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Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:22 am
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
A lot of information was tossed around simultaneously, and before Camilla could call things to order, yet another surprise crawled out of the dark. Her boys in black were getting pretty antsy and weapons were half-raised, but she gave subtle motion to lower them. It was overwhelming, but the situation was still under control.

"Excellent, Specialist, I needed another cripple on the team. Report: are you being followed? And how did you escape? Is it a usable route to reenter the facilities?"

So many questions, so little time. The clock was still ticking. They needed to have a distraction before the orbital drop commenced. Though why they can't merely carpet bomb this mess is beyond me. Something about the thought, she knew, was why they preferred her making tactical decisions and not strategic ones. Which gave her another thought.

"Arty, do you have access to any restricted areas? The armory would be best, but I'll take what I can get."

Adding two to their number was a pleasant change of events, even if they were a crippled girl and a rust bucket with ammo and no guns. Now she just had to hope they weren't saboteurs about to backstab her whole unit.

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 5:53 am
by Gwathdraug
"Excuse me?" Imp's mind was chewing through information, shoving any and every sort of packet she could find to distract the banshee's oversight with. "Sorry I'm not in full plate and rig Ma'am, but let's keep my fucking competency out of everyone's mouths - nghn-" The specialist's jaw spasmed as her mouth suddenly clicked close in the middle of forming a word. Imp was glowering at everyone in front of her now as she pressed the back of one hand against where the muscles in her face had violently cramped.

"My apologies." Imp forced the two words out, her jaw nearly screw tight and her tone entirely insincere. "Report: I was assisting military intelligence when their building was breached. The unidentified assault squad got wasted, but so did everyone else." Finally pulling her hand away from rubbing the tenseness from her jaw Imp shrugged. "I pulled a prisoner out of it all if that makes it a win for you. So, either tell me you have the authorization for me to just put a bullet in her and I'll fuck off to my happy place or I can stick with... whatever it is that your building here and you can debrief the bitch that tried to kill me."

"Nice robot by the way - is he the kill all humans type?"

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 9:08 am
by Kokuten
The Arditi's head swiveled as Imp revealed herself. She was quite a sight to behold, a new Marine who was small and seemed to have a speech impediment. Arty shifted on his metal legs, clacking against the floor as he moved, appearing ready in case Imp turned out to be something more than just a sewer gnome. The unit's gaze turned to Camilla expectantly, seeming to wait on her before responding. When the Staff Sergeant seemed fine with it, it turned to look back at Imp, answering the NCO's question in turn.

"I been down 'ere for a'while. I think. Arditi units servin' with Terran elements should have free reign of tha' place t'establish security. I don't know how thass' changed in tha' last sixty, fifty years." the Arditi held up a small card, rotating its wrist around one time so all of them could see both sides, a series of designations with key-entries next to them. "I got dis list a'door codes, tho'. Maybe they ain't changed."

As Imp spoke her dissent, Arty waited for her to finish speaking before adding anything else on the access issues. Right as it seemed she was done, it turned its head back to Camilla.

"Nice robot by the way - is he the kill all humans type?"

The comment caused the Arditi's head to slowly rotate back to Imp's direction. There was a visible tension that built in its gears, a curling of its double-joints.

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:11 pm
by Kai
Niall looked a little surprised when another figure appeared, this one of a slight woman wearing a UGR Marine's duty uniform, rather than their combat uniform, and acting somewhat strangely, though he was relieved to see that at least some Marines had managed to escape the separatists, and, as Camilla felt, was glad that they had at least a couple more 'bodies' to help out, as it were. Either way, he had his own mission and at this point these new people were distractions taking up their time, and he had a meeting with a pretty Sabeline woman that he did not want to be late for.

"Well, uhh, Ah figger yah can work out this'n on yer own, 'cause Ah got mah own stuff tah deal with fer now," Niall said, shaking his head to get back in the came and back on mission. "While Ah go an' make contact wit' tha folks inside, Maybe yah can all go'n cause that distraction or get to tha armory like we planned?" he suggested, taking a note of the incredibly outdated access card the Arditi had.

"And Ah'm sorry, but Ah don' think tha' Card'll get ya nowhere, Mister Arty," the brunette commented, trying to ignore the small awkward marine as she seemed to have some... Issues that were clear warning flags he usually avoided unless completely inebriated. With that comment out of the way, Niall made his way down the right-hand pipe toward the rendezvous.

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:40 pm
by Mr. Blackbird Lore
Camilla's mind quickly snapped into leadership mode as everyone bombarded her with retorts, replies, and suggestions. One thing at a time.

First, to settle the tension in their new metal man. "Arty: The effort was appreciated. And no, for the record, you are not a kill all humans type robot." She looked around. "As a reminder, you are cleared hot on PG uniforms. Non-uniformed individuals with weapons and any uniforms that shoot first are also fair game."

Second, a minor commendation was in order. "Callaghan: good focus, get it done. But I'll say it again: we are not splitting this team. If your contact wants to make a distraction, they have the numbers. We're taking the armory." It didn't touch her voice, but she had already pegged him as a casual, listless soldier, so seeing him take the initiative on the actual objective was surprising and irrationally irritating.

Last point of business. "de Vos: get rid of your prisoner. I'd prefer to interrogate, but we're on a strict timetable."

"Everyone else: last gear check. Hopefully our insiders have something to spare, but no promises. Make every shot count."

Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 6:58 pm
by Kokuten
The Arditi's head turned sharply when it heard its name, and the tension in the joints seemed to melt away the moment she told him he wasn't a kill all humans kind of robot. It didn't know why, but it didn't like the notion of being one. And then...

"Ha ha ha thass' right, it's fightin' time," suddenly the Arditi was much more lively, before clapping Imp on the shoulder, "You heard tha' boss lady, I'm not a kill all humans type, I'mma kill some humans type."

For some reason this made Arty feel better, and it jaunted up in the sewer ahead after giving Imp a good smack on the backside before it did so. It started whistling a little tune, a song that hadn't been heard in almost sixty years. The tune was something Camilla would recognize, but something that sounded far before the time of the rest of the people in the squad.

Set'm up, sight'm out, pull the pin an'throw,
Lie in wait, kill tha' lights, shoot'm while they glow.

It was a strangely cheery song about killing Drathonians.