[Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

The Roughest, the toughest, the Galactic Marines. Set in a world where peace is more prevalent than war, the Marines are here to ensure that the status quo does not get flipped around. taken from the best and brightest of every race in the United Galactic republic, the Marines will sacrifice everything to keep the peace they have fought for through generations.
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Re: [Chapter 1] Once a Marine.

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"Yes'm!" the young Irishman replied to the older marine as she approached him. He made his way forward steadily, albeit at a slower pace as requested, making a stop at a three way fork where several culverts gathered into the single outlet that they had made their way into. Niall threw up a hand in a silent signal to halt, then waved a hand to the impromptu commander, Camilla. Feeling a bit more confident in what was going on now that the plan seemed to be going smoothly, the PFC drew from the reserves of his memory as they had been moving and started coming up with a little more information, now that his nerves had calmed down.

"Awrigh', from this point Ah'm not sure where ta go, but if'n ah remember the layout o' the base correctly, the right one should go closest ta where Brownie tol' me ta meet 'er if ah go inside again. To tha left should put us out closer ta tha armory since there's a bit of a bog that's roughly where tha' pipe leads, an' straight ahead there's a dry concrete culvert if my mind serves me properly; Cormac might be able ta back me up on this if'n he's feelin better. Aside from myself headin' left ta meet up with Brownie an' 'er gang, ah aint sure what the bes' course o' action is."

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