Tribes of Babylon

Archived plots that are no longer actively played or used, may or may not be considered Canon.
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Tribes of Babylon

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In Babylon, there exist three magical tribes. Upon the founding of the great city, the three tribes had come together, and made a pact, establishing it as the center of magic, and of society, in Mesopotamia. however, the ages were not kind to this pact, and the three tribes grew distant, and with this, the city dwindled, and was conquered.

The first of the three, the Olk, are a strong, proud tribe, of shamans and magical warriors, who fight with pride and honor to preserve their homelands and traditions. The Shamans call upon the spirits of the world to bring power, change, and healing. The warriors likewize call upon the spirits, to empower their bodies and strengthen their weapons.

The second of the tribes, the Erub tribe, live to the north, in the forests at the feet of the greater mountains. They are peaceful, yet prideful. one with nature, they call upon the living things of the world to bring them aid, or to give them new powers, the Erub tribe excels with stealth and illusion, and are masters of ranged combat and spells.

The third tribe, are known as the Duor. Hailing from the east, they are a hardy, stout tribe who's magic comes from the earth, the power to rend stone and form metals, they are tough and crafty, creating many things from the earth, including their homes. The Duor are masterful traders, taking the things they create and trading them for the things they need.

A fourth people, the people of the land are varied and different, hailing from different places, and nations, and origins. Some are magical, some are not, but they all want to make a living. However, among them are those that would take advantage of the absence of the three tribes in Babylon, and they indeed have, taking the city from its rightful owners, and using it to their own purposes.

However, if the three tribes were to come together, and bring with them the powers that they need, they can perhaps retake the city from those who seek to exploit it.