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Quantum Dive [RP Proposal/intro]

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:32 am
by Kai
Quantum Dive is a roleplay set in the same continuity as Occultus Magica and Battle Hymn of the Republic, after the wane of magic, but before interstellar FTL travel. it is a near future setting, where Quantum computing has been developed and utilized, but due to its immense cost at the time needed to be subsidized. In an Entrepreneurial style, a company came forth with an idea to allow the general public to pay for it willingly; Quantum Dive, a full-Dive VR experience driven by quantum computations to create an alternate reality, a second world, a second life for many. Quantum Dive, as this new world is called, is an amalgamation of the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of those whom have entered it, mixed with history, mythology, and speculation of the future. it is a new world of limitless possibility, which was created as a foil, an escape from the real world for those who want it. drawn by a desire for freedom, or a second chance, or even the idea of developing technologies or markets within another world, millions of users, players, subscribers, and even corporate entities pay to spend time in this other world, feeding the funding that drives the technology forward, allowing society to progress, both in the real world, and within Quantum Dive.

Re: Quantum Dive [RP Proposal/intro]

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:41 am
by Kai
For playing in this setting, you will essentially be controlling two characters- The Player, who lives in the 'real' world, and their Avatar, who lives in the Quantum Dive world. These two characters are allowed to be essentially the same- Perhaps the avatar is an idealized version of the player, a vision of themselves as they wished they were, or as they hope they can be. Or perhaps the Avatar is a completely different persona, swapping genders or personalities to suit the player's inner desires. The Quantum Dive world even allows for some personalization beyond a basic human; taking features and ideas from fantasy or science fiction; an Avatar can be an Elf, or anthropomorphic, or an android or Cyborg, even deviating from the human form entirely as some fantasy or alien beast or creature.

Whatever a Player's desire, their avatar is only limited by their progress and development within the Quantum Dive world, its video game elements coming in the form of experience points gained for completing certain tasks or activities, which can be spent as the user desires to customize, change, or upgrade their experience in the Quantum Dive world beyond what is possible in the real world.

Re: Quantum Dive [RP Proposal/intro]

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 12:25 pm
by Kai
Earth, the year is 2850. While technology has made steady progression, a time traveler from the 21st century would still be quite comfortable, as everything seems quite familiar on the surface. society functions as it has for nearly the last milennia, though some time ago the nations were allied into a single unified government, and while there isn't quite world peace, there is no longer the jostling of superpowers. However, just after the unification, there was a large war of those dissenting the global government, which Ironically saw many groups opposed to the unification unifying. this war caused a huge decrease in global population, which, with the amount of automation available, made for a new middle class whose lives could be lived as easily as they desired, while still allowing those with the desires and drive to move to the top. education became compulsory, with an emphasis on history as well as STEM, leading to the development of a strong technological and scientific push, as the basics of people's lives were covered via automation. Typical jobs are those of technicians, solving problems, maintaining and repairing the automated processes and machines that cushion society, as well as those in the fields of technology and science driving forward the fields of medicine, electronics, propulsion, and most importantly, driving the invention of true quantum computing. however, office work has not been completely eradicated by automation, and pencil pushers can still be found in droves across every unified nation.

A typical person, however, is only required to hold a job if they want to, in order to pay for luxuries above the basic standard of living afforded by the technology of the times. Still, the cycle of life for humanity remains the same-born unto parents, raised by a family, taught by an education system, and then given the option to contribute to society or not, and reproduce or not, until one's life cycle has been exhausted, whence they are returned to the natural processes of the earth.

Re: Quantum Dive [RP Proposal/intro]

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 2:51 pm
by Kai
Quantum Dive. It has become an escape, an alternate reality, a new life, and a place to live out one's fantasies. The game itself is both very simple, and very complex. A whole new society, new economy, and new way of life is present, but, the object and execution of the game itself is very simple. You simply live out whatever life you want. However, everything is run through one simple currency- Experience, typically abbreviated to XP. You use XP for everything; from upgrading or customizing your Avatar, to learning new skills and abilities, to buying goods and services, or even paying for rent and bills if you decide to try and make a living in one of many thriving cities.

XP can be traded for nearly anything in this world- Even real money from the real world. the reverse is also true, where those who have more money than time can fund their characters via real currency, or those who simply want to get ahead can do so. However you go about it, the opportunities are equal for all, it's simply the methods behind them that differ. Some, preferring to live in Quantum Dive, will trade their XP for things they need in the real world rather than hold a job. Some try to find a balance between both worlds. And for some, the line between which world is real can begin to blur, with users not knowing whether they or their avatar are the real one.

Re: Quantum Dive [RP Proposal/intro]

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 5:35 am
by Kai

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