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Re: The Arsenal

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"Drathonian Projected Grenade No. 2", "Panzerfaust"\\

The DPG-2 is the primary long distance anti-armor infantry weapon of Drathonian infantry. It uses a crude black powder to propel the grenade to target, at which point it's anti-armor grenade will detonate, followed by the smaller grenade attached to the end. It is essentially a tandem warhead, made on accident or on purpose, it will defeat most reactive armors. Intelligence believes it is the former, and not the latter, as this intercepted transmission shows:\\

**"I want a bigger boom stick!"\\
"Oh yeah?! Well, I can't make the boom any bigger!"\\
"Then make two booms then!"\\

- Unknown Weapon Smith and Infantry Dragoon\\

The weapon is often called the "Panzerfaust" after an ancient weapon of similar construction used during 'World War II" of old Terra. \\
**Designer: Unknown, Drathonian Empire\\
**Manufacturer: Unknown, Drathonian Empire\\
**Length: 1.1 Meter, loaded\\
**Weight: 15 lbs, loaded\\
**Modes: Fire, Club\\
**# of Shots: 1\\
**Rate of Fire: User Dependent\\
**Effective Range: 600 meters\\
**Maximum Effective Range: 920 meters\\
**Power: High\\

**General Purpose Tandem Grenade\\
The grenade launched is essentially one 230 millimeter diameter shaped charge and a smaller 91 millimeter shaped charge. Both explosives can easily penetrate armor, and contain fragmentation sheaths as well. The twin blasts, one after the other, are massive, with a 22 meter casualty radius consisting of overpressure and fragments. Estimated fatality radius is 9 meters.\\

The unloaded tube may be used as a club to cave in an enemy's head or other. However, the firing tube will no longer function after such, as the material will dent out of shape.\\

The user tucks the tube under the armpit and flips up the sight, turning off the mechanical safety in the process. The appropriate sight loop for the target's distance is lined up with the luminescent paint mark which is in turn placed right under the target. Aim. Fire. Reloading consists of sliding the grenade's inner tube into the firing tube and turning until an audible click, where the trigger then has tension.\\

-Cheap and easy construction, consisting mainly of stamped sheet metal\\
-Flip up sight marked at 600 meters, 300 meters and 100 meters or less\\
-Flip up sight doubles as safety\\
-Firing tube may be reloaded and used five to six times, depending on metal quality\\
-Luminescent paint on the edge of each grenade to function as a front sight \\
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Re: The Arsenal

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Category - Personal Firearms\\
Type - Lightweight Laser Pistol\\
Name - EV-47\\
Destructive Capabilities - low unless targeted correctly\\

Detail -\\

The EV-47 pistol is standard issue to all Personel, on any Terran ship, who work in a hazardous area (engineering and bridge, though it is also issued to Marines too)
These weapons were chosen for those areas as they have low damage output, so are less likely to cause a serious problem if misfired or misses the target.\\

**Designer: Terran Republic\\
**manufacturer: Altres Royal weapon works (ARWW)\\
**Length: 10 in\\
**barrel: 7in\\
**weight: 1.0 lb\\
**Modes: Manual\\
** # of shots:\\
-battery: 500 - 1000 - See notes for more info\\
-Beltpack: N/A - uses charger which requires a power source\\
**Max range: 400m\\
**effctive range: 150 m\\
** rate of fire: N/A - manual gun\\
**Power: light/moderate\\
**Optional Features - Modified sniping scope (Designed by Battle Hymn Engineer Kurohime Ito), flash light, non-lethal/stun mode, silencer, barrel extensions (2 or 3 in)\\

While the EV-47 is small it has a high accuracy, leading to some of those who favour it to develop skills as sharp-shooters (atm most of the Hymn's Engineering section are pretty good snipers with EV-47s, who know what would happed if they missed!!!)\\

Notes -\\

The EV-47 is powered by batteries of varying size, depending on what was availiable to make them at the time. The most common is a 60W battery - which allows for a minimum of 500 shots, and a max of 1000 before it needs recharging.\\

The safety catch acts as an on/off switch for the EV-47, allowing the battery to be conserved.\\
The batteries can be replaced - allowing for a lighter gun, with a shorter battery life, or a heavier gun, with a longer battery life.\\

Shot Type - Energy Based Laser Pulse\\

The output from an EV-47 is variable, and can be controlled with a small dial on the bottom of the gun. This dial can only be turned when the safety switch is off.\\
Modes are - High - Regular - Stun - light\\
Default setting is Regular, should a fault occur with the gun, setting automatically goes to light.\\

Mode Descriptions -\\
High: Puts a serious dent in most armour, uses more battery power than the others\\
Regular - cannont penetrate amour, but still does letal damage if it hits the right place\\
Stun - knocks the target out\\
Light - does no damage - really only used in training sessions. \\
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Re: The Arsenal

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GUR-02 'Gurotte' Carbine\\

A stripped down version of the S/GUR-01 rifle, the GUR-02 is a semiautomatic close squarters weapon made to carry more punch at the cost of rate of fire. it is very barebones, containing only an ironsights for aim, and is stipped of much of the composite casings, as well as leaving 10 inches of barrel off from the original. \\
**Designer: Terran Republic\\
**manufacturer: ARWW\\
**Length: 20 inches\\
**barrel: 15 inches\\
**weight: 1.5 pounds\\
**Modes: Semi auto\\
**# of shots: 85 (450 with beltpack)\\
**Max range: 2,000 meters\\
**effctive range: 1,000 meters\
** rate of fire: as fast as you can pull the trigger\\
**Power: Moderate\\

--Shot type:\\
** Pulse rifle.The actual shot is bright green.\\

**Extremely lightweight, accurate due to lack of automatic mode.\\
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Re: The Arsenal

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Name L/P 50 Laser/Plasma pistol\\
The L/P 50 pistol is a design based on the adjustable, low-powered EV-47, which was made much more powerful to serve military applications. it is a dual mode weapon, capable of firing both Plasma and pure laser, allowing it to operate in both atmoshpere and space. The L/P is made from heavier metals, making it solid and sturdy, as well as making it be a viable Melee blunt force weapon.\\

**Designer: Costrick Vetange\\
**manufacturer: Terran Republic\\
**Length: 11 Inches\\
**barrel: 8 inches\\
**weight: 2.0 lb\\
**Modes: Laser, Plasma\\
**# of shots:\\
L: 30\\
P: 45\\
**Max range: 400m\\
**effctive range: 0-150m\\
** rate of fire: Semi-automatic\\
**Power: Semi-Heavy\\

--Shot type:\\
L: A high-powered laser beam causes heat/energy damage\\
P: Atmosphere is compressed and charged to a state of plasma, then ejected at near the speed of light. Does Heat as well as moderate kinetic damage.\\

--Mode info:\\
L: In vacuum, the L/P goes into laser mode, taking more energy but allowing it to have the same damage without atmosphere. No recoil.\\
P: In atmosphere, the L/P uses plasma, taking less energy for each shot. Has light recoil.\\
Underbarrel mounted laser sight and flashlight. Mounts on the top and sides for additional gear.\\
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Re: The Arsenal

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====== Marine General Mounted Gauss Machine Gun ======
^ MG3 Standard ^
^ MG3P 'Portable' ^

**Designer:** United Terran Armorers Guild\\
**manufacturer:** United Terran Armorers manufacturing\\
**Length:** 4.3 feet\\
**Barrel:**3.4 feet \\
**weight:** 24 lbs (empty)\\
**Modes:** Full auto, 5 round burst\\
**# of shots:** 250-500 \\
**Max range:** 4,000 meters \\
**effective range:** 3,500 meters \\
** rate of fire:** \\
**Power:** High-Very High\\

**Shot type:**\\Gauss-propelled 7.5x50mm Tungsten dart. Unlike Plasma weapons, which generally have very little feedback, this Gauss machinegun has a large amount of kick, which is thankfully dampened by a system within the machinegun, making it manageable when mounted or in a prone position.

**Ammunition Storage:**\\ Ambidextrous 250-round Box magazines. Up to two magazines may be attached, giving the machine gun a maximum capacity of 500 rounds in Magazines. The MG3 may also be belt-fed, and can be loaded from either side without issue.

* **Ironsights**
* **Safety Catch**
* **Universal Mount rails**
* **Mounting Monopod or folding Bipod**
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Re: The Arsenal

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Type-5 Multipurpose Anti-Armor Weapon a.k.a. "The Maw"\\

A multipurpose heavy weapon utilizing somewhat arcane, yet potent technology to penetrate armor or immolate infantry with flaming zirconium shards. Consists of a rocket contained within a tube, contained within a tube; to fire, the weapon must be extended into it's full length. May be reloaded.\\

**Designer: Terran Republic\\
**Manufacturer: Misriah Heavy Industries\\
**Length: 65cm (collapsed), 95cm extended\\
**Barrel: 64mm\\
**Weight: 2kg (unloaded; munition weight varies)\\
**Modes: Unguided, Heat/Silhouette Seeking, Anti-Infantry Airburst\\
**# of shots: One\\
**Max range: 800 meters\\
**Effective range: 800 meters\\
**Rate of fire: Approximately 8-rounds a minute at 1 round every 7.5 seconds; Loader dependent with a maximum of 11 rounds a minute due to heating concerns.\\
Standard Rocket - High, 72 Vehicle Damage\\
Anti Armor Rocket - High, 93 Vehicle Damage\\
Anti-Infantry Rocket - Player/GMs' Discretion \\
--Shot type:\\
**Standard Rocket Propelled Zirconium Grenade with Tandem Warhead. Upon contact with a surface, the first explosive charge detonates. The resulting initial explosion sends fragments of flaming zirconium everywhere as an anti-infantry measure. The second warhead then detonates a more 'conventional' directed plasma charge. Testing indicates the first warhead is capable of penetrating 40mm before the accompanying anti-armor warhead activates, and the system detonates the plasma charge. A total of 950mm of RHA (rolled homogeneous armor) can be pierced by this explosive. The effective blast radius for anti-infantry purposes is within a 3.5 meter radius of the blast. For anti-armor purposes, the center of the explosion must be, at the most, 30 cm from the surface, as the directed plasma blast has a 0.5 meter radius. Anti-Infantry Airburst capable. (RPG Weight: 1.5 kg)\\

** Armor Piercing Tandem Plasma Charge with "Paint" sub-munitions. Intended for destroying heavily armored vehicles and bunkers. The plasma jet the RPG emits upon detonation is capable of piercing 950mm (approximately 37 inches) of RHA (rolled homogeneous armor) and is followed up by the second plasma charge, which is of the same yield as the first plasma charge. A total of 1900mm of RHA can be penetrated. After both plasma charges are expended, iridescent sub-munitions are scattered across a 5 meter radius, marking everything with a luminescent paint. This allows the user, and other friendly forces to determine if the target (and/or accompanying infantry) is destroyed or still mobile. The anti-armor charges have a small blast radius of 0.5m each. The 'painting' sub-munition radius is 5 meters, with little or no damage caused by the melted, iridescent plastic pellets. For this warhead, the airburst is used for marking purposes only due to the small 'kill zone' (RPG weight: 1.8 kg)\\

**Anti-Infantry Zirconium Immolation device. Upon contact, the RPG detonates, sending out shards of burning zirconium and steel, followed by a massive concussion. The effective radius for this warhead is 6-7 meters and is best used with the airburst option. (RPG Weight: 1.4 kg)\\

**Tactical Electromagnetic Pulse Charge. Emits an electromagnetic pulse which will disable protected electronics and destroy any unprotected electronics within a 10-15 meter radius.\\

--Mode info:\\
**Unguided: The rocket travels in a straight line at 800 meters a second. Recommended for stationary armored targets or anti-infantry.\\

**Seeker Mode: The launcher is pointed at the target until a red lock on confirmation light is given. Upon launch the projectile will seek the heat signature and, in the event of failure, visually track the target's silhouette using the sensor node in the tip. Best used on moving armored targets.\\

**Airburst: the launch tube is sighted in on the target, or something at the same range as the target (i.e. an object near target) and is then fired. The warhead will detonate at the sighted in range. Best used for either anti-infantry, target marking, or tactical EMP.\\

**Low cost\\
**Easy to use flip up iron sights\\
**Red lock on confirmation LED\\
**Seeker/Airburst Lock-on button\\
**Ambidextrous Four Point Safety/Mode toggle\\
**Custom RPG rounds available\\

-To reload, a new round must be inserted into the rear of the launch tube hard enough to collapse the tube. Next, the launcher is re-extended, effectively priming the weapon.\\
-To fire, the launcher must be extended or re-extended to it's full length and the safety switch turned to either 'Seek', 'Dumb' or 'Airburst'. The trigger is located at the top of the launcher as a red rectangular button. \\
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Re: The Arsenal

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====== Plasma Thrower MKIII "Hokaze" ======


The PTMKIII, or "Hokaze", is a high-yield flamethower designed to quickly clear foliage, rooms, and hallways, as well as to light burnable objects on fire, and destroy sensitive information or objects in danger of falling into enemy hands.\\

**Designer:** Yoshidacorp\\
**manufacturer:** Yoshidacorp\\
**Length:** 2.4 feet\\
**weight:** 9 lbs\\
**Ammunition:** Self-oxidizing liquid fuel\\
**Fuel time:** 120 seconds per tank\\
**burn types:** Stream, Spread\\
**Max range:** 50 meters(Stream) 10 meters (Spread)\\
**effective range:** 35 meters(Stream) 8 meters (Spread)\\
**Power:** Low to High, depending on burn type and time.\\
**Shot type:**\\
High-yield plasma stream. The stream can be selected as either a long-range stream or a short range spread of plasma\\

**Ammunition Storage:**\\
120 second burn-time fuel tank, located on the top of the rifle. It is installed and removed via the built-in handle. pressing a button disengaged the container, which can then be twisted off. installation is reverse- the tank simply clicks into place when twisted fully.\\

===== Features: =====

** Fuel level gauge:** A gauge in front of the fuel tank displays how much pressure, and therefore burn time, is left in the tank.\\
** Foregrip:** There is a foregrip which can be repositioned to a user's preference.\\
** Pilot-light tank:** Just above and behind the foregrip, mounted to the right side of the Plasma Thrower, is a small tank for the pilot light. The Pilot light will burn for approximately 10 hours before needing to be refueled.\\
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Re: The Arsenal

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PPA/PA-M6 a.k.a. "The Big Stick", "Organ Grinder" or simply "Ppa-Pa", pronounced as "Papa" (Pulse Particle Accelerator/Projector Action, Model 6)\\

The PPAP-M6, also known as "The Big Stick", or "Organ Grinder" by users, is simply an energy based heavy machine gun. It's size limits overall usage to the prone position by infantry groups, or a mounted position on a vehicle.\\

**Designer: Terran Republic\\
**Manufacturer: Republican Arms P.L.C.\\
**Length: 5 Feet\\
**Barrel: 3 Feet, 8 Inches\\
**Weight: 32 lb (NOT including Default Accessories and Battery)\\
**Modes: Fully Automatic\\
**# of shots:\\
-battery: 42\\
-beltpack: 200\\
-8x5x5 Heavy Battery Cell: 500\\
**Max range: 4000 meters\\
**Effective range: 1750 meters\\
**Rate of fire: 8 shots per second\\
**Power: 91 (Infantry Damage, Very Heavy) \\
--Shot type:\\
**Fully automatic machine gun. The shot itself is a blue to purple 'shaft' a quarter of the thickness of an average sowing needle's diameter. In atmosphere, the very core of the shot is blue, and tends to charge the surrounding air into a blue to purple plasma trail; the air's proximity to the shot determines the brief coloration with blue being the hottest, and purple, 'colder'. The pretty (but deadly) particle beam penetrates the target and then causes a violent explosion by rapidly super-heating what matter it comes into contact with at it's stopping point.\\

--Mode info:\\
**Fully automatic only: In theory, the weapon is most effective on raw flesh and organic material. Field reports indicate that the weapon's powerful automatic fire has been known to dismember and then vaporize Drathonian infantry. Standard Terran Marine combat suits have been known to have the chest plate mostly melted and vaporized upon contact with a single shot during testing.\\

**Mid Air Holographic Targeting Reticule\\
**Large Battery Cell specifically for the M6 HMG\\
**Emergency feed port capable of accepting S/GUR and BR-02 power sources.\\
**Integrated folding Tripod\\
**Small, transparent, integrated heat and gun shield (optional)\\
**Energy Charges remaining display directly underneath reticule\\
**Can fire indefinitely so long as power is available\\
**Can fire while overheated; the small, armored, multi-layered alloy and ceramic gun shield protects the user from the tremendous amounts of dissipating heat, and light energy weapons fire.\\

Well, I'd like to leave a few notes on this new toy that I hope you all will enjoy. First of all, it looks kinda like an XM312 but longer, with a tripod, gun shield, and a carry handle like the one the Sugar has, but glowing iron sights only. Keep in mind, when it fires, there's these flanges along the 2 inch diameter barrel that pop out to vent away excess heat; they kinda look like the thingies that pop out of Covenant Plasma Rifle from Halo. There's just more of them due to the barrel length of course. The bore of the barrel is very small, as mentioned earlier; you can't even fit a needle in it. The gun shield also protects the user from this heat dump feature as well. Originally, this was supposed to weigh around 50 or so pounds, but Kai suggested the realm of Battle Hymn was full of feather light industrial killing machines. Those were definitely not his exact words, but the reason I wished the first draft to be heavy, is that today's gear (Such as the venerable M2 Browning) weighs around 130 lbs! You can tell I disapprove of average folks pulling off a Rambo or a Master Chief kinda thing. Still, I guess those two aren't so bad... \\
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Re: The Arsenal

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====== Repeating Projectile Rifle, Models G (Gauss) and C (Chemical) ======

The Repeating Projectile Rifle, Or RPR-G/C, is Sometimes known as the Reaper, as it is a very accurate rifle at a number of distances. Based on the Repeating Gauss Sniper Rifle, it is a lighter-weight, weaker version designed as a weapon for scouts to use when the Sugar's bright flash can too easily show off the user's position, but a large dedicated Sniper Rifle is not Necessary.

**Designer:** United Terran Armorers Guild \\
**manufacturer:** United Terran Armorers Manufacturing \\
**Length:** 3.9 feet \\
**barrel:** 2 feet \\
**weight:** 10 lbs \\
**Modes:** Semi-automatic \\
**# of shots:** 24-round box magazine \\
**Max range:** 4 Kilometers (Chemical), 8 Kilometers (Gauss) \\
**effctive range:** 2 Kilometers (C), 4 Kilometers (G) \\
** rate of fire:** Semi-automatic \\
**Power:** Medium High (C), High (G) \\

**Shot type:** \\
* Gauss-propelled 5.56x30mm Depleted Uranium Dart Sabot. Unlike Plasma weapons, which generally have very little feedback, this Gauss rifle has a fair amount of kick. \\

* Chemically-fired 5.56X20 Round: Unlike the Saboted Gauss round, the Chemical round is larger, and heavier, giving it greater stopping power. The power gap between gauss and chemical propellant, however, means that this round carries less overall power and range. The Kick is identical to the gauss round. \\

**Ammunition Storage:** \\
* 24-round Box magazine (C): The 24 round box magazine detaches via a button on the side of the gun, allowing for easy removal to reload the Magazine. The Magazine of the C version can be reloaded when partially full. \\
- Chemical Magazines are Smaller and will not secure into the magazine slot of the G model of the RPR. \\

* 24-round Box Magazine (G): the Gauss version must have a charge to fire each round, and the Charges are held in the Magazine itself. Each Magazine carries enough power for 48 shots, meaning it can be reloaded after a full magazine and used a second time before charging is required. \\
- Gauss Magazines are Larger and will not fit into a C model of the RPR. \\

**Features:** \\
* HUD-linked scope: with 20x Optical zoom and 200 times Digital zoom, the Linked scope helps add quite a bit to the rifle's effective range. \\

* Ironsights: integrated into the scope rail is a set of backup ironsights. not much use at longer range, they are still useful for short-range engagements if the scope is damaged or lost. \\

* Cocking handle: The RPR has an Ambidextrous cocking handle. The User pulls the lever back, and inserts the magazine, then presses the handle release, which chambers the first round and readies the weapon for operation. \\

* Telescoping Stock: The RPR's stock is capable of telescoping to accomodate a variety of users and firing positions. \\

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Re: The Arsenal

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====== Standard Plasma Anti-material Rifle ======

The SPAMR is a plasma rifle, whose purpose is to do heavy damage to vehicles and stationary objects. Generally overkill, it is much more weapon than is needed to take down an enemy soldier, even a Drathonian, and its primary purpose is to forcefully remove doors, locks, and other obstacles, as well as to help damage armored vehicles and the like.\\

===== Statistics =====

**Designer:** Terran republic\\
**manufacturer:** ARWW, Terran Ships\\
**Length:** 35 In\\
**barrel:** 20 In\\
**weight:** 18 Lbs\\
**modes:** Semi-auto\\
**#of shots:**\\
-battery: 20\\
-beltpack: 100\\
**Max range:** 1,000 meters\\
**Effective range:** 600 meters\\
**rate of fire:** 1 RPS\\
**Power:** Extreme\\
**Shot type:** A Bright Green Plasma bolt\\

The Plasma is formed when a specialized gas is injected into the chamber, which then compresses and ionizes the gas, changing it into a high-energy state. These charged, compressed particles have nowhere to go except out, and, a small electromagnetic pulse is used to give it an extra push, accelerating the blast towards its target. This compressed charged air superheats any solid it comes into contact with, causing a concentrated explosion as the material is violently turned from solid to gas.\\

Because the Plasma bolt is not soild, it is susceptible to bloom. this greatly decreases the Rifle's range, and, enough suspended particles in the air will actually bleed power off of the round, decreasing its power when it finally contacts its actual target.\\

* Battery: the SPAMR uses a capacitor in order to work the mechanisms of the rifle, as well as Ionize and electromagnetically propel the plasma charge toward its target.\\

* Gas Cartridges: This cartridge is hidden under a panel on the left side of the gun, just above the battery. It is removed by sliding the panel forward and pushing the cartridge in to disengage it. Replacing works by pressing the cartridge into its slot until it clicks, then sliding the panel back into it's place.\\

===== Features =====
* ** Carry handle:** The 'ironsights' is also a built in carrying handle.\\
* **Scope:** 50x zoom. The scope has a built in rangefinder and infrared/night vision modes.\\
* **Laser sight:** There is a built in infrared laser beam built in to aid quick aiming.\\
* **Flashlight:** There is a tactical flashlight built in.\\
* **Rail system:** There is a rail system for changing scopes or removing it altogether.\\
* **Shots remaining display:** at the rear base of the rail/carry handle.\\

===== Appearance =====
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