[Vampire's Mark] Kiddie Training

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[Vampire's Mark] Kiddie Training

Post by Kalshion » Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:31 am

Night had descended over the city, and usually around this time all of the kiddies would be asleep; however, not all of them were. In one corner of the city, a security guard walked casually through his assigned park, his flashlight shinning through the bushes and up against the trees and benches. He stopped briefly when he heard the sound of a branch breaking, walking up behind a tall stone pillar and finding nothing that could make that sound.

"Huh, must've been nothing," remarked the guard with a shrug as he turned around and began to walk away, not noticing the shimmering of the grass and trees not five feet away. This shimming was in fact a barrier created by Sakura, who was inside of it, she stared through the barrier and at the guard's back.

"Guess I should be glad there are very few magic users out there..." she smiled and turned toward a group of six shadowy figures who all were in an offensive stance, swords raised high above their heads. "Come," she took a defensive stance and beckoned with her hands.

One of the figures charged at her, sword outstretched as it attempted to skewer her, the young girl side-stepped the attack and knocked the weapon aside before bringing her knee up into the figures chest. The moment contact was made the figure disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving only five left. One of these five, a figure much taller than the rest wasn't holding a sword but rather had a very long halberd that it was twirling around in its hand every so often.

The tall figure began to approach her, Sakura backed off a moment and waited until it swung its large weapon, the girl ducked her head in and barely avoided having some of her hairs cut off, and spun around on her heel and swept the man's legs out from under him; causing the weapon to fly out of the hand which Sakura grabbed while it was in flight and brought the sharp portion of it down on the figures head.

Another puff of smoke told that this one was now dispatched, leaving just four left. Looking down at the weapon she had taken, she tossed it aside, and didn't bother to notice that it had disappeared the moment it left her hand. She stared at the last ones, they stared right back at her, she then began to walk off to the side; although her gave remained on the four.

She wondered what they were about to do. "Akim... up the difficulty," she muttered to a book that was tethered to her belt. The book glowed for a brief moment before it gave off a chime like sound, at the moment it did this, the four figures suddenly lunged at Sakura. One of them discarded its weapon and crew claws out of its hands that were nearly four feet long. Another had its appearance change into that of a large wolf with golden skin, while the last two stayed back and began to chant a spell.

Sakura bolted from her position, narrowly avoiding being skewered by the claws of one of her changed attackers, which yanked them out of the ground and began to give chase after the girl. Sakura watched this thing follow her, and also the wolf out of the corner of her eye which was standing still but watching 'her' in the process. She waited until this claw-like figure got closer before she brought her hands together and then shot out a bolt of lightning that hit the figure in the head and caused it to recoil backwards, she then stopped, pivoted, and brought down a large firey rock from the sky that slammed into the ground.

She stopped wait though as the wolf suddenly charged at her, but its charge had actually caught her off guard as it sank its teeth into her arm; the young girl winced as she placed her hand on the wolfs head and sent a bolt of electricity into it, which caused it to let go and bolt away from her. Sakura staggered backwards and looked down at the bite wounds, which were already starting to heal up thanks to this all being a simulation, but it didn't make it any less painful. She was about to charge after the wolf when she noticed a bright blue light out of the corner of her eye, and realized that she had nearly forgotten about the two figures whom were charing up a spell.

The young girl had looked just in time to dodge a blue beam of magical energy which slammed into a tree - bisecting it in half and sending what was left of the attack into the barrier. Since the wolf was currently out of action, she choose to go after these two and charged at them, dropping down into a slide and going under one whom she froze on the spot when she touched its leg and then spun around and threw two firey knives at the last one. Both disappeared into a puff of smoke, which allowed her to turn her attention back to the wolf which was starting to recover.

"Limit reached..." announced the book just as Sakura was about go after the wolf, she looked down at it and then at the wolf and watched as it disappeared. "Time, ten minutes..."

Sakura sighed and dropped down onto the ground in a sitting position. "Darn it," she growled, folding her arms over her chest in a pout before she fell back onto the ground with her arms outstretched. "I still can't get it below ten minutes... I can take out the first six easily in less than three but the last ones take longer... Akim.. what am I doing wrong?" she looked down at her book.

A ghostly figure appeared atop of it and stared at her. "You are young, you shouldn't expect yourself to be able to take on a large group by yourself."

"Young? I'm eleven years old!" she shouted, to which the ghostly figure shook its head. "Big sis was able to take care of these things in a lot less time!"

"Yes, and your sister had more experience with combat than you..."

"Meh, I still should be able to take them on...."

"Stop acting like a child..."

"I 'am' a child."

"Good point, which is why you are acting like one. Look, it is already a quarter after midnight, you've been practicing since five in the afternoon..."

"I'm 'not' going back home, not right now, not while grandpa is there... he'll just hit me because I was out late," Sakura pouted, turning onto her side and closing her eyes.

The figure let out a sigh, and rubbed its forehead before it disappeared.

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