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I couldn't sleep last night, thanks to gwathdraug getting me thinking about the races in Hymn and robot types so I wrote all this on my phone at 1:30 AM. Here goes.

AELF, Artificial Enhanced Life Form. Catch all term for sentient robots, androids, AI, and other non-organic self aware constructs. Aelfs generally fall into two factions; the Coexistence or Coex faction, and the Segregation or Seg factions. Coex desire peaceful coexistence with organic races while seg want to be left alone and believe in the superiority of artificial life forms. Coex live among the organic races on planets and other centers of civilization while Segs try to exist in isolated areas outside of 'organic control' often in wandering fleets or resource mining in asteroid fields or uninhabitable planets. While unwilling to take part in organic society, Segregationist Aelfs will still trade resources and occasionally technology. The majority of Seg groups are neutral parties with a very small percentage being truly intolerant of organic life forms.

Evelyn, the Avatar of the UTR Battle Hymn of the Republic, is considered the leader of the Coex faction and one of the oldest Aelfs still active. Evelyn is actually an acronym for Earth Vanguard, Eternal Living Youth Node.

Sabrina, Avatar of (insert ship), leader of Seg faction. The second oldest active Aelf. Acronym for Super Android, Battle Rig Intelligence Node, Artificial.

Old Aelf types;
Avatar- extremely powerful, android linked to ship's computer. Only three known to exist.
LINC - Living Intelligence Node, Combat. A powerful AI, designed to coordinate and control lesser AI.
CAN- Combat Android Node. Fairly basic AI. Designed to replace soldiers in combat. Not very smart on their own but the AI architecture is capable of sentience under proper circumstances. Easy to control if not self aware.

Cyborg- organic types converted to synthetic types, typically to replace damaged body parts. Must be 75% synthetic to be considered an Aelf.

New Aelf types
Compudall- a basic humanoid robot designed for assisting in various tasks. Not self aware by default but capable of achieving sentience.
Mimicom- a fairly powerful humanoid AI. Designed for sentience. Mimicoms can also be used as a body to transfer an organic consciousness into, however, the process is risky and has a 45% chance of failure, rising to 75% for non humanoid races.
DRAG- Drathonian Agriculture droid. Designed to replace forced servants when slavery was outlawed after the great war. DRAG droids rarely achieve sentience on their own and are best used for cultivating land.
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