[Aside] The Iroquois

This is a space for in-character events that do not occur within the line of duty and/or did not fit into the "Daily Life" section as it played out. Threads herein are meant to supplement character development and flesh out the setting elements, but are not necessary to understanding the plot or characters involved. These events are to be considered canon unless otherwise noted.
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[Aside] The Iroquois

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Evelyn wound her way through the hallways of the Saratar base, looking for a place to eat. It was a few hours before the ship left, and she wanted one last decent meal before the Iroquois went on its merry way. She skidded around a corner, stopping to catch her breath in a doorway. Pushing a blue strand of hair out of a red-pupiled eye. She huffed, noting two familiar forms had beaten her there.

"Evelyn!" A bright face turned her direction, catching her instantly, green eyes lighting up as the girl waved enthusiastically. Green bangs fell in her eyes, barely concealing a comm device that she hardly ever put down. Aris Angelus was as bright and rejuvenated as always, sipping at some drink or other that she had clearly ordered on a whim.
Her brother was in no such state, slouched in his seat, hair loose from his trademark ponytail to, apparently, block out the light while he tried to salvage a bit more rest before they left base. He barely shifted at his sister calling to the other pilot, but he did uncross his arms, lifting a hand in a half-hearted acknowledgment of her prescence.

"Hey Aris, How's Arc doing? Hungry or sleepy today?" she asked, looking beyond the verdant-hued girl to her brother, and answering her own question "Ah, Sleepy it is." She walked into the cafe, heading to the counter and ordering a steak, along with something to drink. She sat at the Angelus' table, waiting for her food to be delivered. "Ready for another mission? Apparently there's actually danger this time" The blue haired girl mused.

"Danger-Schmanger. Nothing's more dangerous than paperwork, m'fine with anything but," the male twin muttered, shrugging just slightly - anything more would take actual physical effort and it didn't seem worth it.
"Ready we are. As long as Arc stops pretending to be comatose." Aris rolled her eyes, setting her drink away from her. "What about you? Excited?" She asked, smiling warmly at the blue-haired girl.

"Pfft. Excited? At getting the joy of serving on the most cramped ship class in the Terran Fleet? Hell, even the old stuff is more luxurious than an Iro-class." Evelen muttered, Her red eyes glowering, as she looked towards the counter, waiting for her steak. "At least there's real food here, and space. I'd much rather the old girl needed more repairs." The glass of soda raised, drained a little, and clattered back to the table, Evelyn Arran seeming a bit tiffed, but who wasn't these days? besides maybe the Angelus twins.

"Yeah, that's true. I'm just glad I'm not as tall as you or brother. I'm the perfect size." She giggled. It was probably why she seemed like she was in such a good mood.
Meanwhile, Arc almost appeared to be trying to shrink himself down. "Think anyone would care if I just bunked out in the hangars? I promise to be nice and neat." He grumbled, finally shifting to slump more comfortably on the table, hair appearing even more messy with the movement.

"At least we all get single rooms, instead of bunking like the enlisted do." Evelyn commented, stretching in her seat. She eyed the counter again, noticing a dish being put together. Hopefully it was hers. "Although I do kinda miss bunking with Aris, I'm glad to not be awkened by her noisy headset all the time" The red-eyed girl said snarkily, sticking her toungue out in mock disdain.

Aris pouted, green eyes bright and playful. "Gee, sorry that I have a totally different sleep schedule than you," she laughed. "I'm just hoping I can sneak some console or something in my room. Constantly working on this," she tapped her comm absentmindedly, "is finally starting to kill off my eyes."
"That's when you take it off and do something active. Ugh, Iro doesn't have any sort of small jogging area, huh?" Arc finally sat up, rubbing his eyes before working to tie his hair back in a loose, low ponytail. He'd at least run around the hangar then - sitting still or moving in those cramped halls made him shudder thinking about it.

"It's okay, I still love you, Aris" Evelyn consoled, a pale hand patting the girl's shoulder. "But at least now I can sleep. And Arc, I'm sure they'll give you an EVA suit so you can run around the hull for excercise!" The girl's face was all jest, as she spread the man's hair and looked into his eyes.

"Har, har," the man grumbled, rolling his eyes, before releasing his ponytail and reaching out, ruffling her hair. He stretched, then, and glanced towards the kitchen. He smirked. "Foods up," he chuckled. "For me."
"Yeah, you better, Evey, or I'll make sure to make your alarm fritz out and keep you awake anyway," the programmer threatened airly, drawing out the last word in a sing song voice.

"This is why I should stick to mechanical clocks... And what do you mean food for you? I just ordered a steak!" the red-eyed, Hungry Evelyn complained at Arc, harrumphing as the man messed up her once perfect hair.

"I ordered some pasta. And that sure as hell doesn't smell like steak that's being served up." Arc chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "Unless, of course, you ordered your steak drowning in marinara."
"Ew..." Aris made a face at that lovely imagery her brother provided the table.

"We're at a place with Steak, and you ordr pasta? Are you crazy or something, Arc?" Evelyn asked, incredulous. Her red eyes were full of confusion, but she let it pass. "Whatever, I Suppose you're just that crazy."

"I didn't feel like steak, simple as that," Arc chuckled, thanking the server who brought his plate over with a charming smile that seemed to come out more around women he hadn't worked with for - how long was it now? He couldn't think to count. "Sides, I didn't want to chance them charring it and my last meal be ruined," he pointed out, digging in.
"You're really just now realizing that brother's nuts, Evey? I thought you knew him a bit better than that," Aris shook her head, laughing again. The screen of her comm glowing slightly, revealing that she was once more getting sucked into one of her many projects while they all enjoyed this time.

Evelyn glowered, wishing to wipe that smug look off of Arc's face as he covered it in Marinara. Such a messy eater, geeze... She looked back up to the counter; they were just now getting to the sides for her meal, it would be another couple of minutes.
"Oh, I knew he was crazy, just not this crazy. And besides, you should know better than anyone, I mean, he is your Twin for cheese's sake!" Evelyn Leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms and looking as her body language suggested; cross. Why her friends brought this out, no one would know.

"I never said I didn't know him. Just that you shouldn't seem surprised." Aris corrected with a giggle, shaking her head slightly, eyes focused straight again, trained on the transclucent screen that covered her one eye.
"Awh, what's with that look, Evey? Know I have a point?" Arca smirked, setting his fork down for a moment. "I'm saving an order of steak for when we come back. Plenty of time to erase the bad taste if they do screw it up."

Evey glared at Aris, before turning to Arc "And what happens if this is the mission where they actually shoot you out of your fighter? Do I get the steak?" Evelyn's bad mood was being compacted by the fact that she just saw someone spill the straw fries that came with her steak. great. Another three minutes. Why were these chefs taking so damn long? "You'd think our chefs would be better than that, especially with technology where it's at, I mean, it's been over a thousand years since we were still using regular fire for stuff..."

"Sure. You can have my steak if I die. Hell, eat it over my grave." The man was clearly not at all bothered by her mood, and even leaned over and ruffled her hair again. "You keep pouting like that and you'll get wrinkles 'fore you're my age." He laughed.

"You saying I'm Wrinkly? And you're only a Year older than me! Jerk!" She threw a punch, landing on one of Arc's shoulders, hoping to bruise him. "Aris, get your jerk brother here outaa my sight." Evelyn huffed, thankfully seeing the steak heading towards her "Ah ha. they finally decided to bring me my food."

"You gonna stop acting like we're picking on ya?" Arca laughed, shaking his head while he rubbed his shoulder. "And I'm just looking out for you, girly. No guy wants to date a wrinkly 21 year old." He smirked again.
Aris sighed, resisting the urge to move to another table to escape the bloodshed that was certain to follow. She could handle them - how would she have lasted so long otherwise? But still, she had to pity the crew that would deal with them. She rubbed her temple, scooting her chair just slightly away. May as well let them flirt in peace.

"Well, you should just be glad I even hang around with you. I don't know what kinda girl would want to date such a jerk." Evelyn's rant was cut off by a plate containing a pristine steak, with all the trimmings, being placed in front of her. "ooh....." She shut up, digging in, making short work of the steak, Steak sauce splotching her plate, her fries, the table, one plop even flying as far as Arc himself.

He looked down at the splotch and made a face, sighing. "Says she who eats like she doesn't know what the meaning of savouring is." He rolled his eyes, and took a napkin, cleaning up the spot, before taking another bit of his own meal. "But I'm only a jerk to you, ya know? That waitress that brought me my plate asked me out earlier. She was sad when I declined out of principle that we're leaving." He smirked.
Aris did get up then, with the murmured excuse of getting another drink. Really, it was cute that they liked each other so much, but she wanted to smack them both for acting like they were. Wouldn't be easier to admit how they felt?

A few hours had passed, seeing the completion of the meals and the forced return to the Iroquois. Evelyn sat in her quarters, playing a handheld game system to pass the time. It would be an hour journey to their assigned patrol area, at the lower hyperspace speeds dictated by the need for stealth, and the multiple jumps needed to keep the ship's origin a secret. It wouldn't be until the final jump that she and Arc would be on call. So she sat around, bored as usual.

Arc was bored. Completely and utterly bored out of his mind. He had already figured out the all of 10 exercises he could comfortably do on his bed without having to alter them to fit the space, and then explored every possible way to sit and still, he was bored. And he couldn't sleep, for some unfathomable reason. Which only left one possible way to keep busy without annoying his dear twin...
"Evey~." He knocked on the other pilot's door, voice taking on the quality of a bored five year old - something that a lot of people who knew him would say suited his mentality more than well. "Eve, you awake?"

"... I'm awake. You can come in." The blue-haired Evelyn answered, putting her handheld game on a shelf and swiveling her chair to face the door better. She waited expectantly for a few moments before remembering she had locked the door. "Iroquois, let him in" She muttered, the ship's computer beeping to acknowledge the request then opening the door up to reveal the blond man on the other side. "You that bored already? What’s it been? Twenty minutes since we were let into our pens?"

He immediately moved inside when the door opened, and plopped on her bed dramatically, hands flung over his head. "Shush. It's been thirty, and yes, I am. Thirty minutes is a long time to just sit around and do nothing, and not be sleeping." He pouted, staring up at her ceiling. "...You sure you didn't get a taller room than me? It looks like it is...." He tilted his head to the side slightly, considering.
Yes, for the rest of the poor crew of the Iroquois... Arc Angelus was hyper and bored out of his mind. Anyone religiously inclined would be advised to begin praying for their sanity.

"I think it's because my bed is lower than yours; they adjust them to make it easier to get into." Evelyn Huffed "But quit making it sound like I'm short or something." The red eyed girl seemed to be cross, taking one thing Arc had said and turning it against him. She spun in her chair again to face Arc and glared at him "Why can't you sleep, anyway? Eat too many carbs with your stupid pasta or something?"

"Your overcooked steak would mess with sleep more. And I dunno. Guess I slept too much last night." He shrugged slightly. "And I'm not making it sound like you're short. You are short. Fact of life, or they wouldn't have had to adjust your bed for ease." He said point-blankly, turning his head to look at her. He stretched slightly. "And already, I miss civvies." He made a face. "So much more comfortable."

"That steak was perfect." Evelyn defended simply, glaring at Arc. "At least I fit in my room..." she muttered after Arc's rude comment. She turned her chair again, getting at the desk drawer and pulling out her sidearm, the standard EV-47 pistol (for now) and beginning to clean it. "The Uniform isn't that bad. I'm sure you just miss wearing something heavy, like your jacket. And maybe the coveralls bother you, but at least you're wearing them. That’s the only safety thing you have, freak." she seemed a little put off by Arc's attitude, and didn't feel sorry for him for sleeping too much. Lazy slob.

"Safety is for those who don't know how to take care of themselves. Cause if we somehow get exposed to a vacuum like that, I doubt a few minutes of not being a marshmallow is gonna save us in the long run." He rolled his eyes. "What I keep telling you and 'Ris about the straps in cockpits too. If you get hit hard enough, it won't matter if you're strapped in or not. You're a pancake." He glanced at the gun. "Cleaning it, or is that your attempt at trying to imply I'm dead if I call you short again, shrimp?" He grinned playfully.

"Cleaning. Don't worry. If I was going to take you out, you'd be dead already." The blue-haired girl responded playfully, rolling her eyes at Arc's retarded philosophy. "Let's just hope you fly well enough to be right. I don't want to be the one to remove your pancake from the windscreen." she put the gun back down, staring at its gleaming surface. Idly, she pondered if she'd ever actually fired this particular weapon. It didn't quite have the scorched smell of a blaster that had been used extensively, a trademark that you couldn't rid with simple cleaning.

"That's the other advantage to not using straps. You're automatically minded to fly better, cause you're the only thing keeping yourself alive." He shrugged. "No worries, I'll make sure I leave a note somewhere that some grunt's to clean off my windscreen if I get flattened." He waved a hand carelessly. Really, this wasn't doing much to keep him occupied, but at least he was talking now. Keep him from pacing, at least.

"I prefer to just always fly at my best, no matter what." Evelyn commented, leaning back in her chair, which made a satisfying squeak as it tilted backwards. Her feet out, legs crossed, she picked up the EV-47 pistol and shoved it into her uniform's holster belt. "You wanna go to the hangars? at least there's more room there, and I think they'll let us fire into the magcon field for target practice." The red-eyed Terran looked at Arc, a slight grin on her lips. She was ready for something more fun than sitting.

"Going to the hangars has one terrible flaw though..." He made a face. "That includes moving and I'm really comfortable." One had to wonder, if his family hadn't been composed of all military personnel, would he really have still pursued a career as a pilot? His work ethic at the moment, at least, certainly didn't seem to point in that direction.

"You moved to get over here, didn't you? And why weren't you comfortable on your bed? Why must you take over mine?" Evelyn fake-whined. She got up and put her hands on her hips, huffing and looking down on her friend, then unbuckled the laden utility belt and removed it, placing it on the table. Her next step might have been expected by arc, but would have been a surprise to someone else. She turned around and hopped backwards, landing toosh-down on Arc's Stomach with all her weight. "Comfortable now? She asked, leaning against the wall.

He gave a slight, teasing 'oof'. "Y'know, for being so short, you're pretty damn heavy. Ever think of laying off those steaks when we're at base?" He smirked up at her. Normally, a guy wouldn't have the nerve to say that to a woman - especially someone he was going to be working with for who knew how long - but he knew she wouldn't take offense to something that was so clearly a joke.

She punched him anyway, in the shoulder. Rather hard, too. he would definitely feel it. "I am NOT fat!" Evelyn defended, anyway. She looked rather cross once more and blew out a stream of air from her mouth in annoyance. "How am I supposed to enjoy my 'custom' Bed with you in the way, anyway?" the blue-haired girl asked, partially jokingly.

Evelyn made her way to the cramped Armory, a few hours after Arc had fallen asleep on her bed, and after she had gotten bored of cleaning her EV-47. The lightweight pistol, while a good sidearm for a pilot, was not much use in a real fight. So, she wanted to see what else the Iroquois had to offer in terms of personal firepower. she knew there wouldn't be much, a scout carrier had a meager compliment of two squads of marines as security, and thus no need for huge amounts of weapons, but the red-eyed girl wanted to look anyway.

"What's up, Stevens?" she asked the armorer, giving him a swift grin as she entered.
"Aww, just the usual" the nerdy looking armorer replied, holding up a gun frame. "I'm tryin to make this here ancient pistol work, seems the barrel's worn down. never happens with the blasters or lazers, but man, do these guns sound and feel good."
"cool. you got anything a girl like me might like?"
"well, I do got one new gun, the designs were just sent to us on the station. first one's still in the replicator if ya wanna wait."
"I've got time" Evelyn answered, rolling her eyes. she sat down, and stared at the replicator, watching it work.
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