[Episode One] Gateway of Hopes

This archive contains the original story as it appeared on gaia, This is our main story, and what BHotR as a whole started from and builds off of. The setting has gone through many changes, and so the story has many inconsistencies. You can, in this forum, see the evolution of the story and its players as we went from a simple roleplay began in 2006.
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Re: [Episode One] Gateway of Hopes

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Asher curled over his cover as he kept his rifle trained on the door. He read up on the Moonies on Waypoint during his training, learning of their stealthy tactics. One had to be careful of the surroundings and pay attention to any slight movements in static objects. Anything could signify their approach. However, he also learned that they were good with ketchup after roasted over a spit. The soldier grinned as he whispered a little sentence.

"Gunna' be eatin' good t'night."
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Re: [Episode One] Gateway of Hopes

Post by Kai »

Destiny reached the blue glow, and found herself at a Vent grate. looking down inside, she decided to pick up the grate, and drop herself down into the room. What she saw would confuse her- It looked like a laboratory, and was most certainly still active. There didn't appear to be any doors, the only visible entrance being the solitary vent in the center of the ceiling. all around her were consoles, and lab counters, with various experiments and small mechanical bits strewn about them. Nothing seemed to be complete, but as she approached the largest console, she could see in it a very large data drive, sticking partway out of a port; a red light next to it was flashing, labeled 'Recording Complete'. The redhead had the urge to take the Data drive, but hesitated for a moment.


It was mere seconds before the first shots were fired. This time, a light laser rifle began shooting its angry red beam around the hallways, stitching red lines into the walls and doorways, not exactly enough to penetrate. The Moonie firing it was immediately de-cloaked due to interference from the weapon, but it swiftly retreated, as over its head flung Yellowish gobs of some kind of superheated substance, which splashed against the walls and floors, causing them to melt, shrivel, and boil, and otherwise be destroyed in a not so instantaneous way.

"CONTACT!" a marine yelled, as he began firing on the first Drathonian he could see- The poor Moonie, whose form was swiftly riddled with darts from the marine's Gauss rifle.
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Re: [Episode One] Gateway of Hopes

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"Focus that launcher!" By that Sergeant Hendlow meant what seemed to function as a grenade launcher, sans grenades, pro plasma. It was nothing but bad news: with an arc, it meant the assailant could use the hall's curvature to his advantage; splash damage meant he didn't even have to try in a hallway this size. They were fish in a barrel if that Drathonian had even a single neuron still firing in its thick skull. Best to fight fire with fire, it seemed.

"Grenades if you have them! APEs too! I want that fucker dead five minutes ago!"
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Re: [Episode One] Gateway of Hopes

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"Heeeey there! So, like, what are you up to?" Cibo asked, popping out of the vents only to hang upside down by her feet. Her eyes settled on the object that Destiny had found. "Oh sweet! Please tell me that isn't hooked up to a set of hand grenades or something!" She practically cheered. The Intelligence Agent flipped and landed on her feet, ceasing to Batman from the ceiling and came over to Destiny's side, rubbing her hands together in glee. "If we're really, really lucky, it's not boobytrapped, filled with useless info, and has something of value." she pointed out the obvious.

"So, are you like, finders keepers?" Cibo asked Destiny expectantly.
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Re: [Episode One] Gateway of Hopes

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Adrian whistled to himself - he was still covered in sewage and smelled enough to kill - but the giant volleys of super heated... yellow stuff made that much easier to ignore. Slapping a fresh magazine into his standard issue gauss rifle the sniper easily fell into a half crouch as he picked out his target. The marine then fired once, then once more for good measure.

“Two shots down range -” Adrian cut across the squad chatter. “- confirmed neutralization on that primary target Sergeant. Only an operator kill though.” The sniper paused to fire once more. His shot caught the particularly intrepid Moonie that was his target right at the waist as it went to retrieve the fallen weapon; bisecting the little creature into two – momentarily – thrashing halves. “Any one got an ID on the launcher they're using? I'll dust it if we can figure out whether that'd be safe or not.”
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