[Prelude] Mischievous Rascal

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[Prelude] Mischievous Rascal

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Osaka, Japan

In a shrine located on Osaka's east side, a young girl wearing a priestess outfit was sweeping away several leafs that had fallen from a tree that overlooked a vast open area. She looked up at the tree and let out a sigh, then placed her hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun as she turned and looked to the north. "It's been a few years since I came here," she muttered somewhat in sadness as she looked over her shoulder. Behind her were two tall buildings, one held a statue inside of it with a hanging banner, there was incense being burned right now and a couple were currently sitting in front praying. To the right of this building was a Japanese style home that was single story, the door was open halfway and in the doorway was an orange kitten that was sitting there watching the young girl.

She shook her head for a moment then continued sweeping for a few minutes she heard her name being called by an older women. "Where's your father today Sakura?"

Sakura looked up to find that the couple had finished their praying and were just now leaving the shrine. "Busy, like he always is," she replied sorely. "The only time he ever comes home is at night," she looked over at the shrine entrance and smiled weakly, as if hoping that he'd suddenly come home. She really didn’t have any love of her adoptive father, not only was he never around when she needed him, but she often caught him leaving the home late at night with two women, something she didn’t really understand and could only assume it was an ‘adult thing’. With a sigh of disappointment, she looked at the couple.

"Well, tell your father we said hi," said the women as she placed a hand on Sakura's head, then her and her husband left the shrine. Sakura watched them for a few moments as they walked over to a parking lot and got into a small car and drove off.

Letting out a sigh, she finished her afternoon chores before head inside and setting the broom up against the wall. The living room had a small table in the center with a TV up against the wall, the TV was currently on and was showing today’s news. As she was about to walk up to it and turn it off, she felt something brush up against her leg and looked down to find her kitten rubbing it's head against her, the kitten looked up and let out a small meow as if to say 'play with me'

She smiled and knelt down and stretched the kitten under its chin, the kitten let out a series of small mews in response before it jumped away and ran into the kitchen. “Alright alright,” said Sakura with a sneaker as she walked into the kitchen and up to the refrigerator, she opened it and searched around for the cat food, but soon found that she only had one cat of cold food left. She picked it up and looked back into the refrigerator again before sighing and closing it, she placed the can on the counter, opened it up, then poured its contents onto a small plate before putting the plate on the ground. She knelt down and watched her kitten eat for about a minute, before saying. “I guess I better get you some more food, don’t want you starving on me now don’t we?” she smiled and patted the kitten head before standing back up and heading into her room.

Her room looked like a traditional room that a child would use; it had pictures on the wall of various cartoon characters along with some model aircraft hanging from the ceiling. Her bed was well made, with the bed sheets having tigers, lions, and even a few coyotes on it. There was a study desk to the left of the bed, and on it was a strange looking book that had a crescent in the center along with several triangles on the sides. Then, hanging from a hook, was a red looking bow that had a quiver in the center which held a number of arrows in it.

She walked over to her closest and pulled the door open, then pulled out a dress that was hanging off a hanger. She set the dress onto her bed then took her priestess outfit off and set that aside, she’d have to wear it later so she didn’t bother putting away. The dress was sailor style, a gift that she had received from her older sister years earlier, she had kept it in good condition since then and even today it didn’t look like it was four years old.

The dress was light red with an orange rectangle running down the center; the trim along the bottom was orange on the red side and red on the orange side. The collar had a double VV design to it both on the front and the back, with the main part being orange while the trim was red.

Sliding into her dress, she put on a pair of blue sweat pants before walking up to the mirror and looking into it. She smiled weakly, remembering when her sister gave her the dress, she never wore a dress before that day but now she liked it.

When she was done she stepped away from the mirror and grabbed an orange bag that was hanging from a coat rake and slid it over her shoulder, then left the shrine, her kitten watching as she left.

The walk to the grocery store was uneventful, it took her only ten minutes but once she arrived she walked inside to greet the store owner who gave her a wave. She headed into the aisle that had the cat food and looked over some of the cans. She placed a finger on one cane, then walked casually down the aisle. To the keys of someone who didn’t know her, she’d appear to be a schoolgirl doing some errands for her parents, her bag giving off that appearance given it was actually a school bag. “Ah!” she smiled when she found the right food and picked up four cans, she looked at the price and frowned a bit, but then shrugged her shoulders – she did have a debt card on her that her father gave her, though it had a limited amount on it so that she couldn’t spend it on anything other than food and maybe an item for herself.

She then walked into the candy aisle, for a moment she stood there and looked off into space, as if thinking to herself. Then she beamed happily before turning around and running down the aisle and looking at some chocolate eggs that were in a small basket, the basket was a tad expensive, but she had enough and picked it up. As she was about to walk away, two teenagers walked up behind her.

“Hey there kid,” said one of the teenagers, the voice sounded male, and when Sakura looked over her shoulder – she saw that it came from a boy. The boy looked to have just gotten out of school, his uniform was a bit raggedy and he wore his school bag off his shoulder, his friend didn’t look any better, with a nose and lip-ring, both set off a warning vibe to her. “Just get out of school? Need a walk home?”

Sakura looked at them for a brief moment, then smiled apologetically and said. “I’ll be fine, thank you,” then she turned and walked away. When she got to the counter she set her items down, the cashier looked new, Sakura didn’t recognize her. She knew practically every employee of the store, including the owner who ‘sometimes’ gave her free candy.

“Doing some shopping for your parents?” asked the lady.

Sakura gave a nod and just waited, when the items were rung up, the cashier gave her the total and Sakura paid it off. Her items were then bagged, as she grabbed it, she noticed the two teens from before and knew they’d be trouble, as they were both looking at her like two hungry wolves salivating over some easy prey, it left her disgusted.

She headed out of the grocery store and started down the street, the street was crowded, and there were people everywhere. Some were kids getting out of school; others were people going to or from work. There wasn’t much traffic though, and she didn’t know if there was something special going on today or perhaps it was just one of those days. Regardless, she listened as the stores double doors slid open and smiled slightly. She couldn’t see them, but for some reason knew the two teenagers were following right behind her.

In the distance she saw three police officers; one was out in the middle of the road handling traffic, Sakura thought this weird for a moment until she noticed that the traffic lights were out. She was tempted to deal with the two ‘wolves’ herself, but she just wasn’t feeling up to it.

Sakura walked past the two officers, her hand quick and threw something underneath the cop-car that the two officers were standing up against. She kept on walking, when she was across the intersection she noticed that the two teens were just walking by the cop car, one threw something on the ground and gave was the cue she had wanted. Her fingers moved slowly, and suddenly out from under the car came a shower of sparks and loud pops, causing the two officers to jump back from the care in fright and the two teenagers to suddenly turn around, easily frightened. Right away the cops looked at the two boys, one of them must’ve noticed one of the teens throwing something under the car and the two decided on the teenagers.

She smiled happily at herself and kept on walking. When she got home she placed the bag on the counter, took out the four cans of cat food and placed them into the refrigerator. Then she took out the basket full of chocolate eggs and set it on the counter, before taking the bag, rolling it up, and tossing it in the trash.

It was already close to night, which means her nightly ‘rounds’ would begin just a little bit after nine. A mischievous looking grin appeared on her face as she placed the basket into the refrigerator to keep the eggs cool, then she decided to make herself some dinner and get ready for the night.

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