[Scene] - Sheltered Knowledge

Set several Hundred years after MLP: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Is Magic follows the story of a foreign airship crew that manages to get lost and wind up back in Equestria. As they find friends and set off on a new journey, they seek to find adventure in a world where everypony is content on where they are.
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[Scene] - Sheltered Knowledge

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Silver Moonshine fluttered across the darkening sky, her wings now flapping gracefully, as apposed to the frenetic pace they had kept up with just minutes before, following Thunderclap and Steel Drafter. As it was, the silver pegasus made her way back into town, looking for a high point from which she could watch the moon as it came to full. As it turned out, the best place to do so was Ponyville's historic library-tree, the ancient oak that had been hollowed out by magic, a living tribute to the blending of knowledge and nature that made Equestria such a wonderful place.

Inside the old library, the books ranging from subjects modern, contemporary and historical were numerous. One could even see how the passage of time affected what books and what trends came to Ponyville with each shelf further and further towards the back, where the library had its humble start. Inside and browsing through some of the earlier volumes, particularly the work of Starswirl the Bearded, was a grey and mint-maned Unicorn wearing spectacles and a pale purple cape embroidered with stars.

As Moonshine alighted on the observation deck near the crown of the might oak, she pased, tilting her head from one side to the other for a moment, before adjusting her own glasses, and peering inside the doors. She caught a glimpse of a cape, and was immediately drawn inward by the prospect of who it might be. The mare was soon delighted to find it was exactly who she thought it was, and upon her arrival at the bottom of the wide, sweeping staircase carved around the circumference of the library, she opened in dramatic greeting.

"Ah, so it was you that I felt when I arrived here at my humble abode. Your aura has such presence, that I immediately felt the storms of knowledge normally held in reserve within this fine dwelling to have been redoubled. Forgive me for not having been present to greet you properly, my dear, but Luna's fair circlet will be out in full tonight, and I could not miss such a spectacle."

Adjusting his spectacles just a touch, the old Unicorn gave a bow towards the new arrival, "It is not a problem, Ma'am. I'm just passing by on assignment." The old unicorn had been tasked with gathering some ingredients in the Everfree Forest in the morning before returning to Canterlot, "Fine library, the Ponyville library."

"I'm sure it is no match for the archives in Canterlot, which I have only had the pleasure of visiting twice in my thus short lifespan," Moonshine recalled, seeming rather fond of the memories. "I pray that Celestia's orb of fury hath not disturbed you overmuch, Wizard Greycloud? I am quite certain, however, that the moon, which Luna blesses us with shall smile gently upon your further journies, if you are to set forth tonight."

Theatrical. Greycloud thought as the Pegasi kept harping lyrical about the sun and moon. He was on good terms with the Princesses as a consultant and advisor, and had a title mostly as a formality. "Nay. The passage of the Sun and Moon disturb me not, but," He stifled a yawn, "There are some things you simply cannot avoid." He put the book he was reading back in the bookshelf carefully, "I wish to secure lodgings here in the library for the time being."

Silver Moonshine seemed to be more delighted as she clapped her front hooves together, and a small gasp managed to escape her muzzle. "Oh, of course, Wizard Greycloud. It would be my pleasure to allow you accommodations and provisions here, as I plan to be about for the full length of the night." The Pegasus began at once to head back up the stairs, toward the upper door that lead to the main lodgings for the librarian. Before heading in, she asked, "If you'll allow me, I shall tidy my study and procure a fresh set of bedding. Would you like any specific colors, or frabrics, Dear?" The old Unicorn shook his head as he made his way up the stairs.

"It is uncommon to see Pegasi with an interest in the bookish. Most Pegasi I am acquainted with are much more brash, physical and forthright," He recalled, knowing that his wife was currently training young guardspegasi into fighting fit shape with the Iron Wing technique back in Canterlot, "What draws you here?"

"Ah, the Silver clan are many, and not all are Pegasi. Why, not even my sisters have been gifted with wings, one being of your clade, and the other an earthen pony," Silver Moonshine explained, flitting about from one side of the room to the other as she tidied up the area, numerous books on subjects vaerying from basic physics, to the elements, to histories, and even myths and legends. "I myself have drawn fancy to the nobler pursuits because of none other than my mother, whom you know very well, as she is one of your colleagues."
He smiled, Small world. "Ah yes, Silverlocke!" He recalled the name well, "During one particular assignment in the Macintosh Mountains, she was able to repel a dragon with her Luminous magic. Did she ever tell you?"

"Mother has indeed regaled me with the tale, and I must say that while I find it noble of her, I dare not attempt the same, for I lack her heart and dedication in such matters." Moonlight recalled, seeming to be rather fond of the tale, regardless.

He removed his cloak, folded it up and set it down on the bedside table before hopping onto the bedding. Even though Greycloud was an older unicorn, his body was still in reasonably good shape from his years of adventuring, but the wrinkles and occasional scar could be seen. Maybe it was what had prompted him to settle down, "Anyhoo. I must take my leave," He got under the blanket and rested his head on the pillow, "Sun or Moon, I must rest." He yawned and quickly fell into slumber.

"Alas! I forgot to change the sheets!" Silver Moonshine lamented quietly to herself, seeming ashamed of that oversight, but, it was too late to do anything about it now. For the moment, she looked around the room to see if she could tidy it further, quietly winging about the room rather than making a noise clopping around the wooded floors. After a few minutes, she was satsified, and made her way swiftly out of the double doors onto the balcony, then to the canopy, where she perched herself in the topmost branches and waited for the moon to rise.

"Zzz..." He snored as he rolled around in bed, trying to work a comfortable rut in the bedding. He was also waiting for the Librarian, however nice and eccentric she was to be out of earshot. All of those years of adventuring prior to settling down and being a Court Wizard had paid off in athletics, something that most Unicorns had neglected. He looked over to his bedside table and opened his cloak, looking for an old journal and a quill.

Opening up to a blank page with today's date, he tapped the business end of the quill against the page in quiet contemplation, wondering how to summarise his otherwise uneventful day of travel.

Travelling across the countryside to and from Ponyville has become a thankfully routine task. Ponyville is always a pleasant place to hang up the cloak. Its library, however small compared to the archives I usually watch over, has knowledge I can't find anywhere else. Tomorrow I'll be enlisting the help of a Zebra, who I'm told knows the Everfree Forest like the back of her hoof. Tap. Tap. Tap. All I am concerned about is what I'm after. I fear it has the potential to be misused. No, not the Firebloom gathering I've been sent to do, I mean something greater.

Captain Cygnet's search for the Elements of Harmony must be stopped. If the legends are true, the power could be immense - beyond Celestial and Lunar reckoning and the backlash for misuse could tear Equestria apart. I know they've been scattered across the world ever since its previous embodiments were taken by Time - but I know I where I can find the Stones. We need them now more than ever as the corners of the world seem to darken with every passing day.

Honesty, Laughter, Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, Magic. Now and Forever.

With that last declaration of his loyalties, he signed his name and the date before putting the journal away and trying to head back to sleep, for real this time.

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