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====== Standard Utility Gauss Rifle ======


The Standard Utility Gauss Rifle is the general use multi-purpose infantry weapon issued standard to Terran Marines. While not always required, it is an extremely useful weapon.\\

**Designer:** United Terran Armorers Guild\\
**manufacturer:** United Terran Armorers Manufacturing\\
**Length:** 3.2 feet- 4 feet\\
**barrel:** 2.1 feet\\
**weight:** 12 lbs\\
**Modes:** Auto, Semi-Auto\\
**# of shots:** 50 rounds per magazine. The rifle has an internal battery with enough power to fire about 1,000 rounds.\\
**Max range:** 5,000 meters\\
**effective range:** 2,000 meters\\
** rate of fire:** \\
**Power:** Medium-high\\

**Shot type:**\\
Gauss-propelled 5.56x35mm Tungsten dart. Unlike Plasma weapons, which generally have very little feedback, this Gauss rifle has a large amount of kick, which is thankfully dampened by a system within the rifle, making it manageable.\\

**Ammunition Storage:**\\
50-round Box magazine. The 50 round box magazine detaches via a button on the side of the gun, allowing for easy removal to reload the Magazine. The Magazine can be reloaded when partially full.\\

** HUD-linked camera:** The SUGR has a nose-mounted camera sensor, which displays targeting information to the user's HUD.\\

** Flip-up Red Dot Sight:** There is a backup Red Dot sight on the top of the rifle. it remains inactive until the sighting windows is flipped up into the deployed position\\

** Telescoping Stock:** The SUGR's stock is capable of telescoping to accommodate a variety of users and firing positions.\\

** Integral Harpoon:** The SUGR has a built in Harpoon tether system, which includes a short set of Gauss coils to impel the Harpoon, a winch to pull the cable, and a tear-resistant, high tensile woven cable with an internal communications line to control the actions of the harpoon head. Launching the harpoon, controlling the infeed speed, and giving the harpoon head commands are inputted via two buttons near the system on the lower part of the rifle. \\

**Variants:** There are two variants of the SUGR, the A model without a Handguard, and the B model with a Handguard.\\

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Re: The Arsenal

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====== Black Max Company's TOR-S, AKA "The Black Ops Special," AKA "Whisper" ======

The Black Max Tactical Operations Rifle-Silenced (TOR-S) is yet another 'specialized' weapon in the Human arsenal. It was designed with stealth in mind, and comes standard with all the latest silencing technologies; no attachments are required. It was also designed with both long-range and close-range in mind: It comes standard with a 3-,6-x optical scope that can link directly to a soldier's HUD, and can operate both IR and night vision filters; underneath the main barrel, they have also attached a shotgun in case things get messy. The shotgun is a pump-action with a slide loader, capable of holding up to five rounds at a time. These rounds are a recent development called Dispersion shells. Dispersion shells are not only high-velocity projectiles, but are equipped with chemical that becomes highly volatile upon contact with the air. Further contact with another solid object leads to quick deterioration of the given solid; perfect for tearing through armor or solid obstacles (ie, walls or Drathonians). The shotgun is also detachable, and may be replaced with a low-impact grenade launcher. Please review the manual for details on attachment and operation of the grenade launcher. All in all, it is a very reliable weapon, and perhaps the most versatile weapon in the Human arsenal. In terms of aesthetic design, it is almost an exact replica of the 552 Commando, but with a removable stock.\\

**Designer:** Terran Republic\\
**Manufacturer:** Black Max\\
**Length:** 97cm (with stock) / 75cm (w/o stock)\\
**Barrel:** 52 cm (top barrel) / 48 cm (bottom barrel)\\
**Weight:** 3 lbs. / 3.3 (w/ shotgun) / 3.5 (w/ GL)\\
**Modes:** Sniper/Ops settings (for top barrel), Pump-action (for shotgun), single (for GL)\\
**Rounds per magazine:** 35 rounds on top / 5 (shotgun) / 1 (GL)\\
**Max range:** 800 yards or 150 yards (top barrel, depending on Sniper/Ops setting) / 50 yards / 125 yards\\
**Effective Range:** 500 yards or 100 yards (depending on Sniper/Ops setting) / 30 yards / 125 yards\\
**Rate of Fire:** Single, Burst, Full-Auto (on top) / Depends on how fast you can pump that b!*#$ / single\\
**Power:** Moderately High (top barrel) / Extremely High (shotgun) / Extremely high (GL)\\

--Round type:\\
5.56mm armor-piercing rounds (top) / 10-Gauge Dispersion shells (shotgun) / standard explosive, HE, or ASC (anti-spatial charge) (GL)\\

--Mode info:\\
The Ops/Sniper Modes are there to better enhance the weapon's use at close- or long-range.\\
HUD integration, easy barrel access for field cleaning, nightvision and IR vision with the optical scope, underhand railing for shotgun or GL attachment, flashlight hanging off the left of the rifle barrel. \\
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Re: The Arsenal

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=====Unghil's Scale Shredder=====\\
This particular Drathonian gun is something of a relic that has recently been modified with current technology and materials to once more pick up the mantle of infiltration and CQC weapon. It's name is derived from its originator and its original role in war: to shred the scales of opposing Drathonians. In the new war with the Terrans, however, it was realized that their simple armor and supple skin is very susceptible to this design.\\

The simplest way to describe it would be to say that an "ammo block" is placed inside the "shotgun." When the trigger is pulled, the firing mechanism strips off several aerodynamically-designed armor-piercing flechettes which are pushed into the barrel. These projectiles are then flung down the barrel via magnetic propulsion, maintaining a high muzzle velocity and a tighter spread than any Terran shotgun. Be afraid, very afraid.\\

Also, these are fairly easy for Drathonians to one-hand, and can occasionally be found to dual-wield these in narrow corridors, such as those of a ship.\\

* **Primary Role: Anti-personnel, CQC\\
* **Secondary Role: Most meshes, light metals & alloys\\
* **Damage Rating Value: immensely heavy at point-blank, heavy up to 10 yards, medium up to 25 yards, light up to 50 yards. Negligible at most distances beyond.\\
* **Range: ER: 50 yards. MR: 100 yards (just don't expect to get much done).\\
* **Rate of Fire: 1 per second\\
* **Payload: 12 shots \\
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