary Ability:** \\
* Phantom Mantle \\
A non-combat ability that takes an immense amount of concentration. The Phantom Mantle is most often used to allow Riley to get into position and set up for one of her attacks, it can only rarely be used as an escape mechanism as it requires her full attention to enable. The mantle itself manifests around Riley as an ash Grey cloak with a deep hood; it is darker around the hood and lightens as it goes down, the very bottom turning incorporeal and giving the cloak a ragged, torn appearance. While active the Mantle renders Riley incorporeal this can only be extended for a maximum of one minute. This ability does not require any of her mana, but instead taxes her physically . Because of this though, the Mantle is not detectable by magical means.

The Mantle can also be passively summoned where it serves as protection against physical attacks. This use of the ability does not require any concentration and only registers on Riley as four or five pounds of added weight.

**How powers were granted:**\\
Riley's Father, Joseph Alstad, was an accomplished stagecraft user and the previous inheritor of the Phantom Mantle ability. Her father was still an active magician after his Riley was born (she is his illegitimate child and has no mother), but after he came home from what he refers to as an 'accident' with his body still regenerating from horrendous burns and, despite bringing all his magical power to the fore to try and heal himself, his eyes permanently blinded. After recovering Joseph quickly dumped all of his power into a focus statue in their small theater and home and then anchored his Phantom Mantle around the building, making the magical energies undetectable from the outside world. He then began to teach stagecraft to the then five year old Riley and she soon was able to create her own reserves of mana and manifest a Phantom Mantle. Over the years her stagecraft has been honed through the two putting on plays where Joseph is the only actor and the rest of the cast are illusions created by Riley using both her own and her Father's magical power. \\

**Skill level:** 25 (11 for Unstable spells)\\
**Power level:** 7 (35 for Unstable spells) \\
**control:** 18 (-14 for Unstable Spells) \\

===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** Riley is only four-foot, eight-inches in height and weighs seventy-five pounds. Her body is undeveloped and lean in build. She has some muscles, due to learning acrobatics, but as she is still a child they are not overly developed or noticeable. Riley has short, dark brown hair and pale skin. Her eyes are slightly angled and a light green in color. She holds an intense dislike of dresses, skirts, and even overalls (OVERALLS HAVE BEEN REEVALUATED, ACCEPTABLY SORTA AWESOME) and can be most often found wearing jeans or shorts and is very fond of t-shirts with animal prints on them.\\
**Magical Item:** None\\
**Magical Outfit:** None\\
**Familiar:** None\\

===== Captured inventory: =====
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Ruarc Flynn - Druid: Caster/Rune crafter ======
"As much as I complained about coming here [to Japan] I am actually quite grateful. This world is so much larger and complex than I gave it credit for, and I am learning so much more than I could have by just staying in Ireland. Thanks to this assignment I am becoming knowledgeable in Japanese, but admittedly I am not really sure how useful it will be back in the West. I am even making friends with a good group of folk whom I would never would have met otherwise. So in hindsight I could probably go so far as to say I am indebted to the Council for giving me this station, and maybe even thankful to dad." ~~~Ruarc making idle conversation with Raiko while tending to the grounds.

* **Name:** Ruarc Flynn
* **Gender:** Male
* **Heritage:** Irish Celtic
* **Hometown:** Morann, Ireland
* **Age:** 28
* **Birthday:** December 2nd
* **Character Theme:** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UeA9Nus9Eg| See What I've Become]]
* **Magic Type:** Inherited/Learned
* **Purity:** Mostly Pure
* **Active status:** Active
* **Ranking:** A+
* **Role:** Tank - Ruarc can generally be found right up in the action as he uses his constitution, sturdy frame, and defensive abilities to absorb enemy damage.

===== Attributes =====

(in order from strongest to weakest)


===== Abilities =====
**Primary Abilitiy:** **Spell Casting** --- Ruarc has the learned ability to read from his Ancestral Tome. The Tome has written in it a wide range a spells that have been added over the centuries ranging in effects from granting himself or an ally skin as durable as stone, to elemental manipulation, and even subliminal control over another person. The only problem with this is that each entry keeps a unique writing style that Ruarc must learn before being able to use the spell effectively. He primarily uses Earth and Fire manipulation, as well as a few team buffs and healing abilities.

**Secondary Ability:** **Runology** --- Ruarc has the ability to craft runes, which like the Tome give him access to magic spells. This sounds nice, but the more advanced a spell is the more difficult the rune is to craft. Ruarc mainly uses this ability to craft protection runes and health runes. These runes can be carved into most anything, but the most common medium are disk shaped stones as well as certain weapons.\\
**Common Runes (Various effects can be achieved based on the combination of runes used):**
* **Purify** - Cleanses corruption and curses from afflicted bodies.
* **Heal** - Channels benevolent energy into a wounded body to promote rapid regeneration.
* **Dispel** - Negates magic in the area the rune is activated.
* **Deny Magic** - Increases resistance to magical energies (most common on armors, robes, and clothing).
* **Deny Elements** - Increases resistance to natural energies and elements (most common on armors, robes, and clothing).
* **Fire** - Creates a jet of flame.
* **Wind** - Creates a gust of strong wind.
* **Shock** - Creates an arc of powerful electricity.
* **Light** - Creates a ball of briliant light.
* **Calm** - Promotes feelings of peace and tranquility, granting one a clear mind even in troubling times (common on charms and accessories).
* **Vigor** - Promotes feelings of energy and alertness, granting one renewed stamina in times of crisis (common on charms and accessories).
* **Silence** - Creates a pocket of space around the rune that sound cannot travel through.\\

* **Known Limits:** Ruarc has not yet learned all the dialects used in his Tome and therefore is unable to access most of his magic. The magic he has access to in his Tome takes time to cast as he must recite the spell in Celtic, and if he is interrupted his casting fails.

* **Affiliation:** Good

* **How powers were granted:** Ruarc was given the position as Keeper of the Druid Council. As Keeper, Ruarc is tasked with the knowing and reciting the history of the Celtic people, as well as keeping the old magics alive and to carry them on to future generations. As such, when he turned fifteen he was presented with the Ancestral Tome, a book that contains the written history of the Celtic heritage for the Irish people along with every spell created by Keepers of past generations.

* **Skill level:** 70
* **Power level:** 45 (varies based on complexity of spell)
* **Control:** +25

===== Misc. =====

* **Appearance:**

*Ruarc has a fair build and looks like a stereotypical member of academia that belies a strength and endurance built up through living self-sufficiently in a Druid lifestyle. This outward appearance belies his strong constitution and sturdy frame which allow him to take a lot of punishment before collapsing. He is 6'4" tall and weighs approximately 230lbs. He has tanned skin from his frequent work outdoors. His left eye is a soft hazel brown while his right eye is light green, which is in fact a magic artifice that, when activated, allows him to see magical energy that would otherwise be undetectable. He bears a scar on his left forearm that runs from the top of his wrist to the underside of his elbow, and he does what he can to keep it hidden as it seems to bring him a feeling of shame. When asked about it he tries to downplay it or change the subject, talking about it makes him uncomfortable and often time irritable. It somehow plays into the feelings of disdain he harbors for his father, [[NC:character:Conall Flynn]].\\
* He has thick chestnut brown hair that sits medium length and left loose. He most always has a pair of reading glasses on.
* **Fun fact:** Despite Ruarc's frequently being the victim of misunderstandings and language barriers he is in fact fluent/versed in multiple languages. Many of the languages have only limited applications however. The languages Ruarc currently knows best include: Irish, Old Gaelic, Scottish, Welsh, English, Latin, and some German, French, and Norwegian. Most of what he knows has revolved around using the languages for study and minor communication within the Druid society. Since his assignment to Japan, Ruarc considers Japanese to now be on the list of languages he knows, and his increased social interactions have made him begin seeking to become completely fluent in more languages.

* **Job:** Ruarc works as the groundskeeper and landlord of Safeholme Manor.

* **Personality:** Since the death of his girlfriend Raiko, Ruarc became withdrawn and short tempered. In recent days he has been dealing with his unresolved feelings better, and slowly returning to the mild and supportive personality he once had.

* **Magical Item:** [[http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb4 ... |Ancestral Tome]], rune stones(varied abilities and affects), and enchanted staff.

* **Magical Outfit:** The [[http://armstreet.com/store/clothes/natu ... k|Keeper's Cloak]] was presented to Ruarc along with the Ancestral Tome. The cloak is the symbol of Ruarc's job and rank within the Druid Order. The Keeper's Cloak is a light, earthy brown hue, and has a red bordered that is embroidered with wards and runes.

* **Familiar:** [[NC:character:Laoise]] (pronounced LEE-sha) --- A white dove. Whenever a new Keeper is named, the Druid Order sends a representative to select a new born animal to become the Keeper’s Guide. The Guide stays with their Keeper until the day the Keeper passes on.

* **Captured inventory:** The Ancestral Tome, an assortment of marked rune stones, and a pouch of unmarked stones.
Foireann Maor Gruama, the Grim Warden Staff

===== Spells (Not counting runes) =====

Listed are main combat spells known by Ruarc, but he also possesses a number of others that are primarily for travel and domestic tasks.
(listed from simplist to most complex)

Wind Step: Primarily used for traversing long distances. Like a bird with a tailwind, the caster becomes faster, has enhanced stride length, and physical fatigue is instead magical fatigue.
Incantation: Ag mo dhroim na gaoithe

World Step: A difficult varient of Wind Step. This spell was created to help higher ranking Druids traverse extreme distances. It requires a great deal of concentration and energy to utilize, as well as a lot of practice to get close to the desired destination.
Incantation: Síneann an domhan os mo chomhair

Lightning:Sends out a bolt of lightning. Ruarc can alter the intensity from a small spark to a large bolt. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to imbue physical objects with electricity.
Incantation: Turraing

Gale: Unleashes a hurricane of intense wind. Ruarc can alter the intensity. Higher skill and power offers short-distance semi-controlled flight (high and long jumping more or less).
Incantation: Séideán láidre

Blindness: Throws a dark curtain over a target's vision, preventing it from using its perception of sight. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to completely surpress all five of a target's senses.
Incantation: Daille de sin

Stone skin: Increases Ruarc's defense by making his skin as durable as rock. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to create a layer of stone to form over him like plate armor.
Incantation: Craiceann na cloiche

Fissure: Ruarc can bend and fracture stone to form pillars or walls, or he can sheer the stone and create a deep gash into the ground. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to move greater ammounts of stone.
Incantation: Cloch a oscailt agus a ithe

Dragon Fire: Ruarc unleashes of torrent of flames from his hands which take the form of a massive dragon. The dragon blasts forward and engulfs anything that stands in its way. Ruarc can manipulate the direction and intensity of the flames. Higher skill and power allows Ruarc to cast a large ethereal fire dragon that will remain on the field and attack enemies.
Incantation: Créatúr na tine, theilgthe breithiúnas

Warp Wood: Ruarc is able to bend wooden objects as though they were made of clay.
Incantation: adhmad mar chré

Spear of Light: Ruarc's staff glows with a brilliant light. Can be used to light the area, or to create a beacon of light when directed towards the sky.
Incantation: Leitstrahler

Animal Aspect: Ruarc can take on the vague appearance and qualities of an animal that he has taken time to study and analyze.
Dove: Boosts magic reserves, and the effectiveness of healing magic
Incantation: Foirm de ghrásta
Badger: Makes Ruarc more durable
Incantation: Foirm neart
Cat: Make Ruarc more dexterous
Incantation: Foirm de aclaíocht

Ward: Creates a protective force that blocks incoming attacks. Can be broken through with enough force.
Incantation: Bescherm de kudde

Speak with Animals: Allows Ruarc to converse with animal life.
Incatation: Le labhairt i dteangacha

Wall of Thorns: Ruarc creates a rapid growth of dense brambles that impedes anyone who might try to pass through it.
Incantation: Cosaint an eolais
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Vrey Hallinel ======

**Gender:** Female \\
**Age:** 15 \\
**Ethnicity:** Magically Altered Human \\
**Hometown:** N/A \\
**Affiliation:** Neutral \\
**Purity:** Indeterminate \\

**Magic Type:** Natural \\
**Active status:** Active \\

===== About =====

**Primary Ability:**
* [[nc:magic:Flux]]
**Secondary Ability:**
* Naturally Enchanted: Vrey is naturally imbued with physical enchantments increasing her physical speed, power, and durability. These enchantments can be countered or dispelled by magic but will gradually reassert themselves if not constantly controlled by an outside force.

**History:** Vrey has no known parents but frequently compares people to a seemingly endless amount of siblings who all seem to be generally violent, annoying or obnoxious. Due to her near status as a demihuman and the lack of a familial control structure around her Vrey is officially Apprenticed to a member of the Occultus Magica. The relationship is little more than a bureaucratic fiction in order for the OM to have oversight of the young mage and Vrey and her teacher have only ever met on two occasions. \\
Vrey was placed in Brocken Academy in order to get her out of the way and hopefully out of trouble under the watchful eyes of such a prestigious faculty as the school boasts. She was entered into the academy later than most students and is only a Third Year.

**Skill level:** 49 \\
**Power level:** 69 \\
**Control:** -20 \\
**Rank:** A+ \\
===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** Vrey is only four-foot and eight inches tall. She is skinny to the point of extreme boniness and overall very physically androgynous. She has no hair anywhere on her body and her skin is a slightly unnatural ashy and pale orange colour. Vrey's eyes are almond shaped and grey. Her face is strongly featured and angular, a trait which is only exacerbated by the slight gauntness around her eyes and cheeks. From time to time faintly luminescent green 'veins' raise up and are visible under her skin, there is no average time they persist before disappearing. \\
**Magical Item:** [[nc:item:Gauntlets of Caradoc]] \\
**Magical Outfit:** Vrey has no magical outfits. She does prefer not to wear shoes though. \\
**Familiar:** [[nc:item:Gauntlets of Caradoc]] are capable of smack talking their owner and augmented her abilities. \\

===== Inventory: =====
[[nc:item:Gauntlets of Caradoc]]
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Drysi Maelgwyn ======

**Gender:** Female \\
**Age:** 16 \\
**Ethnicity:** Caucasian - Triclops \\
**Hometown:** Newport, Wales \\
**Affiliation:** Neutral \\
**Purity:** Tarnished\\
**Magic Type:** Learned - Inscriptionist \\
**Active status:** Active \\

===== About =====

**Primary Ability:** Inscriptionist \\
* Drysi takes up the age-old Maelgwyn art of scribing spells into the air and on the surface of objects to invoke various effects. The strength of the effect depends on what is being scribed upon, going from the free-air at the weakest, to imbued surfaces at the strongest. Her implements take the form of a quill in place of a wand, and an inkwell to focus her mana.\\
**Secondary Ability:** Papersophy \\
* A neglected art due to the technical practice required to master, and her own personal beliefs of Inscription magic. Papersophy is the academic term for Paper Magic, which Drysi learned from her mother, but rarely uses for day-to-day activities. \\

Drysi Maelgwyn is one of /those/ Maelgwyns, of the Maelgwyns of Cardiff. However, Drysi was born in Newport to a branch of the family that didn't work at the Library of Cardiff. Her family consisted of Wynne and Eckert Maelgwyn, a pair of mages that set up a stationery store that doubled for a Scribecraft store. Eckert Maelgwyn was an Inscriptionist of little reknown, living far away from the glamorous Library of Secrets. His wife, Wynne Deckart, a paper witch of also little reknown, found her husband's quiet leanings, and multiple eyes pallatable.

What resulted was a young girl who was quite ready to break away from her boring family and their boring stationery store. Drysi, ever since she was little, dreamed of being like one of her cousins at Cardiff, taking care of old knowledge, reading old books, and carrying on the family legacy. She, however, was schooled in regular schools, filled with non-mags who had boring aspirations like becoming astronauts, or joining the air force. Which was a troubling path for a budding Librarian, as her cousins had been raised from birth to take upon the mantle.

Even begging her parents gave little to her cause, she was willing to do anything to learn magic in Cardiff, but her father would say no every time. He refused to travel down the coast, and never allowed his daughter to do the same. Despite this, she insisted she wished to be a librarian, and was willing to take any pursuit.

She proved this by running away from home, to Cardiff where she was promptly turned away by her uncle, and picked up by her mother.

Further her fire burned for this pursuit, and she ran away again, this time north to Bangor. She used what little inscription magic she knew to make a piece of paper resemble a bus ticket. Again, she was turned away, this time by an Evocation instructor named William. This time her father found her.

Drysi wouldn't listen to her parents or their warnings, and insisted she would learn greater magics away from them or with them. Unable to convince their daughter, her father and mother spoke with the Occultus Magica in order to be relocated. Much to her frustration, the Maelgwyns had relocated to Osaka, and set up shop in town. Much to her delight, though, she learned she would be attending a private magic school within the city, on the grounds she would behave. Any errant behavior would rob her of this priviledge.

Happily agreeing, Drysi was eager to begin her studies.

**Skill level:** (1-100) 40 \\
**Power level:** (1-100) 25 \\
**Control:** +15 \\
**Rank: Triquilops**
===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** Drysi is 5'1", thin, but shaped somewhat womanly. Her blonde hair is curly and styled into a short bob-cut. All three of her sharp eyes are green, and are accented by sharp features and a narrow face. Her third eye is normally visible to other mages, but is inpercetible to other unmagely people.\\
**Personality:** Maelgwyn comes from a proud family, and she carries on proud traditions of superiority and an inflated-ego. She is precise and calculating in what she does, less because of her pride but more due to an innate fear of failure. She is sensitive about her eye, and is still getting used to needing to hide it. \\
**Magical Item:**
* Mana Crane Feather Quill - This quill helps channel magic through one hand to press imbued ink to craft spells. \\
* Cardiff Ink Inkwell - This inkwell embues any writing ink with mana, charged by the user.
* Scrolls - Drysi carries a series of scrolls that can activate as spells when anyone reads them.
**Magical Outfit:** The outfit Drysi summons is a set of cinched robes that strongly resemble the Librarians of Cardiff, scribed with resistance spells. The robes are tailored to allow her legs to run freely, and thus do not conceal them like regular robes.\\
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