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Uniforms & Armor

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====== Terran Uniforms ======
The Terran Uniform is a multi-layered outfit designed specifically for service in space and in hostile environments. It is comprised of two layers, a base layer that acts as both an environmental suit and a mechanical counterpressure suit in the event of the wearer being exposed to vacuum. The outer layer is a Duty uniform comprised of a jacket and pants, which are designed to be comfortable, durable, and functional, while still making sure the wearers have a modicum of style when wearing one.

===== Base Layer =====
==== Standard Terran Environmental/Pressure Suit ====
the Standard Terran Environmental/Pressure Suit, or STEPS, is a form-fitting, but not quite skin-tight bodysuit which is actually several parts. The main part is the shirt, which is long-sleeved, and contains a lockring around the neck, allowing a helmet to be securely attached.

This lockring is normally collapsed, but, when locked to a helmet, expands into an articulated joint which allows for the full movement of the head. The lockring also contains a small air canister and air filter to allow two hours of breatheable oxygen, in accompanyment with the Magnetic Containment sphere the lockring generates in vacuum or hostile atmospheres if no helmet is present. To use the lockring, one simply pushes on a helmet until it clicks, then pulls it up to accordion out the mechanism allowing for neck and head movement. In order to remove a helmet, the wearer simply pushes the helmet down until the lockring is fully collapsed, and twists the helmet off.

The Second piece is the pants, which include foot coverings, with the final parts being a pair of gloves that give enough counterpressure so that a wearer's hand's aren't damaged, but can also move fairly easily. The whole suit is made from a smart material that makes air-tight bonds to itself but can still be separated by hand. the Material will, upon exposure to vacuum, produce mechanical counterpressure to keep the human body from being damaged by the vacuum.

The Marine and Navy Variants are black, While the Air Force variant is Navy Blue.

===== Duty Uniform =====
Each duty uniform consists of four parts: a Jacket, Pants, Belt, and a pair of boots.
==== Marine ====
The overall uniform color scheme for the marines is Hunter green with black accents.

* Jacket: The Marine Jacket is a somewhat loose collared jacket with two breast pockets, two front hand pockets, and a large pocket at the small of the back, which can be entered from either side.
* Pants: The Marine pants are made with a relaxed, but not loose, fit, and have two large thigh pockets in addition to the standard pockets near the beltline.
* Belt: The Marine belt is a Utility belt which holds a First Aid Kit, a Sidearm, a Knife, a Small grapple hook and line, an Emergency beacon, and room for extra magazines. It is made out of a black synthetic leather-like material that is very durable.
* Boots: the Marine boots are Sturdily constructed black boots, which zip up the side. They have steel toes, and the sole can be magnetized to allow for walking on metal surfaces when no gravity is present. They are made out of tough synthetic materials and are rated to stop most sidearms, and some larger weapons.

==== Air Force ====
The Overall Air Force Uniform is Navy blue, but has different accents based on a person's job

* Jacket: The Air Force Jacket is styled similarly to the Marine jacket, but it only has the two front hand pockets and one breast pocket, on the right breast.
* Pants: The Air Force Pants come in two varieties: Standard, and Pilot. The standard pants are relaxed fit slacks with only the four standard pockets, while the Pilot pants are more fitted, and have utility pockets on the sides of the calves. The Standard pants are worn when not on Pilot duty, or when off-duty, as they are less cumbersome and more relaxed-fit in nature.
* Belt: The Air Force Belt carries the soldier's sidearm, a miniature tool kit, and a beacon. it is made from a black synthetic leather-like material that is very durable.
* Boots: The Air Force boots are Black, somewhat lightly constructed, and lacking steel-toes. The sole can be magnetized to allow walking on metal surfaces when no gravity is present. They zip up the sides.

==== Navy ====
The Overall Navy Uniform is Burgundy, but has different accents based on a person's job

* Jacket: The Navy Jacket is styled similarly to the Marine and Air Force jackets, but it only has the two front hand pockets and breast pockets, lacking the Marines' extra pocket at the small of the back.
* Pants: The Navy Pants are a pair of relaxed-fit slacks, which are worn with a crease down the front. Unlike the other two branches, Navy pants only have four pockets near the beltline, and do not include any cargo pockets.
* Belt: The Navy Belt carries the soldier's sidearm, a small datapad, and a collapsible bubble helmet to deal with decompression events. It is made from a black synthetic leather-like material that is very durable.
* Boots: The Navy boots are Black, somewhat lightly constructed, and lacking steel-toes. The sole can be magnetized to allow walking on metal surfaces when no gravity is present. They zip up the sides.

===== Other Uniforms =====

==== Technician Jumpsuit ====
Technicians, when working, tend to wear a protective jumpsuit as opposed to a Duty uniform. Regardless of branch, technicians also seem to prefer wearing the marine style boots for their greater protection. The Technician's jumpsuit also comes with a pair of protective mechanic's gloves. The Jumpsuits are generally colored according to branch, but a light grey variant is available for use by all branches.
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Savior MK V

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====== Savior MK V ======


Type: armor
Protection: moderate/high based on area

The Savior MKV CAS, is the standard military combat armor. Allowing fairly light weight advanced protection from most pulse laser based, bullet based small arms fire, and anti-personnel grenade shrapnel. It can be worn over standard BDU's or clothing, somewhat comfortably, and does allow wide range of motion, and mostly unhindered free movement. The MKV's helmet is state of the art, featuring an on board helmet cam, radio, and various half face, and full face attachable shield visors. The standard visor features UV protection, and a built in HUD, allowing the the soldier to see live video feed from any of his squad mates, view video transmissions, or to allow the soldier to view blue prints and maps of specific areas or ships.

The armor is made of out of many thin tightly packed layers of maxlar and alloy composites, which contain microscopic fragments of various light weight and durable ceramic composites that are all tightly weaved together. Then is coated thinly, with a light fragmenting chemical between each maxlar layer. This forms a highly durable metal-ceramic plating. Upon contact with a bullet the fragments vibrate and destructively react to the energy of the contact, and disrupt the geometry and toughness of the bullet, greatly diminishing it's penetration power. On contact with a laser pulse, the coating in the armor reacts, and disrupts the majority of the light waves, fragmenting them and reflecting them, into different harmless wave lengths.

Another version of the savior is available and also is in testing stages of development. It is almost identical to the MK V, but it allows for cybernetics to be implanted into the armor via tech slots. That allow the user to be cybernetically enhanced via the armor, increasing combat effectiveness greatly.

The armor system consists of:\\
Helmet (w/o visor)t: 4lbs \\
Torso armor: 10lbs \\
Upper/lower leg plates: 6.5bs \\
Upper/lower arm plates 8lbs \\
Attachable ballistic protective shoulder pads: 5lbs \\

**Features** \\
(Chest Plate)
- Hazard light: mounted around the lower neck lines on the front and back of the chest plate. Allows for identification of friendly units in low light situations, or to auto signal medical attention, when installed with a specific radio link up.\\
- Spot light: A high powered shoulder mounted spot light, with too modes. \\
High- capable of slightly blinding or disorienting targets, great for breaching assaults.\\
Low- For regular common use \\
- Modular assault slots: Allows the user to attach compatible ammo packs, radio packs, medical packs, etc to various modular slots on the armor.\\
- Attachable shoulder pads for added protection \\

(Leg and Arm Plates) \\
- Composite elbow pads and knee pads for added protection \\

(Helmet) \\
- HUD \\
- Radio \\
- UV visors (HUD integrated) \\
- Search light \\
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Paladin Armor System

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====== Paladin Armour ======

Type: armor
Protection: high

While the Savior type Armour was quite effective at it's job, it also took quite heavy damage, and needed heavy repairs or complete replacement after every battle. This took too heavy a toll on already thin terran resources, so a new Armour type was devised, one that was more survivable and could be used repeatedly in heavy battle without need of replacement. As with many other Armour systems, it has it's weak spots, but it's strong parts can take quite a bit more damage than any other Armour currently in use.

The reason it is so much stronger than other Armor types is it's Duratanium construction. Duratanium is a strong, lightweight alloy usually only used for starships. Though building the armor out of such materials costs more in the short-term, it saves resources in the long-term.

As with later models of the Savior, the Paladin has Cybernetic/hydraulic enhancements, Making the weight be less of a burden on the user, and enhancing their own strength and agility.

The armor system consists of: \\
Helmet (w/o visor)t: 20 lbs \\
Torso armor: 25 lbs \\
Upper/lower leg plates: 9 lbs \\
Upper/lower arm plates 7 lbs \\
Protective shoulder pads: 4lbs \\
Utility belt: 5-50 lbs \\
Gloves: 3 lbs \\

===== Features =====

- HUD \\
- Radio \\
- UV visors (HUD integrated) \\
- Search light \\
- FFID beacon/display \\

(Torso armor)
- Back mounted rifle rack \\
- chest mounted ammo packs \\
- Shoulder-mounted armor piercing taser \\

(Utility belt)
- attachment points for ammo, grenades, sidearms, and modular upgrade packs \\
- Beltpack style rifle battery for bro, sugar. \\
- micro-winch/cable system \\
- entrenching tool \\
- field survival pack, 3-day supply \\

- Heat, tear, and water resistant \\
- no-slip grip \\
- Built in Duratanium "Brass knuckles" \\
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Intruder Light Scout Suit

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====== Intruder Armor ======

"Intruder" LS-3 (Light Suit No. 3) a.k.a. "Scout Suit"
Type: General Purpose scout Suit
Protection: Light to medium

The Intruder suit is a lightweight suit designed specifically for scouting operations. It is made to allow the user mobility that the Savior armor system cannot match, while still giving more protection than the Eidelon special ops suit. It is outfitted with a large amount of small storage, giving the user the ability to carry everything they need with them without the need for a heavy backpack or the more difficult to deal with Web Gear that is often worn over a Savior suit.

Like All Terran armors, it is made to be worn over the standard uniform, an effort made to aid its ease of use and speed up the process of changing into the armor. As an added bonus, the Intruder includes a stealth poncho made of an optical camouflage material, which allows the user to become vertually unseen, or at least break up their profile.

The "Intruder" Scout Suit consists of: \\
* **Half Helmet**: 2.5 lb \\
* **Full Helmet**: 4 lbs \\
* **Torso System/Armor**: 8 lb \\
* **Thigh System/Armor**: 3 lb \\
* **Arm and Shoulder System/Armor**: 4 lb \\
* **Utility Belt**: 3-30 lb
* **Gloves**: 0.5 lb
* **Knee-high armored Boots(with kneepads)**: 5lbs per boot


** Half Helmet**: \\
-HUD Visor with enhanced long distance targeting \\
-Integrated UV, Infrared and Night Vision \\
-FFID unit \\
- Squad Link Communications system \\

** Full Helmet**: \\
-Identical to Savior Helmet, same features as Half helmet \\
-Also includes rebreather and Air scrubbing system- Up to 10 days continuous fresh air.\\

** Wrist Connection Point**: \\
-Wireless receiver for Weapons connectivity \\

** Utility Belt**: \\
- 6 Modular Attachment Points \\
- 12 Expanding Pouches - Up to .25 cubic feet \\
- Combat knife or Pistol holster \\
- 6 pistol Magazines/batteries \\
- 4 Rifle magazines/batteries \\

** Chest Pouch/mount**: \\
- Stealth Poncho \\
- Flashlight \\

** Back Module**: \\
- Main Batteries \\
- Computer/processor \\
- Signal Beacon \\
- Communications gear \\

** Thigh **:\\
- Combat knife or pistol holster
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Eidolon Advanced Reconaissance Suite

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====== Eidolon Armor ======

"Eidolon" SS-2 (Stealth Suit No. 2)
Type: Advanced Reconnaissance Stealth Suit \\
Protection: Low \\

The "Eidolon" was designed to have maximum protection at an absolute minimal cost. It is lightweight, low profile, somewhat form fitting, and is even able to fit underneath standard uniform without standing out. More recently, the suit has seen action in the form of a scout suit for Forward Observation Units and Intelligence Agents who prefer something more 'subtle' than Terran Marine combat suits. Because of this, the suit is not very popular; most Terrans, and even Terran Scouts, prefer to fight Drathonians head on.

The Eidolon protects it's user from potential harm with a multipurpose ballistic rated and energy absorbing gel weave under alloy plating. The protection of the suit is vastly inferior to the newer "Paladin" combat suits and even the older "Savior" models, and in some cases inferior to even the natural scales of the "Grunt" Drathonians. Any one panel can take three or four tightly clustered hits from standard Drathonian infantry weapons before failure, while glancing blows tend to boil off layers. The suit enhances the user's speed and agility utilizing a cheap polymer that responds to the body's natural neural impulses.

The suit is coated with a special blend of light bending material, pigment and other compounds which allow the suit to rapidly blend into the environment. When holding still, the passive abilities of the compounds combined with the on board computer's ability to direct the coating's actions allow the suit to produce a camouflage pattern that compensates for the angle of view. The system is not perfect, as dirt, filth and other things getting stuck on the suit make it appear out of place. In addition, movement disrupts the camouflage process, reverting the complex mimicking pattern into a digital pattern.

The "Eidolon" Scout Suit consists of:\\
Balaclava Style Helmet: 0.8 lb \\
Torso System/Armor: 3 lb \\
Shin and Thigh System/Armor: 1.5 lb \\
Arm and Shoulder System/Armor 1.8 lb \\
Utility Belt 3-30 lb \\
Gloves: 0.2 lb \\


(Balaclava Style Helmet) \\
-HUD goggles with enhanced long distance targeting \\
-Integrated UV, Infrared and Night Vision \\
-Friend or Foe ID Unit (off on default) \\

(Right Wrist System) \\
-Hacking implement and lock pick \\
-Integrated PDA or PDA slot \\

(Utility Belt) \\
-Modular Attachment Points \\
-Expanding Pouches \\
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