Curious Creations

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Curious Creations

Post by Straken » Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:33 am

It was early morning at Ruarc's cottage, and the Irishman sat at his table eating a small breakfast as scanned his Tome; Laoise was simply looking out at the lingering darkness of night.
"Oi Laoise," Ruarc spoke up suddenly as he diverted attention away from his open spell book, breaking the silence that had settled over the two residents of the cottage.
"Yes Ruarc?" the dove replied.
“I’ve been thinking,” the Irishman began as he suddenly seemed quite enthused about something; an appearance that had become much more common since Raiko had asked Ruarc to go steady a couple of days ago. “All the Druids in the Tome have contributed something to the collective pool of knowledge; whether it is new spells or new runes. I haven’t contributed anything yet though.”
”Well, you are still young, you have plenty of time,” the dove said as she dismissed the enthusiasm and tried to take a nap.
“That’s no excuse!” Ruarc now stood up as he pushed his point further, eliciting an exasperated sigh from Laoise. “It really hit me when I was training with Duncan, but I need to increase my library of abilities. While there are plenty that have been transcribed already none of them are mine. I should be making a name for myself, like my grandfather did!” The Druid was now visibly energetic as he moved around the small home.

“It is decided! I am going to create a new rune by year’s end, and then after that I shall create a new spell by the close of winter!” Ruarc was now in full work mode as he began clearing off the table so that he could work, all the while Laoise watched from the side as she still recovered from the sudden shift in atmosphere.
”Wow, you really are ambitious,” Laoise stated her observation.
“Of course I am, things are looking up. I have you back safe and sound, and I am still riding the wave of excitement from getting a girlfriend. So why not channel this enthusiasm towards something productive?”

With his work station set, Ruarc sat himself back down at the table in front of several sheet of paper to begin brainstorming ideas for what he would try to accomplish.

~~~ Four hours later ~~~

Ruarc’s head was repeatedly thumping against the wooden table as he realized just how tricky it was to invent something novel when so much had already been done before; Laoise was resting in one of her beds on top of the fridge.
”Harder than you thought?” Laoise asked as she started to get annoyed at the repetitive thumping.
“Harder than I thought,” Ruarc confirmed.
”You should try brainstorming with others so that it isn’t just you,” the dove offered a thought.
“Yeah, since you are no help at all,” the Irishman chided the lazy dove. “Brainstorming could work. What would help the most would be to have more Druids around.”
”Ha, yeah having more Druids would solve all of our problems. Maybe even help keep you from getting beaten up all the time in fights.
“Yeah, help draw some more attention off of me,” Ruarc laughed a bit, suddenly though he stopped laughing and went wide eyed as he got an idea.

“More Druids to draw attention of the enemy,” Ruarc summed up as he squinted down at the paper while formulating his idea. Picking up his pen, the young Druid began figuring out how to craft his new rune.

Starting with his pen and paper Ruarc used his knowledge of runology to draw out an appropriate symbol that would act as the rune’s trigger. Many sketches were drawn out, dismissed, and then thrown out. Every line and every curve of the rune had to mesh in such a way as to deliver the desired effect. Any mistake or oversight would mean the rune was a failure. He consulted his Tome several times as he took leads from other successful runes

After many sheets of paper, Ruarc found one that worked in theory, but he would have to try carving it to find out if it functioned. Before he could get up to grab his crafting tools he stifled a large yawn, and this reminded him that he should check the time. A look out the window revealed that it was still dark out. That was odd, the Irishman thought, the sun should have risen by then.
“Still dark out? Did we wake up earlier than usual?” Ruarc asked Laoise.
“No, it just got dark again,” Laoise replied casually.
“Well that explains a lot,” Ruarc replied in a manner that suggested this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Along with feeling tired he was also made aware of a definite hunger that was sitting heavy in his gut. Pushing out his chair he got up and went to the fridge to get something to eat while taking the chance to stretch.

“So how long was I working?” Ruarc asked as he bit into a slice of bread.
”Let’s just say school starts in a couple of hours,” Laoise said, her tone suggesting subtle criticism.
“There goes Sunday, I suppose,” said the young man with quiet acceptance.

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