Foothold:Ch. 1, Wall.

The Marines are Berthed in the belly of the starship, and essential for attack and defense, whether it be on the gorund, or inside the ships during boarding actions. Fighter pilots and ships may win battles, but Marines will win the War.
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Re: Foothold:Ch. 1, Wall.

Post by CadetNewb » Thu Feb 21, 2013 6:08 pm

Brown. It was everywhere.

From the once green foliage and brown bark of the jungle, to the parapets of their defenses, seeping straight into the rich black earth, and Pepper's underwear. Brown. It was everywhere, and for once, the young marine found out for herself what it was like to be to be a brunette for once. It was icky. When the explosive inside the Hammerbeast detonated, the creature had lifted the foot under which Pepper had cast her grenade, fully exposing its belly to her, and several other members of the squad - this had maximized the eruption of gore, very evenly, and thoroughly coating everything at which its belly had been pointed at. As she simply stood there in silence, contemplative of what just happened, she realized the effect was very similar to a shaped charge.

The tough, thick and reinforced back had directed all the explosive force straight through and out of the softer belly, just as how a shaped charge functioned in directing all of its denotative power into a copper liner or fragmentation screen. Except, this time, it was a liner of brown colored gore.

"And it exploded," she spoke aloud, eyes wide with shock.
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Re: Foothold:Ch. 1, Wall.

Post by Straken » Thu Feb 21, 2013 11:31 pm

Dom had noticed that he was holding his breath as he waited for the explosive pack to find its mark. Then after a few tense moments of doubt of whether or not the charge would be swallowed, the beast gulped it down like a pill. With the detonator readied, the engineer waited a few moments more before blowing the charges, and once he was sure they could be used to full effect he pressed the button.

The sequence that followed was truly a sight to behold. After stumbling, the beasts belly erupted as the explosives did their job of destroying the soft insides of the mammoth creature, and as if to spite the engineer his suit was once again coated in flesh and bodily fluids. He did not notice his suit being dirtied again though for a while after, for as he watched his plan work all he could do was cheer.

“Side effects include: headaches, nausea, heart burn, distended stomach lining, internal bleeding, and acute cases of death!” Dom shouted as he finished up his one liner.

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Re: Foothold:Ch. 1, Wall.

Post by Gwathdraug » Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:31 pm

“Haha!” Despite her earlier dissatisfaction at her situation Emma couldn't help but cheer as Dom turned the Drathonian's Hammerbeast from a defense wrecking, ahem, beast into just another one of Foothold's cases of rather nasty rain. It didn't help that the former instructor also got to gleefully watch Asher sail through the air into a harrowing, but timely escape from getting squished because of technical minded member of the group's actions.

“Maybe next time...” Card muttered to herself as she grabbed her rifle's sling and pulled it out from where it had lagged behind her in the wreckage. Snarling as she yanked the empty, but twisted magazine from her weapon – the armourer wouldn't like that one – and looped it over her left shoulder.

Taking a moment to admire the carnage of the battlefield now that the Drathies looked to have bloodied themselves enough to high tail it back into the jungle Card let out a low whistle, it wasn't pretty. Having to try multiple times to open the squad channel in her helmet's com-suite before it worked Emma frowned as she finally heard her mic begin to work.

“Sergeant I'm going to go check on the native to see if she's just down or gone out on us. Also, in the report make sure that scaffolding of theirs that was supposed to be our defensive line wasn't worth a flying flip – if this happens again and we don't have real wall up by then it won't be fun is all I'm saying.” Emma began to trot towards where she had last seen Camilla, thankfully catching sight of her squadmate's armoured form as she moved.

“Oh.” Card spoke over the com channel again, amusement in her voice. “You should know you don't need to catch Westwood again like that – he can take more punishment than that fall would of given him trust me. Probably would of found it fun too.”

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Re: Foothold:Ch. 1, Wall.

Post by Kokuten » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:36 pm

Asher's helmet sputtered glass and blood as he was tugged back onto the wall itself. From staring down onto his fellow soldiers, to the blurring sight of being tossed through the sky, the man had a rough trip to where he was. All the shock and shake had an ill-effect on his body, and caused him to hiss in pain as he finally slapped against the surface of the wall. The uneven edges had bruised his sides, and he had to spend a moment catching his breath under the conditions they were in. After a few seconds, he stood up, and brushed himself off.

He was a wild mix of dirt, blood, and tattered, broken armor. At the very least, his weapon, and his ammunition had survived, and for that, he dumped his empty magazine, and slammed in a full set of buckshot.

"Hey, Card," said Asher into the comm's of his now open visor helmet, "Why don't you spend less time actin' like what's 'tween yo' legs, and grow a bit what's 'tween mine? I can barely see ya out here wit' all tha' hidin' y'doin'."

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