[Pew Pew Karaoke] A Night Off

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Re: [Pew Pew Karaoke] A Night Off

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Jane adopted an amused smile as Eryl grew emotional. Of course she was an emotional drunk. "Yeah. Yer what mama'd call the right folk. Prim n proper too. She'da asked ye if ye was a professor n begged ye t teach some manners to 'the young uns.' Always complained bout 'the youths.'" Her smile had wilted into something rueful, then disappeared entirely beyond the bottom of snifter glass.
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Re: [Pew Pew Karaoke] A Night Off

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Following her graceful performance, Caoranach exited the stage in a similar manner. No fanfare, no boasts, no reply to Percival’s request, and no glance over towards Ruarc. Instead she simply returned to her seat alongside Jane and Eryl. Cozied into her corner seat of the couch, the fey noble settled back having transitioned her drink over to a glass of wine. Sipping idly, she contented herself to observation. There were a number of individuals here that she never had a chance to associate with, so she would watch them for a time. Besides, mortals imbibing various quantities of alcohol most always became an amusing show. Oddly though, it was Eryl the enigma who was the most inebriated, although the result was more or less what she had been hoping for.

In that time, Percival and his betrothed were getting about as lovey-dovey as she would expect the Ice Queen and the Cave Dweller to get. Ruarc seemed to have nonverbally matched her challenge and had thus made no attempt to interact with her, and with Miyuki being the one sitting on his other side it made sense that most of his attention was focused on Kaori. Laoise had gotten up to sing another song or two, happy to carry the weight of the open spaces between singers. The more interesting activity came when Eryl roused herself and clung to Jane as though she were a cottonfly that stumbled upon little Drysi during a final exam. Jane on the other hand was staying true to character.

It was all quite amusing. So, she wondered to herself, why did she feel so bored. Her attention went to Eryl again. Grabbing a glass of water from the table, Caoranach shifted a bit down the couch so she could hand the glass to the woman. “Your drink is low, dear. I poured you another one,” said the fey, her voice honeyed and compelling. She considered offering one to Jane, glancing at the gunslinger as she reached across with the glass. Her attention was diverted however as she felt the couch next to her shift. Someone had taken her spot. Giving a quick glare over her shoulder at whoever would be so bold, she saw one of the primary adversaries to her company; Laoise. The young dove had become a vulture, taking the corner seat once Caoranach had made enough space for the familiar’s lithe human form. Adjusting, Caoranach was now sitting close to both Laoise as well as Jane on the other side, and so she tucked her hands and glass of wine into her lap.

“Comfy?” Caoranach asked bluntly.

“Seat’s cold,” Laoise replied as she took a sip of some iced tea with lemon. “I never noticed that you don’t put out much in the way of body heat.”

“I never need to flip my pillow,” the fey joked, her tone tense.

“Having fun?” Laoise said, but her own tone suggested she had picked up on Caoranach’s mood.

“Tickled pink, although I might take off now,” Caoranach replied, shifting in a way that suggested she was going to leave rather than deal with Laoise. The familiar quickly placed a hand on her arm, gently encouraging the fey to sit back down.

“Are you jealous?”

“Of you taking my spot, certainly.”

Laoise gave Caoranach a flat stare.

“I get it, you are a faerie, and you have some unwritten rule requiring every conversation with you to be an obstacle course.”

“It’s okay, dear. I don’t need you to like me.”

“You’re right, I don’t like you. But you are also wrong. You do need me to like you.”

“Oho? And why is that?”

“Because Ruarc is my brother, and for some stupid reason, while I may not like you, I am rooting for you.”

That made Caoranach raise an eyebrow. “And why is that?”

“Because he likes you. He doesn’t really recognize it yet, but he and I are connected subconsciously. And, if you recall, at one point you were inside of my head as well, so to an extent we are connected as well; although I’m sure you haven’t noticed. You’ve helped him through some difficult times, but if this is really just a game to you then I will make sure you never get within a hundred feet of Ruarc again. So, are you jealous?”

“Of a human? About a human?” Caoranach scoffed.

“Why not?” Laoise asked, her face stern.

Before Caoranach could respond, Laoise got up and made her way over to Ruarc and Kaori so she could pour more beer for the two of them. The fey was left sitting in her corner contemplating the familiar. Lifting her wine, she kept her eyes locked on Laoise.

”Clever bird. Inviting both of us. She thinks she can either scare me straight and make me take things seriously, or she can have a go at driving me off while setting Ruarc up with someone she trusts.”

Caoranach huffed and took another sip of her wine.
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