The battle for the well

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Re: The battle for the well

Post by Kai »

"Oh, don't mention it. It was just self defense after they threatened us" Kin'Alla told the shopkeep as she put the potions in her bag and left the store, making her way back towards the inn as quickly as possible.
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Re: The battle for the well

Post by Whalerman »

As Kin'Alla makes her way back to the temple she notices that the moon has come up and its getting pretty late. She gets back to the temple and the priest leads her to the cots where Grom and Meetra are waiting. As the priest leaves he comments just waiting on one more now.
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Re: The battle for the well

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Before the priest goes out of earshot Meetra asks

"Do you have a list of people or shops who are more favorable to revolution that we can feel safe going to should we need to find a safe house to lay low after a mission?"
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