[Old Town] Finding the Right Fit

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[Old Town] Finding the Right Fit

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Old Town, Osaka
A Week Prior to Disturbing the Dust

Mundane fashion had become a weakpoint of Eryl’s during the decade she had spent in Eastern Europe. In lingering in the presence of harsh, practical circumstances, she had paid attention only to the finery of her magely robes. Among the magical societies, she was illustrious and illuminating in appearance. In Osaka, among the mundane, she looked like and was often accused of being a cosplayer. The things that most people wore on the streets were alien in the most alluring of ways. Now that weakness was felt prominently as she found herself in crisis.

What drove this crisis was that it was at this time that Eryl had realized she possessed a deep infatuation for Jane Smith, the Gunslinger of Osaka. The triclops had been so unsettled by the realization that she had stopped making her weekly visits to the Farm.

It was again at this time, Mr. Caxton phoned her a week prior to inform Eryl that her presence had been requested to serve as security for a class. Now it was at a small island nation the Americans had conquered back in the late 1890s. It was called Hawai’i and it was supposedly a very beautiful place filled with beautiful opportunities. There were beaches and the people of this era used these beaches for many purposes. One of these purposes stood out prominently to Eryl’s romance-addled mind.

She stood in one of the aisles at Nostra, a clothier for mages in Osaka’s Old Town, avoiding the section of the store that she actually came for. The swim-suit section.

The goal of this day was to buy a swim-suit that would draw the eye of the Gunslinger, a proverbial set of plumage to strut in. It had been the most embarrassing conclusion she had ever drawn, but it was one of the weapons that women used to fight their battles in this age. A task of this importance required the right type of assistance. She had considered many people for the job.

Laoise? No, then Mr. Flynn would know, and she was vaguely suspecting competition from both of them.

Caoranach? The fae were tricky suspects, and she feared sabotage.

Miyuki? The triclops hadn’t quite apologized to her for what she had done to Percival.

Percival? It would have been like going underwear shopping with your brother.

Jane? Eryl was brave enough to plunge into dying realms, but she wasn’t that brave. Not yet.

There was only person who could be trusted with a task this important, with any amount of knowledge of Osaka’s famed gunslinger. Someone who wouldn’t take the meeting as an opportunity to hang her out to dry. Someone who Eryl had come to trust despite her wariness.

Riley Erin Alstad.
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