[Scene] In a Hurry

Set several Hundred years after MLP: Friendship is Magic, Adventure Is Magic follows the story of a foreign airship crew that manages to get lost and wind up back in Equestria. As they find friends and set off on a new journey, they seek to find adventure in a world where everypony is content on where they are.
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[Scene] In a Hurry

Post by Kai » Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:37 pm

Thunderclap was flapping her wings furiously enough to cause small motes of electricity to fall from her, causing odd crackles throughout the evening sky to appear, accompanied by the occasional loud pop. They need a builder, pronto, or they won't be able to salvage what's left of that house! She was considering as she made her trip. Who was that Pony, Iron Dredger? Titanium Basher? Steel Drafter? YES! She clapped her hooves together mid flight before turning her attention to the ground and seeking Steel Drafter's establishment. It would've been difficult to miss the metallic motif amidst the rustic charm of Ponyville.

Thunderclap's search would take her not to far of a ways from the relatively busy center of Ponyville. Steel's home was situated in a small building connected to a larger shop that sold wagons and wagon accessories.

Steel himself was sitting inside his home contemplating the most efficient way to connect a wagon wheel to the wagon.

Thunderclap was able to spot the building, and smiled. She considered how to make an entry, and considering that a cannonball-through-house was a very unheard of emergency in a place as peaceful as Ponyville, she had to deliver it with the utmost seriousness. She made a graceful landing outside of Steel Drafter's house with the gentle clopping of hooves on the ground, trotted up to the door and gave it a few solid knocks, "Mr. Drafter? Mr. Drafter?" She inquired, her voice was laced with concern.

Steel looked up from his notebook with slight surprise. "Now who could that be?" he pondered to himself. "Oh! Maybe it is a customer!" With subdued excitement Steel hurried over to the door and opened it.

Then with a practiced smile and his usual polite tone he greeted Thunderclap. "Well hello there. What can I help you with?"

Well, he wasn't incorrect! "Mr. Drafter, there's been an accident!" Thunderclap explained, the tension in her voice was starting to show as precious time went on, "The Bronze Eagle was engaged by pirates from beyond the Everfree forest, and we drove them off, but they destroyed a house!"

Steel's subtle excitement dropped away as his ear dropped slightly once Thunderclap brought up the emergency. Bronze Eagle? Must be the airship Ms. Breezy mentioned, and pirates, ending with a destroyed house, oh dear, Steel thought to himself as the mare filled him in on the situation.
"That does sound quite serious," Steel said as he moved out the door as he got ready to leave if need be. "Was anypony injured? Where is the house?"

She pointed her hoof back in the direction she came from, "Its out in the country, and it seemed to have been a farm house. The owner sounded furious, I could hear him shouting from the Eagle!" She then wondered, "Do you think anyone else could help rebuild his house?"

"Well, I wouldn't doubt that the owner was furious given what happened," Steel replied, "And as for repairs I would need to see the house first before I could make an accurate estimate. Do you think you could show me the way?"

She nodded, "I could fly us both, but I don't think I've got the strength. I guess we'll have to get there on hoof!" She lead the way and started galloping towards the Bronze Eagle, and the outskirts of the normally quiet village.

Steel made a quick check to be sure that he had some of his supplies in his vest before locking the door to his home behind him. Without anymore delay he turned and galloped after Thunderclap in the direction of the damaged home.

As the two dashed through the quiet streets, onlookers were wondering what the commotion was about, since the concern and desperation was evident in how Thunderclap was galloping, trying to make sure that a bad situation didn't get even more out of hoof. "Hurry!" She yelled.

Unwittingly, a couple of rubbernecker ponies had decided to come along just to see what all the fuss was about.

Making their way through the town Steel had become aware of just how long it had been since he had run any sizable distance as he was falling short of breath. "You said...huff...that the home was...how far away exactly?" Steel asked between gulps of air, and he thought now that if there was one thing he envied about many pegasi was their endurance. Although, that could also just be due to him being out of shape.

"It shouldn't be much farther, it should only be another mile!" She explained between calculated breaths of air.

Only another mile, she says, Steel thought to himself as he dared not waste breath with speaking. With a jumpy nod the architect bit his lower lip and tried to stick with it for the remainder of the run.

Next to the two galloping ponies, a silvery-grey Pegasus had showed up, her dark grey mane flowing as she flitted along next to the two of them- to Steel it would seem effortless, and, indeed, the Pegasus made it look so, though her wings were of course working quite a bit to keep up.
"My, my, what's going on here, Thunderclap?" the pony asked, adjusting her small oval glasses and noticing that Steel Drafter was also there, as well. "Ah! Steel! You haven't visited the library in a while, It's nice to see you again."

Thunderclap raised an eyebrow, "Wha-? Moonshine! I didn't expect you to be out this early!" She always knew Silver Moonshine to spend her nights indoors and studying up on Ponyville's history, and always seemed a bit strange thanks due to her nocturnal habits.

"Ah, but it's so very clear this day, my fair Thunderclap!" Silver Moonshine responded, motioning toward the sky. "I decided to go on a bit of a canter, to give my thanks to the lady Luna, and her bright, full moon that will be seen tonight." She giggled, though, smiling at the two galloping ponies. "Instead, I have come across the two of you in quite a bit more than a simple hurry."

Steel was somehow keeping pace with the two talkative pegasi as he ran, only he was in no way in any shape to join the conversation. These mares must be mocking me with those wings of theirs, Steel thought as his fatigue quelled his polite tendencies. "*gasp*...*wheeze*" Steel said as he added to the conversation at last.

Thunderclap looked over to Steel Drafter, and she could tell when someone was tiring out from overexertion. She had seen plenty of it in her Flight School instruction. "I think we'll have to slow down a little, we're only a half mile away from..." She said as she looked up ahead and saw the Bronze Eagle's envelope.

Moonshine looked over toward the Airship that Thunderclap was now looking at. "What is this here, that defies my eyes. I have yet to see the likes of it in the waking world. Surely, that cannot be an airship, such a sleek adventuring explorer of the skies, come yonder from foreign lands!" Silver Moonshine alighted to the ground, landing gently and gracefully, tucking her wings close to her body as she stood still to get a better look at the Bronze Eagle in the evening sun, its envelope a burnished red as the great disc sunk past the horizon.

"That's not the concern!" Thunderclap yelled out to Moonshine before pointing down to the once-quaint and peaceful house of the Heartwood family. "This house needs fixing!" Although, quaint and peaceful and having-a-cannonball stuck through it were mutually exclusive qualities unless you were a crazy horse.
"Ah! At last, we are almost there!" Steel said as he was relieved to be nearing the destination. "Oh dear...the home belongs to the Heartwoods. I do hope they are alright."

"Oh, Dear." Silver Moonshine noted. "I do believe I shall get back to my library. Sunny can be, a bit, ah, what's the word, overbearing, for my delicate sensibilities. I wish you all the best of luck!" with that, the odd Silver-grey Pegasus lifted off, turning tail and flying back toward ponyville- While she regretted being unable to see the Airship any closer, she did not want to have her feathers ruffled by the boisterous Unicorn the others were dealing with.

Hm, You don't say. Thunderclap mused. She had always considered the mare to be a little out of touch with reality after demanding that all of her sessions be conducted in the dead silence of the night, especially on the full moon. As she watched her fly away, Thunderclap tapped her fore hoof against the side of her head a couple of times with a frown.

She had some confidence that with the aid of Steel Drafter, the situation could at the very least be diagnosed, however much of a state he was in after the sprint. "C'mon Drafter, we're nearly there!"

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