A Journey in the Past

Archived plots that are no longer actively played or used, may or may not be considered Canon.
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A Journey in the Past

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A young traveler walked on a winding path, making her way toward the road that led to the city of Selucia. She came from the tumbled deserts of the south, a place few strove to call home, except for nomads and the small number of her people, though they had once been a great tribe. though she was far from any sort of refuge, she did not appear weary, and though her cloak was dark, and burdened with a number of small devices as well as a traveller's sack slung over her shoulder. Most travelers would give her a wary eye, and keep their distance, or altogether ignore her, for by this time stories of a people whom dressed like her had gone around the peoples of the land, and most of those stories were less than supportive, even as much as bringing a superstition on these people and their way of life.

Either way, the young woman was on a mission. she was searching for something, several somethings, to be true. She had heard legend of legendary artifacts, forged in Babylon, that could contain the power to regain control of Mesopotamia for those whom had dwelt here for generations. The woman, with dark eyes, dark olive skin, and dark, curly hair, continued on her solitary journey, stopping occasionally to check landmarks against a rough, weathered papyrus map that she would pull from within her robes, before carefully rolling up and putting away again.

However, not everyone would leave the woman alone. As she finally found footing on the broad path that led to Selucia, a small group of men could be seen, guiding a pack camel, the woman chose to ignore them, and pressed onward, but, the group had deigned to increase their pace, and catch up to the solitary traveler. It was only a matter of time before the woman was surrounded by three less than savory looking men, with the groaning camel at her back being guided much too close for comfort.

"WHat's a young woman doing out this far all alone?" one of the men asked, chuckling in a way that would almost make the woman's skin crawl.

"Minding her own business, as should you." she retorted, receiving an amused guffaw from the men, whom moved in closer to begin harassing the girl.

"Oh, well, we wouldn't want you getting hurt now, would we? It's dangerous for young women out on these roads, you know?"

"No, I do not," she said back, doing her best to keep monotone. "I believe it may turn out to be more dangerous for men like you whom stick their noses in places they do not belong."

Another chuckle greeted her response, before one of the men spoke up once more. "Ooh. we've got a spunky one today, don't we?" without much more of a word, the man pulled a blade from his belt, holding it up in a threatening manner toward the young woman as they group continued walking. "How about you stop and give us everything you have, little lady?" he asked.

"I would much rather not, thank you," the woman responded, pressing forward. "I have business to attend to and you are being an inconvenience."

"Oh, well, this is strictly business, too. Hand over your things, and we'll let you live, or, you can continue to talk back and we'll kill you and take your things, how does that sound?"

"Not interested." the woman answered, simply, causing the men to halt, blocking her path entirely and encircling her completely "Could you move, please?" she asked, before the man held the short sword up to her throat, and the other two men pulled out their own blades, threatening her from either side.

"Now you're making me angry, woman. I've had enough of this. Just do what I say or I'll cut your throat," he threatened, pressing the edge of the blade against the woman's neck as he stepped closer, using his free hand to roughly pull her hood down, he paused for a moment as he got a good look. "Wait-" he said, briefly, pausing.