[Druids Aside] Welcome Arrival

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[Druids Aside] Welcome Arrival

Post by Straken » Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:44 pm

The sounds of rhythmic humming could be heard as a rustic looking man made his way along the countryside roads winding through the forested hills of Japan. Looking very much like a shepherd with his traveling cloak and a single ram following by his side. Seemingly out of place in Japan and farflung from the gentle plains of Europe, the man walked without any apparent destination and instead appeared to simply be taking in the sights.

"Ahh, this truly is a beautiful country, wouldn't'chya agree Aodh?" the cloaked man said to the ram by his side. In response the horned companion gave a mighty huff and bobbed its head. "Ah can't wait to try some sake, and ramen, and maybe even some sushi."
"Hmm, and here I was thinking the point of this trip was to see Ruarc," Aodh replied with a pressing tone.
"Well, obviously," Conall scoffed. "Doesn't mean Ah can't enjoy some culture while Ah'm here." With that the duo did not say much of anything, simply content with each others company. After all, when a pair have traveled together as long as Conall and Aodh have, speaking was not always necessary.


After a few hours had passed the two could see their destination on the horizon. "Ah, Tokyo is sure a lovely sight, ain't it?" Conall said as he breathed deep in admiration.
"Actually, that is Osaka," a female voice said from somewhere in the vicinity.
"Oh, is tha' so," Conall nodded before suddenly perking up. Looking at Aodh, neither of them knew who had said that.
"Over here," the voice said.

Looking for the speaker, Conall scanned around before a figure stepped out from behind a large maple tree.
Squinting, to make out who they were, Conall was able to just make out a face beneath. "Mealla? Issat'chyu?"
"It is indeed. How have the wandering years been treating you, Conall?" Mealla asked the old man. Before he could answer however Mealla began speaking again. "Safe to assume you are here in Japan to see Ruarc?"

Once again before Conall could speak, Mealla began into her next point. "Here's his address, figure you want to see him as soon as possible."
With that, Mealla gave Conall a slip of paper with the address for the Keeper's cottage and pointed the old man in the direction he should head. Looking out over the city Conall noted the direction, and upon turning back to Mealla found that she had disappeared into thin air.

"Ah'd forgotten tha' Ah don' like dealin' with Druid administrators," Conall said in an aside to Aodh.
"And I think they had forgotten that they don't like dealing with you," Aodh responded as the two travelers set off once again.


A blank stare sat on Conall's face as he looked back and forth between the slip of paper and the residence he had arrived at. "This... doesn't look like any cottage Ah've ever seen?" Conall said as he looked in awe at the Kokoro mansion. "Well, is definitely the right place, an' Mealla isn't one to make small mistakes like this. Well, seems Ruarc got set up in an honest ta goodness mansion. Atta boy."
Pushing on the gate, Conall noted it wasn't budging, and after trying the buzzer figured Ruarc was busy. "Well, guess we'll go over, aye?" Conall said, picking up the large bodied Aodh despite the ram's protests. With a grunt of effort, Conall lept clear over the wall from his standing position through the use of some form of magic or another. Now inside, the old Druid looked around in admiration of the front yard, though as he scanned he also saw what fit the description of a cottage better than the mansion did. "Oh," Conall said in a flat tone.

Making his way to the door of the cottage, Conall hesitated momentarily. "Ruarc otta be in there. I'm actually a tad nervous," he told Aodh. "Well, no sense in beating around the bush. Ruarc! Yur pa is here!" Conall called boisterously as he swung a large hand to the knob.
BOOM! Without warning, the moment Conall touched the doorknob it felt like he was punched in the chest, and he was unceremoniously sent flying at least ten feet back from the door. The sound of genuine laughter could be heard as Conall regained his sense. The old Druid could hear Aodh's, but there was also a human's. Looking up from his position on his back, he once again saw a lithe figure standing on the peak of the cottage's roof.

"Well now, that worked out even better than I anticipated!" Mealla called down as she was almost doubled over laughing.
"Har, cough, har," Conall replied as he pushed himself up. "Funny fuckin' trick."
"That was my revenge for you leaving your post early," Mealla teased. "I was telling the truth that this is Ruarc's place. I just never mentioned that he left on a trip yesterday." At this Conall grumbled, and to this Mealla dropped another piece of paper; this one having the address of the place Ruarc had gone to.
"Have fun," Mealla said before turning and leaving, disappearing once more.
"Well, shall we be going?" Aodh said, still chuckling. "You got some pretty good air by the way."
"Yuck it up, kid," Conall growled as he made his way to the front gate, all while looking over the new sheet of paper.

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