Dramatis Personae

Set in a modern world, with a hidden layer to society- a Magical one. Myths, legends, and fantasy are all true, hidden under a veil of secrecy to keep the non-magical people ignorantly safe from it all.
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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====== Dr. Lady Sumedha ======

**Gender:** F \\
**Age:** 32\\
**Ethnicity:** Japanese\\
**Hometown:** Tsurui, Japan\\
**Affiliation:** Guidance \\
**Purity:** Like oil and water in a gyro. \\

**Magic Type:** Psychic \\
**Active status:** Hyperactive \\

===== About =====

**A-Class Telepath:**
Excerpt from 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychesis - 4 wrote:TELEPATHY
A-Class: The second-highest order of telepaths lack either those most nefarious abilities- inception, memorism, and cerebral freeze- or possess some combination of them, but have categorical lackings elsewhere. In the case of the former, these telepaths are still psychics to be reckoned with, provided that have acquired the necessary control. At this level, the sphere of influence of their minds and their latent cerebral force tends to require more focus to 'turn off' than to 'turn on;' quite commonly A-Class telepaths self-report that most or all of their abilities are 'always on.'

As with S-Class telepaths, arrival into adulthood as a well-balanced individual is rare; many are unable to manage the vastness of their own abilities, and lack the proper support system and education to find healthy coping mechanisms and management techniques...
She's always been the Junior Guidance Counselor.

===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** Long dark hair either ponytailed or bunned tight against her scalp. Intelligent light brown eyes glitter behind red-rimmed spectacles. Professional and beautiful are apt descriptors of her. \\
**Personality:** Lady is all questions and few answers, constantly intimidating students with a cold, knowing smile and warm, motherly voice. She is very secretive about her magic, and direct answer about it are rare. \\
**Magical Item:** pad & paper. \\

===== Inventory: =====
(items your character owns)
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Re: Dramatis Personae

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**Gender:** \\ Female
**Age:** \\ 14
**Ethnicity:** \\ Japanese Kitsune
**Hometown:** \\ Cherry Blossom Forest
**Affiliation:**(Good, Evil, Neutral, Government, N/A, etc.) \\ N/A
**Purity:** (Pure, Impure, mostly pure, mostly impure, indeterminate) \\ Mostly Pure

**Magic Type:** (Natural, Technological, extraterrestrial, Genetic manipulation, Psychic, Inherited, Learned, granted, N/A, etc.) \\ Shape change/Inherited
**Active status:** (Inactive, Active, Unknowingly active, Post-active((run out)), Involuntary) \\ Active

===== About =====

**Primary Ability:**
* (Describe your character's powers here. All powers must have a limit. Up to two powers per character) Shape Change, can duplicate another individual perfectly except for the following: her eyes do not change color, her voice is either a higher or lower pitch from the intended target, if the target is +- 2' difference in height she can only go up or down up to 2' closer to the intended target. Can do only partial bestial transformations (vulpine legs, wings sprouting from her back but dont actually function, mostly cosmetic changes unless they have actual real world physic changes like gorilla arms being able to lift more)
**Secondary Ability:**
* (If applicable) Wants to learn Hemomancy or Hemotech or a mix of both but knows nothing about those subjects yet

Her family treated her as an outcast and she never knew why, eventually her mom let her in on a little secret but that only furthered the mystery. She thinks she can accepted into her family if only she can learn what her true heritage is.

**Skill level:** (1-100) \\ 40 (guessing)
**Power level:** (1-100) \\ 20 (guessing)
**Control:** (difference between skill and power ((in that order)), Positive numbers mean greater control, Negative mean less.) \\ 20 (based off of guesses)
===== Physical =====

**Appearance:** (A basic, normal, physical description of a character. can be a picture.) \\ She is a teenage girl about 5'7", long blonde hair that goes down just past her shoulders and vibrant purple eyes. She has to cut a hole in her skirt for her big bushy two-toned dark brown then straight to bright red tail to fit through. Her blonde fox ears rotate whenever someone addresses her. Her shirt fits snugly but her bust is modest. Normal human arms and legs though if she is running she will change her legs to be more vulpine. She wears a dark red sash around her waist.
**Personality:** (A synopsis of the character's personality, how they act around people.) \\ She is trying to be optimistic now that she is away from her abusive family but she can be reserved if the wrong thing is said. She knows nothing about Safeholme other than it is a place where study happens
**Magical Item:** (Items that help your character with their abilities. Optional) \\ none
**Magical Outfit:** (Outfit associated with your character's abilities. Optional) \\ none
**Familiar:** (An animal or other that can commonly be found with the character. Optional)\\ none

===== Inventory: =====
(items your character owns)
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