The Cursed Kitsune

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The Cursed Kitsune

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Kitsueki joined Safeholme for three reasons; to help her control her shape changing abilities, to get away from her abusive family and to find out what her blood is mixed with. Whenever she changes shape just can't get her eyes to change color and it doesn't help that they are a vibrant purple, she also can't fully replicate voices and always ends up being higher or lower pitched from her intended target with no rhyme or reason on which it's going to be. Her family would always bully her by pulling all the pranks or making her the butt of all of the jokes. She eventually learned that she was a half-breed but her family couldn't tell her what the other half was. All modern or magical blood tests keep coming back as full blooded Kitsune but it took longer than normal and the starts of the tests were always described as volatile.

The fall semester is starting and this is the first time she is leaving home. She learned there was a festival going on to kick off the fall semester and decided she couldn't stay home any longer so she went off with a suitcase, a backpack and a train ticket heading to Osaka.

Four senses
Sight: she is a teenage girl about 5'7", long blonde hair that goes down just past her shoulders and vibrant purple eyes. She has to cut a hole in her skirt for her big bushy two-toned dark brown then straight to bright red tail to fit through. Her blonde fox ears rotate whenever someone addresses her. Her shirt fits snugly but her bust is modest. Normal human arms and legs though if she is running she will change her legs to be more vulpine. She wears a dark red sash around her waist.
Touch: Normal skinny human squishy. Her tail and ears have a fox fur texture.
Sound: Her laugh are like yips and snickers depending on how hard she laughs, otherwise she has a lower register for women but it cracks every once in a while to a higher pitched tone for a while.
Smell: She has only been at Safeholme long enough for her to drop her belongings into her dorm room before heading down to the festival so she still very much smells of the cherry blossom forest her family lived in.
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