Aside: Secure Boxes.

Set several Hundred years after MLP: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Is Magic follows the story of a foreign airship crew that manages to get lost and wind up back in Equestria. As they find friends and set off on a new journey, they seek to find adventure in a world where everypony is content on where they are.
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Aside: Secure Boxes.

Post by Kai » Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:31 am

As Thunder Dasher separated from the group of ponies to look around the town of Ponyville a bit, and find a place for them to sell their wares, he would probably find it much to his liking. Unlike the Hustle and Bustle of the cities and Ports the airship always landed in, this small town was steeped in its heritage and traditions, and life here seemed to go at about his pace.

What was more- He would see very little of the goods that they had on board, which probably meant to him that they were hard to find in such an area as this, and therefore, he could probably get a good price for them, if he tried. However, as he entered what seemed to be a central square, filled with booths and carts, a shadow loomed over him from atop a pile of crates.

"Hark! Who goes there!" a young pony's voice called, and, if Thunder Dasher bothered to squint through the glare, he would see that it was a young Unicorn wearing some sort of Green scarf, and matching feathery earrings. "You look funny!" she pointed out, sitting down on her pile of boxes in a protective sort of way. "Are you trying to steal something?"

Thunder Dasher sighed as the voice of a rather young sounding pony started to rudely interrogate him - and he had just started to form a positive outlook on this place as a whole too. Squinting up at his assailant - and by doing so making his customary scowl take on predatory and calculating visage - the small pegasus paused for to give the unicorn a long glare before ruefully shaking his head and clicking his teeth together.

"It'd be my head if that was my idea of a rousing good outing. No, I'm here as a potential vendor, not some silly vagabond." Looking around the townsquare, Dasher had to admit to himself that as long as the permit for putting up shop in this area wasn't scaled up to some obnoxious price it would make quite a nice operation point to clean the Eagle's hold of some minor goods.

"Why do you ask though?" Dasher inquired of the looming pony in front of him. "Did you steal that scarf of yours? Rather brazen of you to walk about town like that if you did."

"I ain't never stold nothing!" the unicorn defended herself. "I'm here guarding these boxes, 'cause that's my job. I've never seen you, so I thought you were all suspicious with the squinting and looking like a girl and stuff." she explained. "Well, if you're not trying to steal stuff, and you don't sound like you're lying about selling things, then I guess you're okay. Who are ya, then? My name's Sierra Starlight!"

"Thunder Dasher, the apparant winner of the world's girliest man pony contest with accolades for life time achievement in the same category!" Picking up a hoof Dasher waved it about in a circular motion that couldn't be much more sarcastic - it seemed that he rather had practice with this whole thing.
Putting his hoof down the Eagle's quartermaster made no move to continue the conversation, instead going back to observing the various activities of the square while enjoying the shade the stack of boxes and Sierra combined was providing.

"Ha. Ha. Sarcasm isn't funny, you know. You're not very funny." Sierra looked over the grey Pegasus, as if trying to figure out what he was doing or something, squinting first one eye, then the other- at some point her horn began glowing and some rope materialized out of nowhere, moving on its own- it shaped itself into a box, possibly a frame, and tilted from one side to the other for a bit.

"You're Weird." she finally concluded. "When did you get here, and how?"

Dasher just gave the unicorn a long look. Turning away from her, the pegasus did his best to sound rather bored and makes his response sound as off-handed and uninteresting as possible - which for him wasn't really hard. "Thank you for your review of my person. I hope the experience was pleasing for you in some way. And I arrived here sometime early this morning on a guided dirigible serving in the Merchant Marine - we sell goods in foreign lands and -" Dasher sighed and shook his head at this, why did he have to be factual all the time.

"- at times protect the trade routes from illegally formed groups with interests in the forced obtainment of merchandise." Somehow the little pony knew this wouldn't end without a flood of sparkles and excitement; unicorns always made things end up like that.

"PFFFT!" Sierra scoffed, not believing a word Dasher had said. "Yeah right. You probably just hopped off the Ponyville express or somethin. I doubt you have a bone in your body that's adventurey enough to climb on an airship." Thunder Dasher did seem to be somewhat right, however, as the little brown unicorn got a gleam in her eyes. "I would love to get me a chance to go on a real live Airship, though, rather than be stuck here in ponyville, sitting on boxes and gettin' paid in Onions! Not that I don't like Onions, but, you know, sometimes a pony needs a few bits for other necessities..." Sierra suddenly started, stamping her front hooves on the box at the realization that she had begun rambling.

"I'm the quartermaster and main mechanic for the whole rig. I'm not allowed to be adventurous - if I was everyone would starve and then die in a horrible, horrible fire. And I'd hate to have to explain to our relatives why both me and Brassy Aire got turned into little tiny ashes instead of tipping over dead in some dirt field 'like a proper pony should'." Thunder Dasher's glare let up for a moment to show a moment of very old and continued disbelief. "Oddest pegasus family beliefs..."

Coughing a bit that he had gone off on a tangent of his own, Dasher looked the other pony up and down a bit. "Look up Breezy Tradewinds, she's probably still in town. Looks tallish, black, pegasus, thin as grass - very dashing, oh so much more than a scrawny, girly, unadventurous pony like me - she might be interested in you. Afterall, never know when you might need a unicorn around."

Sierra raised an eyebrow, looking around at the boxes to make sure none had been stolen- none had been, and, satisfied, she turned back to Thunder Dasher, eyebrow still raised, scrutinizing him. "I still don't believe you. And I ain't never heard of no Breezy Tradewinds. Are you sure you're not trying to steal these boxes?"

"We arrived this morning. How would you have heard of the Captain in a manner of only hours? And if you are really worried about your boxes feel free to tie me to one, go look for Breezy see what she says, and I'll be unable to not stay put while you are gone and cover you for your job at the same time."
Dasher knew unicorns. He knew he really shouldn't have planted that idea as the other pony might actually take it seriously. He didn't really have a problem watching the boxes as he was quite enjoyed just standing around not having to worry about anything for once - but doing so while tied down would certainly cut down on the sensation.

"Nope! I'm not gonna fall fer yer tricks! You'll fly off with the box and then I won't get any onions!" Sierra accused, now completely certain that Thunder Dasher was in fact a cunning thief. But! Sierra was no foal! She wouldn't fall for the grey pegasus' tricks. To show she was serious, the brown Unicorn planted her rump firmly on the lid of the box she had been using as a seat this whole time. "You'll never get any of these boxes!"

"Alright, fine with me. I'm not really an active recruiter anyway - the Captain always had just told me to try and keep the offering open, despite her many comments on my lack of charm and a clear belief that I'll never actually succeed at convincing anyone to take a job with the crew." The grey pegasus stretched his body out, flapping his wings a bit and making a tiny cracking sound as he did so, before going back to his comfortable standing position. "I'm not leaving though, this is a rather nice observation point and the shade is nice."

The brown Unicorn narrowed her eyes in suspicion once more, intent on the Pegasus. "You really are a determined thief. And a brazen one, sitting here in broad daylight pretending to be all casual and whatnot." Sierra leaned forward, putting her elbows on the box and supporting her head with her front hooves, the better to watch Thunder Dasher. "Why don't you go over to some other spot and steal their stuff. 'cause you're never gonna get one past me!"

Ignoring the unicorn for now Dasher instead started to take a closer look as to what was getting the most attention around the plaza. Which vendors sold the most of what, which items got haggled for the most, and all while the small pegasus began to mentally categorize what in the Eagle's hold would most likely sell and what would not.

He did start whistling the tune for "What do we do with a drunken sailor?" with its rather adventurous musical approach with just a bit of an idea of how much it would catch in the unicorn's head if nothing else. It was a rather infectiously fun song after all.

Unconsciously, Sierra's tail began swishing to the tune of the song, but otherwise, the young unicorn kept up her vigil. The magic rope, however, had begun snaking it's way out of, well, nowhere, really. It coiled itself neatly on the box, ready just in case the young unicorn decided that Thunder Dasher was going to make his dastardly move, and then she would be ready, and be a hero! or something. Anything would be better than the boredom of sitting on this pile of boxes. The boxes didn't even move!.

It was then that she got a sudden, sinking suspicion that maybe there really wasn't anything in the boxes, and that she was just being told to guard them to get out of somepony's way. She shook her head, mane swishing about, to remove the idea from her head. That was exactly what they wanted her to think! Then this 'Thunder Dasher' would be able to grab one of the boxes and be off with it!

"Didn't I tell you to get a move on?" she asked, at length, still scrutinizing the Grey Pegasus.

"...cloth only in those few colors? Can add quite some variety to that, though maybe local connotations? Might still sell well to some the younger foals or the new residents. Then we'd have some empty -" Dasher looked up, having forgotten about the other pony amongst all his calculations and observations. He gave the unicorn a rather annoyed glare - he had just been getting into the stride of things after all!

Taking two large steps away from Sierra and her boxes, and then a smaller one of half the others distance just for good measure the pegasus looked over dryly at the other pony. "There, now you have a deadzone between the boxes and the horrible, horrible thief I represent in no place other than your mind."

Now, where was I?" Dasher asked him self as he returned to the task at hand. "Empty boxes and barrels! Yes - can sell off the contents we have in them now and then fill up with, hmmm, those apples look like they might carry and the market for them is good elsewhere at the moment, might grab a few rolls of that cloth there - color isn't that fancy but the weave looks high quality from here..."

Sierra made a face, but seemed satisfied with the distance. She sat back up on her haunches, as she had been before, and began surveying the square to see just what the crazy pegasus was looking at. As far as Sierra could tell, Nothing, though it did sound like he was plotting how to steal as much as he could from the townsponies, and that could never be good. Though, at the moment, as long as her boxes remained safe, she would get paid, so Sierra wasn't too concerned with everything else.

Now she was just bored

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Re: Aside: Secure Boxes.

Post by Kai » Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:00 pm

Thunder, or something like it, echoed from the outskirts of Ponyville. High above, two dark blots confronted one another briefly, before one dropped suddenly, shuffling away in haste for some reason. Soon, the second shape dropped, as well, leaving the skies just as blue and clear as they had been before.

Sierra squinted, her eyes hurting from watching whatever had happened from atop the pile of boxes she was watching. She looked at the town's clock tower, and realized that it was nearly time for somepony else to show up and let her take a break for the rest of the day, but she would stand firm to her responsibility until that other pony came.

Coming down the street was a roughed up pair consisting of a russet colored earth pony and a speckled black and grey unicorn with a vivid green mustache and mane. The two ponies where leaning against each other with a foreleg thrown over their opposite's neck. The russet pony had all of his head with the sole exceptions of his left eye and mouth covered in bandages and the unicorn was sporting an ice pack jauntily cocked at an angle - almost as if it was a hat of a sorts.

The pair swaggered this way and that, though whether this was due to bravado or their injuries - or even the two combined - was rather unclear. The dark coated unicorn was singing out loudly, in a smooth, resounding voice; broadcasting to the world something about "crossing hooves, left and right" and then ending up "only widdershins knows where". The earth pony, despite all injuries, gave all he was worth and mumbled along - somehow keeping time with his companion - his gravelly voice not really adding lyrics but still holding the same tune.

As the two came to be standing right next to Sierra and her boxes they quieted for a few moments. Then, both of their heads swiveled towards each other, thankfully without collision, they each let out a short cry of triumph. Separating, the russet pony stumbled for a bit before righting himself while the unicorn simply moved through a long, languid stretch.

"Aha, and you thought you'd get us lost! I told you - 'sides me - you have the strongest head in this whole town! A bit of left, right, or a cuff to the noggin or two wouldn't put you on the wrong side of the bed!" Then turning towards Sierra the large unicorn pumped a hoof up into the air - it wasn't a wave, but it seemed to be a greeting of some sort. "Hello there! Hello! Two gentlemen bums at your service - in a bit of disrepair, but -" Looked over at the russet pony, this "gentleman bum" blew out his mustache, and then turned back towards Sierra with a wink. "- when has that ever been enough to stop a pair like us?"

Sierra stared at the two- One very large Unicorn she had never seen before, and the other Pony whom she had seen many times, the one that always took her place when her shift was up. His name was Dusty Dithers, and while he did usually show up somewhat disheveled, today's entrance really took the cake.

"Dusty! What the heck took you so long? And who is this otherpony with you?" the young pony inquired, curious and slightly suspicious, but mostly confused.

"Other pony?" Dusty looked up from the wall he had been leaning against, his eyes a bit blearily. The earth pony then proceeded to shake his head vigorously and tapped a hoof over his one uncovered eye a few times. "Lord... Pem -Pembridle I think - or S, s something Tumbler if you're a friend I suppose. Was gonna skip work and just... laze about today, but somehow Pembridle found out and... somehow ended up dragging me here all bandaged up like this?"

Star Tumbler stayed quiet during Dusty's explanation on what had happened, nodding from time-to-time to confirm the confused Pony's explanation. Seeing that Dusty was trailing off a bit, the unicorn tossed the russet pony a sympathetic look.

"I heard of his plans while carting produce in market myself - some of those stall keepers are unbelievably gossipy - and as Dusty and I have made acquaintance before I felt I had some responsibility towards the problem." Tumbler sighed deeply. "He disagreed, so we roughed it out a bit, then got cleaned up, and the pair of us together decided a purposeful day was important to a well rounded life."

Sierra eyed 'Lord Pembridle', though somewhat less suspiciously, before looking over Dusty Disapprovingly. "I always knew you weren't good for much, Dusty! It's not like the job's that hard. Just sit on the boxes an' make sure nopony steals 'em! That's what Sunny says, That's what he says!" She tutted, hopping down from the pile of boxes and landing gracefully on the ground in front of Star Tumbler.

"Hey, you're kinda tall." she pointed out, looking up at Tumbler from her much lower height- Sierra Starlight wasn't much older than a filly, and certainly not much taller.

Tumbler smiled, causing the pony's mustache to twitched upwards. "I'm also kinda old. So, good watchpony, since you have a whole slew and a half of my names could I get yours - or should I just go ahead and nickname you Spunky?"

"My Name's Sierra Starlight Miss...ter?" Sierra couldn't quite place this very tall pony's gender- it had the smooth gentleness of a Mare's voice, but was deep and strong like a Stallion's. "Hey, ah, Lord Pembridle, or something like that. Are you... Um.... What are you?"

Tumbler let out a rolling, sonorous laugh. "You got it right on the first try! Good on you for seeing through the mustache - though with a name like Sierra Starlight I bet you got luck enough to figure out anything I could throw at you! Ah, praise and all aside, don't take this as encourage meant to go around calling me Miss!" Tumbler shook her head in a few quick, but friendly, negative motions. "But no need for the Lord stuff either - that's all just for kicks anyway - I like you already so just plain Tumbler should be good enough between the two of us, no?"

Off to the side Dusty gratefully crawled atop the boxes and made his best effort towards appearing as alert as possible. This earned him a quick hoof pump of his own - apparently the gesture could be both greeting and a sign of approval - from Tumbler and a shouted "Good on yah!"

"Alrighty, I guess you're now Tumbler, Then" Sierra agreed, seeming to like this strange new Unicorn much more than that last Pegasus she had met not too long before. She gave Dusty one last disapproving look, an expression that said 'if you screw up I will buck you in the face', before turning back to Star Tumbler. "What brings a big Pony like you into town, Tumbler?" Sierra asked, having never really seen Star Tumbler before.

"A lay over between adventures is why I'm here - even the strongest of us need some pause between that kind of wondrous life!" Tumbler's whole body seemed to be smiling and her she relaxed as her eyes unfocused. "...and what an adventure it was, almost drowned at sea and halfway towards starving while trekking through the forest - but once again here to tell the whole tale!"

Her eyes refocusing again, the mustachioed mare smiled down at Sierra and pat her on the back with a large hoof. "It's the life, I'll tell you it is!"

Sierra giggled, liking what she was hearing. Oh how she loved adventure, and adventurous tales were always good, as well. "Hey, Psst" Sierra Whispered. "I'll let you in onna little secret. That's what I'm doing, too, though I only came from Manehattan." the little pony beamed with pride, thinking good on herself for having come this far on her own, despite her father's constant telling her of the dangers of the world. So far everypony had been pretty nice, and she had yet to come across anything too dangerous for her to get by.

"Manehattan... manehattan." Tumbler put a hoof up to her chin as she thought. "Mane-hat-tan... aha, yes!" The large unicorn looked down at Sierra with a grin. "Been there before, and that's quite a far distance to come alone - and you picked up a job on your down time too - I can't say I've met anypony with quite the spunk I'm seeing in you right now in, oh, maybe four-five years. It is joy-bringing that's what you are!"

"Any specific reason you left Manehattan though - not there really is the need for one, a city that size is more like a prison than a home - but, my closest friends always quite forcefully reminded me that it was one of the nicest places to live in the whole world." Tumbler rubbed her hoof against her chin a few times in consideration. "Which, I suppose it must be, seeing as they got married and were thinking about settling down there."

"Welllll....." Sierra began, thinking about why exactly she did leave. "I guess I left 'cuz Manehattan is SUPER boring. Like, way boring, there's almost nothing to do there, you know? That, and I just left 'cause my Daddy never lets me do anything, and I hated staying at home all day!" Sierra didn't know why, but she felt very comfortable talking to Star Tumbler- perhaps it was the kindred adventurous spirit, perhaps it was the jovial manner in which Tumbler acted, or perhaps it was the Mustache. Whatever the reason, though, Sierra finally felt like she had found a friend.

Locked up in a house all day, every day from birth to daring escape? Something about that didn't set right with Tumbler, it seemed... well, insane. Everypony knew that the young had to go out and explore and get into trouble from time to time - it was part of growing up!

"And your marm didn't set him straight on all this? I can't see, no way, no how, any mare agreeing to have such an energetic and responsible pony such as you stuck in some dusty attic all the time."

"Well, Daddy did take me out sometimes, but... He was so embarrassing, Always afraid I'd get hurt, or something. He didn't like me playing near anything... it was so annoying!" the little pony explained. before thinking about what Tumbler had said. "My Marm? What's a marm?"

"Sorry, sorry Spunks. Gotta curse my tongue from time to time - you know how us old timers are always using odd words now and then, eh? I was asking about your mum, your mother, the mare that married your dad so you could come into the world."

"Oh!. Well. I don't have a Mom. She Died when I was just a baby filly, that's what dad says." Sierra explained, not seeming too happy about it, though she seemed more embarrassed than anything else. "So it's just me and my Daddy. And Daddy's always making sure I'm safe. I guess he must work extra hard 'cause I got no mommy." Sierra's voice kind of trailed away into a mutter, and she mumbled something after that, but Tumbler couldn't hear it. Awkwardly pawing the ground for a few moments, Sierra shook her head and started trotting away from the pile of boxes, toward the other end of Town.

"But right now it's just me! On an adventure! And so I'm happy and all, if I do get lonely sometimes."

Tumbler's hoof came down and the pony blew out her mustache in frustration, she knew this was bad and she had made it bad and it certainly wasn't going to be allowed to end bad. No matter what.

Nodding with determination, Tumbler quickly caught up to Sierra, scooped the small pony up with one foreleg and plopped the little unicorn on her back. Continuing to walk all the while doing this, the mustachioed unicorn turned her head so Sierra could see one eye.

"You're are coming with me like this. No question." The mare's voice was still smooth and strong, but now had a comforting tone to it in place of its normal jovialness. "Now, first, you are going to tell me what the one thing you most want to eat at this very moment is, and then we'll go find it - no matter what. Then, I'm going to regale you with so many of my adventures that you'll have no choice but to have pleasant dreams, and I'm going to keep at it until you do fall asleep - on my back - and I know, without question, that you are having pleasant dreams."

Sierra was rather surprised at being scooped up, but after the initial shock, she realized that it was nice having someone concerned for her, without being an overprotective downer. "Well... I like Onions, but that's what the boss pony pays me in, so... How about Ice Cream? I haven't had Ice Cream in a while, 'cause nopony sells Ice Cream in exchange for Onions, they all want Bits!"

Tumbler nodded and then turned her head so she was back to looking straight ahead. "Ice cream it is then!" Rolling her shoulder the large pony comfortably settled Sierra's weight about her back. "Hold on tight Spunks -" The dark coated unicorn raised one hoof and then flashed forward in a ground devouring gallop as she let out a loud laugh. "- 'cause we're off!"

Walking into the closest ice cream shop - Tumbler hadn't bothered to catch the name - the mare turned her head so she could address Sierra. "So, cup, cone, flavor, toppings, and number of scoops and anything else you can think of! All options are open and this is a no-bars, absolutely no holding back, completely rail-less event!"

Sierra seemed delighted at the prospect, and looked over what she could get. "I'll have a sour cream and onion Ice cream cup, with pistachios, garlic, and alfalfa sauce on it, please!" she asked, remembering how she had missed getting Ice cream, as she hadn't been able to afford it since she had run away from home, since her Daddy had always bought her whatever ice cream she wanted.

Drumming her hooves in a jaunty tune as she walked up to the counter Tumbler stuck out her tongue at Sierra's order - it was certainly unique, but the shop had everything to deal with it.

"Alrighty then! You heard the pony let's get that order out on the floor!" Tumbler placed quite a large bag of bits on the counter - all the money she had on her at the moment - the mare leaned in close and whispered - hopefully low enough that the little pony on her back couldn't hear - to the shop owner. "Keep that and take out what you need as long as we are here. I want anything she wants coming as quick as it can - no matter whether that leaves the whole bag empty by the end of the night or not." The Pony behind the counter simply nodded, taking the bag of Bits and putting it in a safe place as Tumbler's 'tab', and starting to make Sierra's desired ice cream.

"So, You said you had a bunch of stories, Tumbler?" Sierra ventured, shaking her tail back and forth excitedly. It had been a long time since she had heard any good tales- Her father only told so many, and he often choked up and stopped telling some of the best ones.

Tumbler nodded enthusiastically for the young pony. "More years of adventure are under my mane than you've seen years Spunks! All the recent ones are with me as the 'lone traveler' and while those are without a doubt good, the best-" Tumbler's eyes gleamed as she said the word 'best' an unnoticed smile turning her words tender. "- the best were from the days when I was the youngest of the greatest adventuring trio that anypony has ever seen!"

Handing Sierra her ice cream as soon as it was brought to the counter, Tumbler looked at Sierra with ages old joy in her eyes. "So, how about it Spunks, you want to sit back and fill your tum as I bring to life all the great moments of High Sierra, Starlight Gazer, and the young Star Tumbler?"

Sierra's Ice cream bowl tumbled to the ground, making a bit of a mess and covering Tumbler's shoulder in Ice cream. Tumbler could feel the young pony shaking from her perch, and it took a few moments before she could talk. "You. Wha- How'd you... that's..." she muttered, completely lost in something. "That's my parents' names..."

Sierra. Starlight. Manehattan. Tumbler sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes. It all fit, Spunks was the right age for it and she certainly had the spirit of both her parents in her. Nodding away the shop's employees, the large unicorn took herself and her best friends' filly over towards one of the shop's unshuttered window.

A cool breeze was blowing softly into the shop and the sun was starting to slip over the horizon, a few stars already twinkling at the very edge of vision.

Slipping an extremely well-cared for photo from its hiding place Tumbler propped it against her neck so Sierra could look at it. The picture showed all three of them together, the young short haired and tailed Star Tumbler sans mustache, and then Sierra's parents standing close by in a cheesy 'couple' pose. They had just set up camp for the night on a natural arch towering over the Starlight Canyon - which the group had just discovered and named. The picture showed smiles all around and High Sierra had even let one arm loose to shove his adventuring hat atop Tumbler's head to hide what he had always called 'her horrendous page cut'.

"So, Spunk - Sierra." Tumbler's voice choked up for a moment and the mare looked back towards the little pony set on her back. Tumbler's expression could be only described as bittersweet as she started up again. "How about I tell you about the two finest friends anypony could ask for - your parents."

Sierra's lower lip was trembling, and her eyes were welling with tears. She sniffed, wiping her tears away with her hoof, and nodding, sniffing again, louder this time. "I r'member that picture... Daddy has it in the house, along with a bunch of other pictures just like it... Some days he would tell me all about 'em, and other days He couldn't even speak when he looked at 'em. You look so different... I didn't even know that you were that same pony!" Sierra sniffed again, though she seemed to have calmed down- she wasn't trembling nearly as much, and she put on a brave smile. "Go on, tell me about 'em. I wanna know."

"I do look a lot different, don't I?" Tumbler let out a short, half-laugh, wondering in the back of her mind if High Sierra would even recognize her anymore - but, that was a worry for another time. "Spunks, how about we start off with the first time me and your parents met. Me and High Sierra met each other first - your marm had gone off to buy a map High had said would make the two of them famous - and boy did we get off on the wrong hoof to begin with! He had made fun of my haircut and 'stubby little tail, no bigger than a newborn's', and to tell the truth he kept at it the whole time - all those years. But, now, you probably know a bit about me so, of course, me and your dah immediately burst into a scuff over something so silly! Then your mah shows up expecting High to have gotten all the supplies ready only to find the two of us dusting it up the best we can. We never did find out who, but one of us sent a bit of debris flying her way and it bonked her square in between the eyes - we both made sure nothing ever came near her after that! But, back then neither of us knew, so here comes Starlight, joining in with everything she's got and..."

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