[Chapter 1] Starting Somewhere

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Re: [Chapter 1] Starting Somewhere

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"Sampson," she corrected quietly off comms. She would correct him in person later. Silently, she shifted upward. It was a gentle adjustment, likely unnoticed by their foes as the lead drew their attention. All in all, this was a suicide mission if one just ran the numbers. Five on three? Even with superior training and equipment, those were significant odds in a dogfight. Cecil had seen awful results with better odds.

In the moment, though, it merely emphasized the team's need for Sampson's absolute focus. Perfection. She had flown perfectly before, and she could do it again. They made the smart call: only one diverted to take advantage of August's risky maneuver. The other two made to confront Sampson, forcing her to take the fight or turn her back on them to fly wingman for her squad leader. This was going to be ugly.
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Re: [Chapter 1] Starting Somewhere

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There was a dull popping and light shaking sound from Cecil and August's Talwar fighters as their multi-purpose minimissile systems automatically fired off several rounds each, which intercepted the Hetran Guard's missiles before they could become a threat, but the counters for remaining ammunition on said missiles likewise went down, reminding the pilots that those automated defenses were finite and if they weren't careful, they would soon be completely unprotected out there in the dogfighting.

The first fighter, which had taken off after August, harried him with laser fire from their Gladius' much weaker blasters- shots that would only work via attrition of the shields or from a point blank shot. It did, however, shoot another missile at August, followed by a second missile just a moment later. If for no other reason, the ridiculous numbers of missiles that the otherwise outdated Gladius could care made them a still potent foe, and this one wasn't giving the young pilot an easy time.

The two that stayed instead after Sampson divided their tactics between one harrying her shields with continuous laser fire, and the other firing a pair of missiles at her, with their partner's laser blasts acting like a screen to try and prevent the superior Talwar's automated defenses from knocking the missiles out early.

Rally, unlike the other two, had dedicated herself to a mad dash to get into 'knife fighting' range with the pair of Gladius fighters she was sparring with, her own lasers working overtime to actively blow enemy missiles out of the sky, while the blue-haired woman watched her forward shield integrity slowly get eaten away by blaster fire, despite having doubled their strength by angling everything forward. "Just a few more seconds..." she said, her impromptu game of chicken causing the Hetran fighters to break away or risk running into the brash young pilot, who then kicked her fighter around with Vernier thrusters and peppering the closest enemy's shields with point-blank blaster fire, showcasing the Talwar's superior maneuverability even if it didn't necessarily overtake the Gladius' firepower by a significant margin.
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Re: [Chapter 1] Starting Somewhere

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Banking hard, August launched his countermeasures against the incoming missiles. Performing a break maneuver the lieutenant was confident his shields could withstand the snapshot of overexposure his top would receive as he turned sharp across the Gladius’ path. Dropping his speed to capitalize on the smaller turning radius he fought to break the attacker’s lock-on and get behind it to fire while it tried to compensate. He needed to drop this one-on-one quickly so he could move in and support Sampson.
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