[Safeholme Dorms] Creature Discomforts

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Re: [Safeholme Dorms] Creature Discomforts

Post by Kokuten » Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:23 pm

"Ugh," said Drysi, pressed firmly against the opposite door, all eyes wide at the fox as the druid went to tame the spirit, "can you put it outside? It'll probably bite me."

The fox was something reminiscent of a kitsune, a caricature of what a fox really looked like. The spirit glowed with a warm hum, and it bristled with magic, shaping the ether around it as it moved. Bright, vulpine eyes were lined in a dark, black shade, that was reflected on its paws, tails, and ears. A little study, and folklore would tell that this one was young, as it only had one tail, and more resembled a regular fox. Willow's attentions cowed the beast's anger, and it immediately warmed up to her. Even so, every moment that Drysi moved, it paused to look at her, as if unsure of her movements.

That was, until the other fox spirit appeared.

"Oh," hummed a playful voice from the darker, fiery fox, in a way only spirits could hear, "lured to the scent as well? Isn't she grand? Like a little sun in this cave of rocks and coal. Too good to last for just myself it seems... Just as well."

It yipped aloud, and the activity in the room stopped as attention was garnered.

"Come see what?" Chinami quirked a brow, having not quite caught what was said in the greeting melee. At that, the owl on her knee fluttered away in Willow's direction. That wasn't all, though, the beastly girl's hair splayed out as it made room for the stampede of spirits that came charging and zapping out from her deep locks. Vrey and Liu Wei were bowled over with little chance to respond, and Kat found herself parting a small group as it surged by. A monkey, a mouse, a weasel, a raccoon, a dog, a cat, a sparrow, and even a few other small creatures, glowing with different colors, came surging.

In almost an instant, Willow was draped with several animals, brimming with power and affection for their new friend. A snake had slithered around her leg, and Drysi couldn't be more horrified.

"Ey! Knock it off!" said a girl, sticking her head out of her doorway, a violin tucked under her chin, "I'm tryin' to practice my music!"

"I would appreciate the same," parroted a boy, leaning out with a heavy book under his arm, "tome incantations do not enunciate themselves, you know."

"Some people are trying to sleep!"

"Guys don't make noise, the RA just came up to this floor."

"It's not us it's..."


The floor shook as the odd witch-doctor that sat in as RA tore in, a loud lightning bolt followed by the creeping howl of laughing ghosts and hexed apparitions. He was tall, broad, and pale, with a voice that could ring across time. Every person who was half way into the hallway slammed their doors shut before he could bellow:


Katerina found herself on the receiving end of the gaze of the off-going Resident Assistant, known best as the teacher of the Ethical Applications of the Voodoo course.

Braxton Fodier.

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