[Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Straken » Mon May 07, 2012 12:00 am

Ruarc’s gut proved to be correct, although not in the way Ruarc thought it would be. The mages’ offensive was proving effective, and they all but had the ribboned creature on the ropes when things took a turn for the unexpected. Flash canisters caught Ruarc off guard, and since he was already vulnerable while casting he was easy prey for the entity. After the surprise he was flung through the air directly at some new magic girl that he didn’t recognize. The resulting collision left the druid with the wind knocked out of him and disoriented, but once regaining some sense of his surroundings he quickly tried to pick himself up to check on the girl’s condition. Or at least that was the plan until a mischievous satellite ribbon had hitched a ride and proceeded to constrict both him and the magical girl in a rather awkward position.

”Just what I need, more fuel for more misunderstandings,” Ruarc thought to himself as he instantly dreaded the repercussions of this situation. He and the HeartPure girl were now face to face and unable to move by any substantial amount. Blushing slightly given the proximity, Ruarc began trying to make some head way in getting free.
“Well, tha’ coulda gone better. Ya wouldn’t happen ta have a pocket knife in that skirt of yurs wouldja? Ah can’t reach ma runes,” Ruarc asked the girl as he tried to find a way to extract himself from the awkward confines.

“But what the hell was with the flash canisters? There was nothing about that in any mythos I’ve read before," he wondered to himself as a means of keeping focused.

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Kokuten » Mon May 07, 2012 7:27 am

Akanus bounced over the ground, spinning over the dirt with the creature, before crashing at the base of the tree.
It was a little girl, easily five or six years old.

She was dressed in a pink t-shirt with a small hole in the front and a pair of short jeans, with hair done into a pair of pig tails - on her back however, was a Breakfast Bears Breakfast Bars Backpack, into which the remaining ribbons retreated. The little girl pointed an accusatory finger at Sakura. "My brother was doing fine and being nice to people again until he took an arrow to the butt!" she exclaimed, pouting in anger at the Trickster.


Duncan stopped fleeing mid-step and sheepishly looked over his shoulder at everyone.
Percival simply stood there, staring with mouth agape up at the roof, before looking a Duncan with a very incredulous face. The mere shock of the situation, what with all of them beaten so quickly by a child, and the fact that it was simply for the reason of 'Duncan was about to get along with friends'. Percy wanted to deck the guy with his staff, just one good strike, but apparently, the god's had different plans. Akanus was called back, his energies swirling back to the head like twisting winds, with feathers falling along the trail.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." came a molten hum from inside Percival's head. The hum was familiar. It was an angry noise.

Unity shook, angry flames licking the air all around the staff, before it erupted into a monstrous gout of fiery hell. A small ball of lava popped from the staff, and landed on the ground, searing all the ground near it to a deathly black. The blob began assuming a shape, into a mini, with obsidian-black armor. Aurus had forcefully summoned himself, and judging by the flames burning over his shoulders, with the cooking clouds of steam coming from each angry breath from his mask, the God of Fire and War was pissed. Duncan found that out quick as the demonic god leaped forward and wrapped his jagged, metal fingers around his collar and brought him straight down to his level.

HIISSSSSSSSSSSSSS Went steam, bellowing out of every crack and bend of Aurus' armor.

"$*(^!&$%(^&@@&#$(^)&&!&@$#@!#$@!#^*(%*)&(^%#~~." crackled the Fire God, belching harmless, magic flame into Duncan's face as he spouted anger in an odd language that sounded almost exactly like a stream of obscenities. Percival could only stare vacantly at the scene, occasionally stealing glances back over his shoulder.

"Aurus, you shouldn't--..."

Aurus spat a small stream of flame in Percival's direction.


The Fire God continued to hassle Duncan by slapping and shaking him, interchangeably.

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Kai » Wed May 09, 2012 11:36 am

Miyuki only really had time to squeak as the soggy ball of ribbons rolled over her and some other magical girl whom she'd never seen before. Within moments, however, she found herself tied up on the ground with a little bow on her chest, which had joined the others adorning her outfit. SHe was a bit lost for a moment, but then quickly recovered her senses. "Saph! Can you get over here and help me?" she yelled, and, almost instantly, the cat-like guardian beast had appeared next to her, giving a little bow.
"I'm here. what do you need?" the cat asked, enquiring of his master.
"I need you to get me out of this ribbon. It's annoying." she complained at him, struggling against her bonds.
"I don't have hands, though!" the beast responded, somewhat offended.
"But you do have teeth, could you try gnawing through it?" the dark-haired girl pointed out, looking a bit cross.
"Oh, right.." was all Saph could say, before getting to work gnawing at the ribbon.

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Gwathdraug » Wed May 09, 2012 5:46 pm

As Riley stood there, watching the fight passively, and realizing she needed to read up some more and find a spell or two that was a bit more efficient when in a long range fight with people all over the place a shock came to her as everything finally came apart as everyone was thrown about.

Turning to Percy, an even larger grin than normal on her face, the young girl waved cheerily to both her partner and the small, rampaging fiery god. “Gotta go check something out – that can't be what I think it is!”

Concentrating for a few seconds Riley's misty gray and tattered cloak first turned translucent and was then quickly followed by the person herself. Floating just long enough to make sure she had the mantle's abilities firmly in grasp the stage magician made a straight line course from the ground to the roof.

Shivering slightly from the sporadic bouts of resistance as her body went through windows and walls Riley stopped for a second as the last class room she passed through still had a single grizzled and life-weary contracted maintenance worker fixing an electrical outlet.

To his credit when a ghostly looking Riley gave him an animated thumbs up the old man only grunted and held up two fingers in a 'V' for victory in response before going back to his work.

Reaching the roof Riley immediately let the mantle place her back into the material world and landed lightly on her feet. She was behind the pig tailed girl and as of yet seemed to be unnoticed – which was exactly what the stage magician would be hoping for as a best case scenario.

Caring not if she startled the younger kid in front of her or not – even despite her well displayed power – Riley ran up as fast as she could and placed her hands on the backpack her target was wearing.

Running her fingers over the seams Riley held her breath – the stitching was perfect.

It had leather ties instead of zippers; just as it should of had.

The colours were all absolutely, without a single doubt, undoubtedly spot on.

Lastly she leaned slightly closer in her draconian examination and sniffed – it was the last piece of proof she needed.

Spinning the young and powerful mage wearing the most prized of backpacks around with great energy and gusto, but little care Riley was grinning wide enough to put the cheshire cat to shame. Stepping back out of the other girl's personal space – she didn't want to make her too uncomfortable and did happen to remember some of the manners she had been raised with at the moment – Riley finally started to breathe again.

“That's one of the original prototype, first run Breakfast Bear Breakfast Bars backpack! How'd you ever manage to come into owning one?”

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Fri May 11, 2012 12:16 am

Somehow, amidst all the chaos and confusion, Jane Smith managed to elude the Evil's wrath and wild ribbons through a very intense cardiovascular exercise she liked to call futility- which is to say, while she moved an awful lot it did her little good beyond evading harm. As things settled, the cowgirl creeped toward the ribbon master from behind, intent on settling the conflict with a single blow. Then she revealed herself, and even Jane found herself missing a step to make a double-take.

Her eyes narrowed, honing in on the next target: Duncan. No, of course it wasn't his fault. Jane reigned herself in before she managed to lash out, but boy did she want to! The way she figured, Duncan should've known the girl would come a-hollering if a ruckus started. The threat supposedly brought to an end, Jane holstered her Colts and approached slowly. "Well ya didn't have to go 'n start a war now, either." She reprimanded with hands on her hips. Her voice sounded hollow, lacking any real heart; the Westerner believed fully that Sakura deserved what come to her. "Name's Jane." She tipped her hat cordially with a flick of her index finger as an offer to shake hands didn't strike Jane as probable given Riley's sudden interrogation.

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Kalshion » Fri May 11, 2012 1:09 am

Sakura nervously stared at the girl in front of her, then at the one behind, and then at Jane. Something seemed off to her, she felt her nerves firing and her mind was racing. Images flashed from left to right, her eye's bulged a bit as she turned away from them and placed a hand on her head.

Her magical power started to grow, overwealming her mind, waves of energy pulsating out from beneath her as several rune's resembling Fire and Electricity began to appear out of thin air, floating aimlessly. When she lifted up her head, her eyes flashed in color, shifting from the natural red color to that of being blank, with small red and blue sparkles that appeared every few seconds. She staggered a bit, staring at the three in front of her. "Who... black... science..." she muttered incoherantly as she continued to stare.

"Magic... government..." at her saying government, she let out a scream in pain and grabbed her head again, staggering backwards a few feet before opening her eyes, but what she saw in front of her wasn't Coco, Jane, or Riley, but instead three lone black shadows that were staring straight at her. This sent a terrifying feeling through her mind as she staggered back a bit more in fear, then the runes that were circling her body suddenly flew outward toward the three.

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Gwathdraug » Sun May 13, 2012 5:13 am

Riley reacted as quickly as she possibly could. Spinning around Coco – and then giving the girl a quick shove to move her closer to safety – the stage magician put her back towards the unexpected attack.

The runes were hissing and crackling madly as they traveled through the air. As Riley spread her arms, opening her protective mantle to its full width, she tensed up for the oncoming blow. In reaction the cloak moved of its own accord; the sound of the cloth rubbing together emulating a soft, resigned sigh as the hood pulled itself protectively over the young girl's head.

When the two sets of runes that had been aimed at her and Coco connected, Riley didn't hear a single thing. Instead she felt a huge fist slam into her back and a bone shaking thud ran the length or her body and back. The force of this explosion whipped her arms back in close to her body and lifted the magician off the ground – sending her flying.

Tumbling uncontrollable Riley's mind was blank from a mixture of pain and panic. The first thought regained control of the girl's actions as she saw the lip of the roof come into clear view at the start of one rotation – and then it was gone at the start of the next.

With the prospect of falling all the way from the roof of the building to the ground now taken place of “most likely event for the near future” panic began to surge up in Riley's mind once again. Smashing the wave of fear that came along with the current situation down the best she could Riley breathed in deeply and then yelled.


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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Kokuten » Sun May 13, 2012 10:59 am


FWOOOM! went another gout of flame in his direction.

"Aurus, I'm going to give you until the count of three."

FWOOOOOOOOOOOOM! That one almost singed his beret.

"Okay, this is reall--..."

There was a surge of magical energy coming from behind him, on the roof. If he had remembered correctly, Riley was up there with the rest of them. He had heard her ranting about Breakfast Bear stuff, as she usually did. She always ranted on it, like the little fan-girl she was. Luckily, she always did it while he was working, so it was easy to tune her out when she began lecturing him on the history of Breakfast Bear Breakfast Bars. Though, as he turned to look up at the roof, he didn't see the ribbon girl causing more trouble, or Riley using one of her intense illusions. He saw intense magic coming from the troublesome girl from before.

He saw Riley sent flying by hostile magic, when the young girl tried to help Duncan's little sister, his eyes turned wide as she looked like she was going to be sent off the roof in a long arc.
His blood turned cold, all the color fading from his face. He abandoned all prospect of taming Aurus and ran right into Riley's trajectory. Yet, that wouldn't be enough. Even if Percy caught her, she'd probably break something on her little body. Even if she was hardy, colliding with Percy would horribly injure him, and likely kill the girl. He needed something. He needed a way to stop her, and he only had mere seconds for it. Akanus? Akanus was a master of force and the wind, he could do something, anything.

But, he wouldn't have time to summon him.

I'll have to make time.

Orange energies ripped apart Aurus' construct body, with no apparent pain. Aurus didn't even realize he was falling apart until one of his arms went limp, and suddenly began tossing curses. White energies forced itself from the staff, and Akanus quickly built up as Aurus broke down. Small electrical surges, stabbed into Percy's chest, raw mana tearing at his insides. Though before the summoning could complete, he dropped Unity, and held out his arms. There was a straining chain in his chest, an he could taste copper on his tongue, and blood dribbling over the edge of his mouth. His vision blurred a mount as the young girl he had come to accept as his little sister came down to him, pulled by gravity of earth, and force of magic.

And then, she slowed, almost instantly. A field of distorting energies had been formed around Akanus, and that same field had almost canceled out Riley's momentum completely. The Illusionist gently floated down into Percival's arm, instead of slamming right into them. She found herself cradled carefully, even as Percy fell back slowly onto the ground, landing on his rear. His gaze was concerned, but haggard by lingering pain, made evident by his mildly hollowed eyes, and a small line of blood curling down the left of his cheek.

"Riley." Percy held the girl tight, his heart thumping painfully, his voice hoarse with concern, "Are you... okay?'

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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by CadetNewb » Sun May 13, 2012 6:18 pm

"Well, you had better be Squiddly Sorry!" the little girl exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at Sakura. Duncan merely brought a hand to his face.

"No more of that anime for you Coco..." he sighed. As his little sister stared down Sakura with a pouting expression, Riley had successfully sneaked up on Coco! She gave the other girl nothing more than a toothy grin before replying with glee

"It's awesome right? My brother is always sending me all these neat stuffs he finds!" Coco explained as the older brother in question was grasped by a mini-god of fire. "Duncan's the best brother ever, and since the stuff he was sending was starting to get extra awesome, I decided to make a surprise visit!" she went on gleefully, completely ignorant of Aurus slapping the boy in question about and spewing magical flame and ancient profanity into his face at an excessive clip. "Oh, I gotta show you some of the stuff I got since arriving here too - Japan's really neat and all!" Coco beamed with pride as the volume of fire and swearing in the background increased - the little girl took off her prize backpack and opened up the zipper, the restraining ribbon around everyone else relaxing and slithering away like snakes as she reached in, leaving Miyuki in a puddle, Ruarc still laying atop HeartPure, and Haruka and her sister laying side by side. "Ta-DA!" she exclaimed, pulling out one of the many Official Breakfast Bears Breakfast Bar Plushies.

"Hhh...help...some...somebody" Duncan whispered, his voice hoarse from the buildup of soot he was rapidly accumulating.

"And that's not all!" she went on, pulling out an adorable little Nendoroid from her pack. At that, Jane had also managed to sneak up on her, causing the little girl to jump in surprise and nearly drop the toy. "Oh! My name's Coco!" She looked at her for a silent moment before exclaiming loudly, "Wow! It's a real cowgirl with peacemakers too! Where'd you come from? Montana? Texas? Utah? Or maybe California like -" Cutting her words short, Riley had snatched the little girl up just in time to evade the runes of a berserk Sakura. Looking at the meddlesome, rude, bothersome trickster, Coco started taking rapid steps to close the distance after being dropped down again, making a motion resembling one pushing up their sleeves. Instead of doing just that however, Ribbons wrapped around them, transforming the little girl's limbs into massive Anchor Arms that she could have easily used to walk with instead of her piddly little feet. "Why I aughta..."

For Percival, time seemed to freeze as Riley came safely drifting down into his arms - for once today, something had seemed to go just right.

Duncan coughed from the ground and moaned.

Yes, everything was going swell.
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Re: [Episode Three] Going the Extra Magic Mile

Post by Kalshion » Thu May 17, 2012 12:33 pm

Sakura shook her head, placing her hand on the side as she struggled for a moment, before looking toward the edge of the roof. Six more rune's appeared, all were electricity based, she collapsed the runes together to form one single rune; this caused a flurry of lightning bolts to shoot out in every direction, some of these shot up her arm, leaving behind small burns on her shoulders and hands. When she looked around the roof, she saw no one there, and carefully approuched the edge and peered down over the side.

Below, she spotted her targets and cocked her head curiously to one side as she thought about what to do. Slowly, she turned toward Duncan, his blackened shape larger than the rest, this apparently sent a wave of fear through her as she quickly stood back up and tossed the rune into the air, when it was a hundred feet off the ground, it burst forth, casting the area with lightning bolts - several of which impacted near Sakura's location.