Antares Military Police

The Antares fleet is one of the United Terran Republic's finest fleets, aside from the Battle Hymn fleet. within this fleet, a small group of friends try to hold ties while serving their duty aboard separate fleets, while battle the adversities of war, and the troubles of running a fleet.
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Antares Military Police

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It was just another run of the mill day in the security hub aboard the flagship Antares, and MP Sergeant Hector Shey absent-mindedly watched a few monitors while listening to comm transmissions along with a few other MPs. For the most part being an MP was interesting, or at least more often than not it managed to give one something to focus on; at least until it was your shift to watch the feeds and handle any disorderly reports.

“Man, what I wouldn’t give to be on rounds,” sighed one of Hector’s subordinates named Dennis Markson. “Friggen’ hate when our team gets put on overwatch duty.”
“Ha, tell me about it,” replied another MP named Paul Towns. “Oh how I wish we were on patrol around the hangar. Pilot and engineer girls are pretty to look at.”
“What? The cameras not good enough for ya, Towns?” interjected a female officer by the name of Stephanie Lorrik. “At least with the cameras you don’t have ta worry about getting slapped like you usually do.”
“Bah, the ladies love me. You’re just jealous, Steff,” Paul replied as he mock hit Dennis who was silently laughing.
“In your dreams, Towns,” said Steff in a loud and exaggerated tone. “Besides, the only man for me is the one and only Sergeant Shey.” With that Steff playfully began to swoon as the other two MPs began to play along at look mad.

As if on cue, Hector, who had been watching some monitors with his feet up on the desk, stomped on the ground and stood up. Shooting a wicked glare at his subordinates he looked as though he was about to tear into them like the two-hundred pound behemoth that he was. Instead, he fell into the same playful setting and struck a dramatic pose. “Alas, my dear señora, but my heart, it belongs to another,” he said in as melodramatic of a tone as he could manage, which was actually very good.

“No! My Hector! My heart! Oh, my heart!” Steff continued as she began to reflect Hector dramatic pose before looking as though she were fainting. At which point Towns moved forward in a well-rehearsed motion to catch the female officer.

“Stephanie! Alas, she has been slain by a broken heart!” after mock weeping he then looked angrily towards Hector. “You! You are the one who robbed my darling from me! Prepare to meet your end, vile fiend!”

From there, Towns and Hector began a practiced sword fight using their sheathed combat knives, all the while Markson listened on as he continued to watch the monitors; muttering something about having “already seen this episode” in reference to Hector, Lorrik, and Towns’ performance.

“Damn it all, I remember when it meant something to be an MP, especially aboard a flagship,” growled an older man as he entered the room; his name tag indicating his name to be Gregory Thompson as well as the Chief MP Officer. “Besides, I’ve already seen this episode. Markson, I assume you are watching the monitors?”
“You got it, First Lieutenant,” waved Markson without looking over. “It’s been reruns all day.”

“Aha, anyway, knock it off you two,” Thompson growled at Hector and Towns before looking down at Steff, “And get up! You’ll mess up your uniform.”
“Yes sir, F.T.!” responded Hector and Towns in unison as they saluted the superior officer. Steff followed suit shortly after standing up and brushing herself off.

“Anything to report Sergeant Shey?” Thompson asked as the hub settled back into its usual muffled atmosphere.
“Nothing of merit, sir,” Hector responded as he made his way over to the Chief’s desk. “Squad Four broke up a few pilots who were getting into a little too heated of a debate, but other than that everything’s been quiet on the comms.”

“Sounds about right,” Thompson said as he settled back into his chair behind his desk. “It’s always boring when we are not on station.”
“Eh, give it time, sir. The marines’ll be hitting the bars ‘bout this time, so hopefully we’ll get some disorderlies we can bring in,” Hector responded, any hint that he was previously goofing off was completely gone now.

Chief Officer Thompson nodded in agreement, and concluded Hector’s status report thus leaving the large Hispanic to make his way back to his own seat by the monitors. For a while after nothing happened. The MPs on watch monitored the security footage, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Around an hour and a half later though the MP comm came to life. It was a report one of the more popular bars located near the barracks requesting assistance in breaking up an escalating fight between a group of inebriated marines. Sure enough, a quick check on the monitors confirmed a group of roughly four marines were beginning to cause a disturbance.
“What did I tell ya? Just like clockwork, and halleluiah we are the closest squad,” Hector said as he picked up the comm responder. “This is MP Sergeant Shey with Squad Nine. We are on our way.”
“Towns, Lorrik, Richards, and Leier you are with me,” Hector said as he rounded up the part of his squad that would accompany him. “Markson; you, Doran, and Kipp stay here watch the monitors. Let’s move.”

At a quick pace, Hector and his team made their way through the corridors en route to the bar. Then after making good time the team of five MPs entered the bar to see four marine in each other’s faces shouting at the top of their lung; all of them obviously intoxicated.
“Military Police, stand down, soldiers,” Hector announced in a loud and commanding voice.
“Fuck off MPs, this ain’t your business,” spat one of the offending marines in response.

“Well that’s too bad, ‘cause I’m making it my business,” Hector said back without backing down. “Stand down now, or you will be detained for disorderly conduct unbecoming of a Terran soldier. At which point it will be up to your C.O. how you are punished further.”
“I said, FUCK off!” the marine shouted again and made a menacing hand gesture, which subsequently impacted the chest of one of the other disgruntled marines. That was the last spark needed, and a punch was thrown. This ignited an all-out brawl between the four marines, and prompted a swift and sure response from the MPs. Hector, Towns, and Richards each moved in to subdue the marines closest to them, with Hector more or less picking the smaller marine up before slamming him down onto the ground and cuffing him. Towns and Richards followed shortly thereafter. Steff and Leier however had a harder time restraining the last marine who appeared to be even larger than Hector was.

The large marine, seeing an opportunity, swung one of his massive arms and struck Steff hard on her shoulder and knocked her away before he broke for the door. Hector saw this happen and became livid, and before the larger marine reached the exit Hector wrapped an arm around the marine’s waist, braced a leg, and slammed the offender flat on his back. While the large marine was stunned, the Sergeant rolled him over and put on the cuffs.

“Steff! You okay?” Towns asked as he rushed over to his fellow MP.
“Yeah, he just stunned me is all, I’ll be fine,” Steff responded.
“You sure?” Hector asked as he drug the still dazed marine over towards the rest. “Just in case, I want you to head down to medical and get checked over for a concussion. That’s an order. Towns, you escort her, the rest of us will escort these marines to the holding cells. Understood?”

With a synchronized “Yes sir” Towns and Steff were off towards medical, and after offering apologies to the bartender and patrons Hector and his squad hauled the, now more agreeable, marines off to the holding cells.
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