[Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

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"Look! He's blushing! Oh! Oh! My dear Johann, I thought you only had eyes for me! Hee hee hee!" giggled Manon, her jabbing not unusual. The clown liked to poke Johann's buttons, as he always had the best reactions. Though she seemed to withdraw into her door as Willow rounded on her. The bike horn poofed into a luxurious fan, and she stared over it. "How terribly testy."

She brought the fan up to conceal her face, before collapsing it, revealing a visage now painted white with red cheeks and blue, diamond shapes around the eyes. "Don't get caught mes chers, whatever you do! You may have stolen my man, mon petit Saule, but I wish you both the best none the less!"

Manon's laughter howled in the halls after the two of them.

Some of the other students were moving about as well, taking similar opportunity to go about now that they were awake. A few of them gossiped a bit, wondering what the noises were, while others flashed looks of disgust out of their doors at any further noise.

Dorothy, an actual, factual Witch from Maine stared out her doorway at Willow as she went by.

"Hey would you all keep it down? I've got exams this week," yawned Arno, an artificer from Germany.

"We've all got exams this week, but I've got things to do now!" shot back Julius, an elementalist from Malta, who seemed to visiting one of the girls down the hall; looked like Koko, a shrine maiden from Hokkaido.

Eryk paused as Willow came by, stopping him from saying whatever he was about to say next to Katerina. He still had the medallion in his hand, but he wasn't held up for long. Willow relayed her message and she was off again, in a quick rush. The young polish man stared at her back as she went, and then his shadowed gaze went back to Kat, his eyes still glowing in the dim.

"Want help?"

As Willow ran to go back up stairs, a voice shuddered after her when she got to the first step.

"Something dark walked these halls. Something black as sin. Red as blood. Something hungry."

It was Dorothy, her eyes wide, like she had seen a ghost, but Willow would only see her face a moment before the witch slammed her door.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

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Johann, not knowing where to go, stood dumbfounded long enough for Manon to strike a second time. Realizing the error of his ways, he fled before he could be confused a third time, completely at a loss as to how he would find--

"Chuffy!" he exclaimed in his eureka moment. The dog produced an eager, tongueless pant on par with any truly living pupper. In a playful voice he asked, "Where's Vrey?" Chuffy tilted his head as if failing to understand, but curious. Johann frowned and kept walking, until Chuffy stopped by a door and sniffed at its edges. Before caution could present its argument, the young necromancer knocked on what he hoped was Vrey's door.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

Post by Kai »

Before Kat could even react to chinami or Eryk, Willow had come and gone in a flash relaying her message about Drysi. As her hallmate offered help, Kat thought about it for a moment.
"Are you good at tracking people?" she asked of the young man, while thinking of what might be approprite to wear for tracking down her friend.
"If not, I have someone in mind that can assist us if you can't."
She waited only a few moments to hear the young man's answer, before heading back into her room to change into some casual pants, a t-shirt, and a light jacket, as well as grab her phone and a handful of small mana potions in case she needed them.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

Post by Gwathdraug »

When Johann knocked on the door it silently swung open without the least bit of resistance. The room inside was only furnished for one, but everything that was standard for each student was present with the exception of a large zipped up sleeping bag laying where a bed should have been. A scattered ray of light - non-arcane with the blueish glow of LEDS - lit up the section of the sleeping bag where someone's head would be. As soon as the door inched forward its last inch the light disappeared and the bundle of cloth sunk in on itself as if it had been abruptly emptied.

"Begrüßung." Out in the hall Vrey spoke at the exact same moment as one of her gloved hands fell onto Johann's shoulder. The bald teen was wearing mismatched pajamas - a yellow top with wolves and a pair of green pants with smiley faced ice-cream cones - and had a book and flashlight in her other hand. Instead of expanding upon her statement the girl simply blinked slowly while waiting for a reaction.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

Post by Straken »

Willow took a deep breath to steady herself before running the rest of the way back to her room on light feet. If that incredibly, incredibly ominous warning was to be seriously, then she would need to be as prepared as she could be. Flicking the lights in the room on, the young Brit set about tearing off her pajamas and getting dressed as quickly as she could physically manage. Black leggings with running shoes, a light hoodie, and she grabbed her leather gloves on a hunch. Slipping her phone into her pocket, she grabbed a vial of her metal shavings and downed it before shoving a second vial into her pocket. Flipping her hood up, she hustled out of the room.

At the top of the stairs, Willow began to burn pewter before leaping down to the next landing in one go.
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Re: [Episode 2] Two Minds, One Body

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"Hey-" Johann began, when suddenly the sleeping bag collapsed in a heap. He froze, startled.

"Begrüßung." Johann shrieked and dashed into Vrey's room, then spun, eyes wide and darting. But it was just Vrey.

"Dddddont-- DON'T! DO THAT!" He was visibly shaking, and pointing angrily at her. Chuffy barked, riled by the encounter. "Chchchch... CHffff... Aaaggghgh!" Johann dropped to his knees and Chuffy finally understood, coming to his boy, who gave him reassuring pets while glaring at Vrey.

His hands performed a rapid, disgruntled series of gestures that ended with him glaring squintily at her. Then he rose to his feet, moved past her into the hall, and beckoned her to follow without looking back.

Johann fumed silently as he stomped his way to the rendezvous. SO MEAN. WHY IS EVERYONE SO MEAN TONIGHT?? I'm just trying to be a good friend, and everyone else is just playing stupid jokes, and I hate it. They're so stupid. God, I want to punch that clown. And Vrey! Can you even punch a.. whatever she is? UGH!
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