[Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

I'll figure out a description as we go.
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[Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Post by Kai » Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:00 am

In a blur of much less action or destruction as the scene at the warehouse or the sounds of constant gunfire would have suggested, the ragtag group of marines found themselves, once again, approaching the Central Hetran Marine Corps base. It was vastly different than it had been when any of them had exited earlier in the day, with all of the major entrances being overtaken by Planetary Guard units, their grey uniforms and vehicles imposing a barrier around those areas that a small group wouldn't have much of a hope of dealing with successfully. beyond the gates, and fences that they formed openings in, the base itself was in a state of total disarray. Quite a few buildings were on fire, and numerous small vehicles had been run off to road or otherwise damaged and destroyed, a few smoldering, some covered in bullet holes or laser scars. The smell of death and blood hung heavy over the areas that the PG had taken full control of. Further in, the sounds of sporadic gunfire could be heard, punctuated by the occasional boom of a grenade or some other explosive device.

The group that had thwarted the escape of the Terrorists at the warehouse had stopped for the moment, short of the gates, taking refuge inside a small shop that had entrances both facing toward and away from the massive fence line that surrounded the compound to protect it from intruders. Niall, whom had taken point, was returning from a short solo trip in which he had scouted some possible entrances, and tried to make contact with friendly forces still within the base. Giving the hastily thought up signal before he was let in, he crouched down to keep out of view of the somewhat lazy patrols that made their way around the base perimeter to ensure they hadn't missed anyone. Luckily for Niall they weren't the best at their job, and had made it easy for him to sneak around.

His communicator lit up, albeit not as bright as normal, and a map was displayed for the rest of the group to see. "Awrigh', Ma'am, Ah got tha info we needed. Luckily the base here on Hetra is pretty ol', an' iss got a few holes in security. There's a st o' drain pipes not far down tha road what the grates 'ave rusted offa. Ah met Brownie down there an' managed ta get us the passwords fer both gettin' through PG patrols as well as Loyal stronghold's. We've go' abou' 300 safe an' accounted fer inside, but they ain't got no weapons 'cept a few sidearms an' Brownie's rifle what aint got no ammunition, so support won' be much, but they can give us a good distraction so's we can get inta tha armory right easy. Here's tha map o' tha safest routes through, if'n ya'd like ta study 'em."

For his part, Niall seemed pretty proud of himself, for getting this much done on his own, and hoped it would prevent further shouting on the Sergeant's part.

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