[Episode Two] Right of Passages

Archives of Occultus Magica's beginnings, ten years prior to the current story.
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Re: [Episode Two] Right of Passages

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:26 pm

Good. It seemed Duncan was so accustomed to a bunch of pushovers, a little pushing back was just enough to keep him subdued. Jane folded her arms over her budding chest. "Now we--" WHOOM!

--Get put on our asses, seems to be the answer! She huffed, regained her footing, and dusted herself off. When it seemed appropriate to interject she spoke thusly, "Renegade rune mage is what ya have. Possessed this 'un's," here she gestured to Ruarc, "Familiar."

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Re: [Episode Two] Right of Passages

Post by Straken » Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:22 pm

Ruarc remained standing stoically in place with his hood drawn and his arms drawn as Percy’s parents arrived on the scene. As the others shifted their focus on the new arrivals the druid had shifted his mind towards trying to get any hints about where Laoise might be, but to no avail. He was snapped back to the conversation when he was referenced. After playing some mental catch up he chimed in to offer his insight.

“Pretty much wha’ these two said. It’was a Celtic deity tha’ gotta li’l tired of its life sentence an’ decided ta skip out early,” Ruarc said in an unenthusiastic tone as he recapped previous knowledge before delving into his own theories behind the whole situation. “It conned the lass here inta helping it escape. Once freed, it came ‘ere ta Japan thinking it could evade my Order. Caoránach, the deity, is said ta be the Mother of the demons an’ monsters of this world. Ah think it was trying ta create more ghosties through corrupting the people an’ animals tha’ it came inta contact with. Ah’ll av’ta do some more research ta get a better idea of the specifics, an’ exactly why it needed Hana.”

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Re: [Episode Two] Right of Passages

Post by Kai » Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:13 am

After everyone had been knocked over, and gotten back up, they were shepherded away from the scene of the battle, leaving Percy's father to deal with the aftermath, a task which he was likely not unaccustomed to. In any case, as they walked, they were given a chance to explain much more thoroughly as questions were posed and answers were given. aside from the randomly appeared Calamity Jane, everyone who was supposed to be around was around, and for the rest of the night, nothing awry happened, aside from Raiko, Kiki, and Ginga leaving early, off to some other task, or perhaps simply going to bed, considering how by now it had become late.

The next morning, everything would be normal once more, as far as Osaka was concerned. Aside from a painter who would no longer be sitting out in the park any longer, and a few students excused from school for a day or two. However, the young mages knew that everything was not normal. Caoranach was still at large, and Laiose was gone for the time being, too. whatever happened, Ruarc's mission was not over, and the others now had something they actually had to worry about. How they would deal with it was now to be seen.

Episode two: End

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