Quotes Quarantine

Off topic and out-of character posts. Pattel's Pub is the name of a small pub built in the Hymn, where many of the soldiers go to drink and unwind. This forum is not in character and is strictly for non-story related posting.
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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by Kai » Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:08 am

[00:07] <CadetNewb> Oh, Kai. You really know how to flatter a guy.

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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:05 pm

<@Kai> Kokuten.
<@Kai> make Cadette show up.
<Blackbird> Yeah. You're the summoner.
* Kokuten takes his pants off.
<Blackbird> That won't work. You're not loli.
<@Kai> We just have to publically ship DUncan x Percy and he'll show.
<Blackbird> You have fun with that, Kai.
<@Kai> it's totally canon, right, Kokuten?
* Blackbird raises a curious brow.
<Kokuten> Negative.
<Kokuten> Captain Douchebag is too Douche now to even jokingly make a pairing.
<Blackbird> I thought we were shipping Percy x Emilia with the maid cafe?
<@Kai> hahahaha
<Blackbird> MAID CAFE = Great fanfic plot device/locale!
<@Kai> woot
<@Kai> Ours will have a honey badger acting as a bouncer.
<Kokuten> Exactly.
<Kokuten> "How did you two meet?"
<Straken> Dont forget a dove
<Kokuten> "Oh, I was dying!"
<Kokuten> "And I tried to reap his soul!"
<Blackbird> "And I was all, hey, can I collect your soul?"
<@Kai> lol
<Blackbird> "But Percy was all, oh please, I'm not dead yet! Just a flesh wound!"
<@Kai> 'Tis but a Scratch."
<Blackbird> "So I decided to follow him around, make him think he was dying. Y'know, the placebo effect."
<Blackbird> "But it didn't work, the bugger!"
<Kokuten> "Aw man, you should'a seen me, though. I almost did die a few times."
<Blackbird> "But oh Percy..." *Tousles his hair playfully, reminiscing* "...He was a strong one."
<@Kai> this is disturbing.
<Straken> I am with Kai
<Kokuten> "And I..." *He smiles gently* "...began to admire her never-give-up spirit."
<Straken> ....
<@Kai> You guys are effing terrifying.
* @Kai would rather piss off Natsu than stick around for this.
<Blackbird> "Well, what can you expect? Death is my mother! I was instilled with a great sense of pride and determination. And really, time is not an obstacle for me."
<@Kai> you guys are lunatics.
<Blackbird> "So the unstoppable force and the immovable object came to meet, and the compromise was this." *Gestures to the pair*
<Kokuten> "Just imagine, if I manage to create a philsopher's stone, I won't have to worry about time either. We'd be playing catch and dodge forever! Why not realize the peaceful solution earlier?"
<@Kai> and we suddenly have 1/4 immortal babbies everywhat.
<Straken> Anyway, PercyXRiley is much more likely. I mean they already sleep together
<Kokuten> Riley views Percy as a brother.
<Kokuten> You're stepping into incestuous territory there.
<@Kai> doesn't stop percy from getting frisky.
<Kokuten> Wait a second.
<Blackbird> "Right! The peaceful solution!" *Laughs* "Of course, we got a little carried away with peace and what-not..." *Grins* "...We're expecting!"
* Blackbird is having fun with the creep factor.
* Kai sets mode: +o Straken
<@Straken> Huh?
<@Kai> help me!
<Kokuten> "A little immortal all our own! The little tyke'll know alchemy and soul reading all at the same time."
<@Straken> Why am I suddenly an email?
<Blackbird> He's building a defensive perimeter!
<Blackbird> So.... why are you guys so creeped?
<Kokuten> Indeed, I am wondering as well.
<@Kai> iunno.
<@Kai> it's just.
<@Kai> creepy.
<Blackbird> Just... is?
<Kokuten> It's kind of romantic, actually.
<@Kai> and then you remember she's 12.
<Blackbird> Who is 11.
<Blackbird> Way to go.

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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by Kai » Wed Apr 13, 2011 2:31 pm

[14:13] * Kai punches Straken in the kidneys
[14:13] |<-- Straken has left irc.sorcery.net (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[14:14] <Kai> .....
[14:14] <Kai> D:

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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by CadetNewb » Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:20 pm

[19:16] <Gwathdraug> Koku, want to try and orchestrate some sort of fun-times after I'm back home?
[19:17] <Kokuten> Gwath.
[19:17] <Kokuten> In the time we've RP'd my definition of fun times have become sick and depraved since I have had none of the light-heartedness of bhotr to keep me on the line.
Kai! Save us!

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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by Gwathdraug » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:00 pm

[23:55] * Walkapotamus uses Caresss
[23:55] * Gwathdraug uses Frustrate.
[23:56] <Gwathdraug> Of the sexual kind.
[23:56] * Walkapotamus uses **********
[23:56] <Walkapotamus> of the sexual kind
[23:56] * Gwathdraug uses Straken as a shield.
[23:56] * Walkapotamus doesnt stop
[23:57] <--| Straken has left #bhotr

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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by Kai » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:02 pm

[14:36] -->| CadetNewb (chatzilla@6ca5ed7c.6ca5ed76.50.9.imsk) has joined #bhotr
[14:37] =-= Mode #bhotr +o CadetNewb by ChanServ
[14:37] CadetNewb Hello
[14:45] Kai no no no.
[14:45] Kai go back and do it again.
[14:45] Kai That was not fabulous.
[14:47] CadetNewb
[14:48] <--| CadetNewb has left #bhotr
[14:49] -->| CadetNewb (chatzilla@6ca5ed7c.6ca5ed76.50.9.imsk) has joined #bhotr
[14:49] =-= Mode #bhotr +o CadetNewb by ChanServ
[14:49] CadetNewb enters as the stage behind him explodes in a fiery display, pink, fabulous streamers flying up and into the air.
[14:49] CadetNewb Better?
[14:49] Kai Fire is not fabulous.
[14:49] Kai DO IT AGAIN.
[14:51] CadetNewb D:
[14:51] CadetNewb is scared....
[14:52] CadetNewb I don't know what FABULOUS is!
[14:52] CadetNewb I only know Space-Opera and Sci-Fi!
[14:53] Kai sighs.
[14:54] Kai It needs, Spubk, Pizaz! Style! and, most importantly, BEAUTY!
[14:54] Kai And you have to sell it! Cheap tricks like explosions and streamers are /not/ fabulous!
[14:55] Kai Also, by Spubk, I mean Spunk.
[14:55] CadetNewb :|
[14:56] Kai Like this!
[14:57] Kai swaggers in, Hips swaying gracefully, Arm held at an appropriate angle, with a sultry look on his face. He fills the room with his presence, and all the women swoon at his appearance!
[14:57] Kai Faaaaaaabulouss~
[14:57] -->| Kokuten (Kokuten@4a72a471.dhcp.leds.al.4e125616.com.hmsk) has joined #bhotr
[14:57] Kai Kokuten. Show Cadette what Fabulous is.
[14:57] Kokuten Fabulous?
[14:57] Kai FABULOUS.
[14:58] Kokuten points at Kai.
[14:58] Kai see?
[14:58] CadetNewb :|
[14:58] CadetNewb thinks a part of his human dignity will die if he does that.
[14:59] Kai You obviously lack dignity if you lack Fabulous.
[15:00] CadetNewb I don't even know how to respond to that.

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Re: Quotes Quarantine

Post by Straken » Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:19 pm

[20:08] <Straken> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
[20:08] <Straken> Take that! Your table has been flipped
[20:08] <Straken> What'cha gonna do about it?!
[20:08] <Luca> I COUNTER! ヽ( `Д´)ノ┌┛~~~~┻━┻☆)Д`)
[20:09] <Straken> touche'
[20:10] <Straken> (╯°□°)╯︵ d
[20:10] <Straken> there I just flipped a p
[20:11] <Luca> Intriguing.

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