[Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

The story unfolds around Osaka, Japan, with the unlocking of one girl's hidden potential, and a gathering of Young mages whom are destined to change the fate of the Earth.
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Re: [Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

Post by CadetNewb » Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:12 am

The wailing little girl's crying soon slowed down to wet sniffles the moment she was picked up, and stopped when her name was mentioned.

And Ruarc's.

"Rh-Rh-Ruarc?" Sitting on his shoulder, she wiped dirt and tears from her reddened face as she looked down on his. What she saw wasn't Ruarc. "Buh-but, you're...You're all old now!" Coco wailed. They had all talked through phone calls and messengers, but business had kept them from seeing each other face to face since those golden days; plus, it wasn't Coco's nature to sit down for a video conference either. Looking back and forward through the crowd though, it dawned on the 'little' girl. "Then...Riley? Sakura?" She stood there for a good moment, looking at each of them in turn. "Y-you're a bunch of meanies!" she angrily cried at them, eyes still damp from the ordeal. "I was wandering around for hours, always running into this bunch of dorks I didn't recognize 'cuz you all left Neverland, and then I started to think something was horribly wrong with my search magic, but there wasn't!"

"If I wasn't learning new magic, I'd beat you all up! Hmph!" Coco crossed her arms in a pout.

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Re: [Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

Post by Kai » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:18 pm

"Ummm.. Uhh, Yeah, Hi" Katerina stammered, gathering herself as Ruarc stepped up and began adulting, pointing out and introducing everyone to everyone else. She calmed down a little bit when Willow began to rub her shoulders, though it did seem a bit awkward, coming from someone she had literally just met less than ten minutes prior. However, Coco calming down and beginning to acknowledge people did seem to be helping quite a bit- it was one of the loud distractions going away and reducing the number of things Kat needed to worry about.

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Re: [Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

Post by CadetNewb » Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:16 pm

Coco simply stared at Katerina for a bit as she sat on Ruarc's shoulder.

"Hhhhhhhhhhhi," she awkwardly replied with a blush. She barely managed to give a small wave of a hand herself. This was not what she imagined their reunion would be like, and it was so awkward already! And all these new people were scary! This was soooooo embarrassing, Coco wanted to put a bag on her head or something. Was that why some people wore stuff to cover their faces all the time? Because they were embarrassed of a zit or something? Those people were brilliant! Why didn't she think of that sooner?!

After a bit, Coco was soon happy again.

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Re: [Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

Post by Straken » Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:21 pm

It seemed that his scene had done the trick. Scanning around, Ruarc made sure that everyone had collected themselves, and once satisfied relaxed a bit as well, giving a heavy sigh. "Fantastic," the Irishman said in a somewhat tired tone before jostling Coco a little bit. "Not our fault you forgot that we actually age. So calling us mean because of your own forgetfulness is unbecoming of a lady. Now be a good lass and be cordial. If ya do, there are some biscuits in it for ya." Kneeling down a bit, Ruarc lifted Coco off of his shoulder and set her gently on the ground next to him.

Willow, pretty well settled, offered a wave and a smile to Coco; demonstrating one of her characteristics of being able to take things in stride. Honestly, she could easily be in the same boat as Kat if too much more happened, but, by her logic, this would become the norm soon enough; so she may as well start getting used to it now.

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Re: [Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

Post by Gwathdraug » Sun Aug 14, 2016 8:51 pm

"Impossible." The word ghosted its ways out of Riley's mouth as she looked towards Coco with a clear wave of disturbance shining in her eyes. Riley shook her head back and forth and finally ended with her head craned over her shoulder. The woman flexed to throw her cloak back behind her and then crossed her arms.

"If you won't bother to change-" Riley puffed out her words in clear irritation as shimmering motes of magical energy sprouted around her body. "-neither will I!" The motes of light reached out to combine with each other and hid the stage magician from view.

With a flash of brilliance the light was gone and left behind it a much younger version of the woman who had cast the spell. Riley looked down at her old (young) self and poked a few bits and brushed and knocked away at seemingly invisible dust.

Finally nodding confidently, Riley flashed two fingers in a "v" for victory before kicking herself into a flip that took her through Ruarc and suddenly hanging on to Coco with a headlock.

Indecision burned in Riley's child-like eyes before a sever frown bloomed across her face. "This hat-" The magician gentle brushed a finger against Coco's Breakfast Bear Breakfast Bar beanie. "-this hat has saved you from the noogie wrath!"

Riley tightened the arm she had around Coco's neck in a simulacrum of a hug. "Besides Ruarc being a total meanie-slug how have you been-" A radiant smile bloomed across Coco's assailant's face. "-something going on with you and nuuu-ooo-eeew magic?"


Vrey, who was now squatting, still had her gaze locked onto the visiting vampire with her teethed bared - at least, her teeth were bared when she wasn't in the middle of her side of an argument she appeared to be the only one involved in.

"I am midst challenge." The bald girl stated irritatingly. "No. They listen. I guard." A particularly vibrant barrage of green light flowed across her skin and Vrey gnashed her teeth while shaking her head from time to time.

Finally the light show racing across the girl's skin died down as she broke her vigil over Sakura and turned her attention towards the trio of Coco, Ruarc and Riley.

"I am to ask if displays of aggression are... counter-like to the current conceptualization of 'good-ness'?"

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Re: [Episode 0] Safeholme Manor

Post by CadetNewb » Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:38 pm

"But Ruarc, how can you give me biscuits if there's no biscuits left?" Coco asked with bewilderment.

"I'd been wandering around for so long, I got hungry. They were just sitting there, all lonely in the mansion, so I took some. And then, every time I started getting hungry again, I went and took some more," the little girl explained to him. Before any of the serious questions that were raised by this reply of hers could be brought to question, let alone answered, her attention was snagged by Riley's disbelief. As the young woman glowed with magic, Coco's eyes went wide like a deer caught in the headlights, only for her to throw up both her arms with a loud, "Yaaaaay!!!~~~~<3" at the magician's 'proper' appearance. Giggling madly as she was caught in Riley's near-noogie, she went on to add, "You still like it? Duncan says it's worth more than your entire home equity! I don't know what that means, but it sounds cool!" Coco replied with glee. Needless to say, she was completely and utterly oblivious to the gravitas of what she had said. The question regarding her own magic though, just kept her talking.

"Oh! My magics? I'm trying something totally new!" Standing on her toes, Coco spoke into Riley's ear in a loud whisper, the words still quite audible. "It's super crazy awesome like you won't believe! It's like, wham, pow, kaboom! Like awesome anime style!" The little girl totally lost her steam when Vrey started talking however.

"Psst. What's she talking about?" Coco asked.

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