[Episode 5] The Warrior, The Wolf, and the Way Back Home

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[Episode 5] The Warrior, The Wolf, and the Way Back Home

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"How interesting."

A chillingly familiar voice whined sarcasm from the window sill near-by. The tone, the ring, all reminiscent of a somewhat horrible time the group had gone through some time before. A quick look would confirm it, as Eryl Meylgwyn sat, perched in the open window, watching them all with a mild glee. Her somewhat infamous form kept that same edge of superiority, but there was something different about her now. Something about her had changed since they last saw her shocked face in the Elementalia Magicus. For one, her third-eye was open, giving them all a mild and discerning stare of superiority. Yet, something more struck a chord of difference, something... vertical.

The Welshling appeared to be tall enough to just come up to Ruarc's knee now. In the truest of aspects, where Percival had left, his arm had returned. The Librarian of Cardiff brushed leaves from hair, and bit of underbrush from her hugging robes, showing she had apparently been trudging through the thick forest.

"I thought the people who bested me would be up to better pursuits," continued Eryl, kicking her booted feet against the wall in what appeared boredom. In her absolute bid to look posh, she took a moment to wipe some of the dirt off of her face. "But here they are, doing foolish things for foolish reasons. I will say, in the least, your resourcefulness is impressive. Silver from a bullet, and cinnabar. Basic things." As if proud to say it, she turned her nose up at the judging group. "I could have done better with less."
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Re: [Episode 5] The Warrior, The Wolf, and the Way Back Home

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Arms crossed, Duncan looked both annoyed and defiant 'Damn shame - I didn't get to use That at all,' he thought to himself. More importantly however, "So...who are you?" he bluntly asked. "Did we meet before?"

"Duncan!" Coco suddenly spoke up, wildly gesturing with the overly large sleeves of her bathrobe. "That's her!" she excitedly began. Suddenly at Eryl's side, she went on, gesturing at the other girl from head to toe with open hands, "This is Eryl Meylgwyn, the very same seductive and cunning witch who plunged Percy into a near-death state in a desperate bid to escape her ancient imprisonment! Thanks to her, everyone had to take a leap of faith. Right into his mind!" the little girl went on, pointing at the witch's own head with both fingers for emphasis. Just, now from behind the window sill that Eryl sat at. "Though they faced many trials and tribulations - with the help of a mysterious Mahou Shoujo who may or may not have stolen his heart - the sleeping prince was awakened!" Coco pantomimed Percy sleeping, then being kissed by turning her back to them all and clutching her shoulders before waking up. And now standing on their side of the window sill.

Duncan just sat there. Staring.

"Sorry you had to go through all that Meylgwyn."