Battle Hymn [Bridge] Off-time.

This is a space for in-character events that do not occur within the line of duty and/or did not fit into the "Daily Life" section as it played out. Threads herein are meant to supplement character development and flesh out the setting elements, but are not necessary to understanding the plot or characters involved. These events are to be considered canon unless otherwise noted.
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Battle Hymn [Bridge] Off-time.

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Evelyn, the avatar, sat in the admiral's chair, eyes closed, chest rising and falling in a soft imitation of breathing. She looked like she was sleeping. in fact, the Avatar was searching through every communication the Hymn was sending and recieving, and all the important Data coming through her. she was looking to make sure that the Hymn herself was fine to be just sitting here, with only a skeleton crew, and most of her fighters gone. Evelyn felt like a Naked Terran, in a way, with the extension of her mind floating here, nearly defenseless. Not that it mattered, there were hundreds of ships in the system, and the spy team tracking Demonix was reporting that it was lumbering it's way in the opposite direction, intending to use it's enormous crew to quell an uprising on a distant prison world.

Drathos was still a mess, and the Drathonians were very angry about this. As evelyn sat and looked near herself, she would peek over to the enemy homeworld, hack their communications, and see what was going on. well, she didn't do the hacking, numerous specialists were doing it. She wasn't doing the peeking, either. in fact, she was only sitting there, adding her processing power to the machine that made up Terran military logistics and intelligence. It felt good to her, to be useful to the peoples that created her.

Around her physical body, the Avatar could sense some shuffling, and other movements, as well as chatter from the bridge personnel. It was peaceful to her, relaxing. The programmers had done an amazing job at mking the ASIAN unit superp at it's job.

"Uh, ma'am?" Aurelia was muttering to the admiral, who sat practically motionless in her chair. In her hand she held a brief report for the avatar to review. She leaned forward, poking the avatar lightly on the shoulder. In normal circumstances it was considered very rude to do this to a CO, but Aurelia got the feeling the avatar wouldn't mind.

A strange noise emanated from the unit before her eyes became lively again, and she blinked a few times. Turning to meet eyes with Aurelia, the unit answered "Yes? how may I help you?" As this went on Evelyn's Android body started it's warmup cycles, beginning to get ready to move around again. This process was her equivalent of "rubbing the sleep from her eyes."

"Uhh... yes, ma'am." Aurelia mumbled, shifting onto one foot. "Just some reports for you to fill out." She shoved the reports forward, sticking them into the avatar's face

"Ah, Very well then" the Avatar said, grabbing the papers gently and nodding to the woman. Evelyn pulled a pen out of her pocket and began filling the forms out at lightning speed, finishing them in a manner of seconds. she handed the stack of forms back to Aurelia before asking "Is there anything else that requires my attention? I may be hardwired to every Terran computer, but i'm not Omniscient" She said, giggling a little at what she thought was a joke.

"Uhh, right. Heheh." Aurelia replied, looking a bit confusedly at the avatar. "No, all the routines and diagnostics for the day are already finished. My bridge shift is over, I just wanted to get those to you before I left." Aurelia glanced around the deserted bridge. The only other people there were the dozing first mate and a helmsman who looked like he was playing tetris on his terminal.

"Ah, The work day is over you say? Maybe I should come with you. My creators said I need to 'socialize' Or something like that. Could you show me how?" The avatar bounced up out of her chair, making a light thud as her feet touched the ground. Certain software packs loaded into her head were changing priorities, and the more upbeat, silly personality was beginning to kick in.

"Oh, well...." Aurelia muttered in surprise, "I certainly don't see what harm it would do!" She hooked her elbow through the admiral's arm and marched her out of the bridge. She felt like a little kid again... but that was no doubt because at heart she still was. "Well where were you considering going, Admiral? To tell you the truth, I don't get out much myself."

"Hmmmm....." Evelyn hummed, looking thoughtful with a slight pout. "I think we should go to a recreation area. I wanna see if I can beat a Marine in a wrestling match!" She grew a huge grin as the idea flashed through her mind, being the computer it was, it came in the form of a fully rendered 3-D animation, which could be recorded and viewed on a computer if wanted. It certainly was, and some techies back on Altres would get a kick out of it in a couple weeks when the Hymn returned.
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