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Smaller Roleplays with fewer players, solo projects, and the like, all go here.
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  • Dzwei K Ziemi
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  • Omega Directive
    Set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world where the earth has been invaded by aliens, a group of refugees finds themselves in possession of advanced giant mecha with the power to save the world- If they're up to the challenge.
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  • Alpha Zeta
    Alpha Zeta is a non-canon story set ina different world and timeline. it has nothing to do with BHotR, but is quite a fun read, and a good place to unwind. JP's are spur of the moment and last hours, resulting in way too many words, and way too much fun.
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  • Quantum Dive
    Set in a yet familiar far future, Quantum Dive revolves around a full dive virtual reality world called Quantum Dive, and the lives of those that go to this world to escape. Both inside and outside of the virtual world, everyone needs to find their own way, and discover what it truly means to live, whether in the real world, virtual world, or both.
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