Session 2: Vrey Hallinel

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Session 2: Vrey Hallinel

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The office Vrey Hallinel entered was impressive, by human standards. It was likely notable to her as it was utterly devoid of sentient, enchanted, or mutated objects. It was utterly mundane. It was a door she had passed frequently during her first semester at Safeholme, another featureless door that had remained anonymous- until now.

The desk that dominated the far side was heavy, dark, and ornate. Its surface was tidy: only a closed laptop, a single stack of collated papers, a lamp, and a photo frame facing away from her. The chair was likewise dark and ornate- and leatherbound. The wall beyond these things was three floor-to-ceiling shelves. The overwhelming majority were filled with thick books intellectuals used to signal one another. On the central column of shelves, on the middle shelf, were three objects: a metallic, silver globe of some kind that could fit naturally into one's palm; a silver-framed, oval mirror about the size of a person's face; and a gilded knife in a bejeweled sheath resting upon a smartly lacquered wood display piece. The music that had been playing since she entered emanated from a small speaker on the far left shelf.

Between the desk and the door were two matching couches, a coffee table between them, and a plush fabric chair, facing toward the desk. Vrey had fully processed the room's innards when the door behind her softly clicked.

"Frau Vrey Hallinel." The tone was neutrally pleasant, much like the dark-skinned face of the woman who now shared the room with her. One elegant, thin-fingered hand reached out, gesturing toward the various seats. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

The speaker on the shelf chimed softly and ceased its playing as she made her way around the desk. Despite her attunement to the raw mana of the world, there was no apparent interaction between the Dr. Lady Sumedha and the speaker. Once again, Vrey would be struck by the aura of this woman- how mundane she seemed, and yet how powerful her presence was. Her black hair was in a tight bun, bangs framing her left cheek. Bright eyes shone behind red-rimmed spectacles. Her blouse was gray, with an appropriate amount of frilling: appealing and professional. She had taken a departure from her usual skirts and wore dress pants that matched her blazer. She draped the latter blazer over the back of her chair, then looked to Vrey. "Shall we get started?"

It was Vrey's turn to find Guidance.
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