Battle Hymn: The Next Movement; Part one- Foothold

The Marines are Berthed in the belly of the starship, and essential for attack and defense, whether it be on the gorund, or inside the ships during boarding actions. Fighter pilots and ships may win battles, but Marines will win the War.
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Battle Hymn: The Next Movement; Part one- Foothold

Post by Kai » Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:06 pm

Foothold is a name which can mean many things. It can mean a secure footing, or just the smallest amount of solid ground which you can support yourself from. In other cases, it is a name. For one particular area of space, it is a Layered name- a name which can apply to a system, and a planet within the system, and a location on that planet. That location, which was rather ironically named, was originally just a simple colony, but now, it is a literal foothold, the only 'solid' ground upon which Terrans can stand, the only place where they are not being Hunted. Sure, it wasn't entire safe, but, they had managed to push out the planet's hostile environment from within the Foothold compound, and had made it strong against the invasion from the Drathonians. For years before the lizards came, the Mining colony of Foothold had been a strong place, a place where precious resources could be found, despite a planet that generally wanted to kill its inhabitants. Now, that hostile environment, combined with the scrappy nature of the miners and marines stationed there, has formed a bulwark, a small bastion that the lizard-like Drathonians had never been able to squash.

The planet itself is devastatingly beautiful. Covered in lush rainforest, thick jungles, rushing rivers, tall mountains, deep valleys, and every kind of flora and fauna that you could never imagine in your wildest dreams. The mining colony was built on high ground, a strong place surrounding, and built into, an extinct volcano, which contained the easiest supply of minerals and other resources which could be used to create the more exotic technologies needed by the Terran republic in order to fight. For the first few years of the Terran-drathonian war, it had remained a secret, hidden, the only danger being the planet itself, but, for the last two years, the Drathonians had been attacking the planet- Never quite being able to gain superiority over the Miners and soldiers stationed there, but, though the base could rebuild any machine or weapon or piece of equipment, it was lacking one thing- Soldiers. slowly, the numbers were dwindling, and the occasional reinforcements was never enough to stem the bleeding.

And the wounds kept growing deeper.

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