[Prelude] All Talk, No Action

Set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world where the earth has been invaded by aliens, a group of refugees finds themselves in possession of advanced giant mecha with the power to save the world- If they're up to the challenge.
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[Prelude] All Talk, No Action

Post by Mr. Blackbird Lore » Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:39 pm

The door shut softly in her face, eliciting a sigh from the young girl. She spun on her heels, and stepped down from the porch. From there she gazed down at what she could see of Coulee. All that was visible, and much that was not, had already turned her away. Oriza DuPont, a recent high school graduate, had come to Coulee of her own volition, and by means independent from her parents, to actively pursue a peaceful solution to the currently raging war. Sure, she was only eighteen, and the war was a global catastrophe, but the odds meant nothing to Oriza. She had passion and determination, and nothing would deter her from the path she had mapped.

Of course there were always going to be obstacles to overcome; it was just a shame when those obstacles turned out to be the people you had the most hope for. You see, Oriza had come to Coulee because she figured it would be the best place to seek out like-minded individuals: after all, everyone here was either a refugee, pacifist, or both. These people desired only to live their lives as they saw fit. Who could have been more likely to join Oriza's cause? There must be someone, because not a soul in Coulee was interested. Sure, all the people claimed a desire for peace, and a vast majority could go on for days about how they'd like to see it through, but no one would commit. Not one would take the risk and really try to change things.

That was what most upset Oriza about people: they were so afraid of everything: time, change, and even each other. If only they all had the guts to stick to their beliefs things would be so much simpler. Instead, it took real movers and shakers to get something done. Oriza planned on joining their ranks some day. Yes, she wanted to be famous, but not for the fame. Becoming famous, becoming a worldwide name, that would mean she had made progress- and quite possibly succeeded. It was a benchmark she used to measure herself and thus far she was coming up very short.

No matter! She would succeed, with or without the help of the citizens of Coulee. Of all the billions of people, certainly some would share her desire. A little setback like this couldn't stop someone like Oriza DuPont. So she headed into town for dinner and an early start the next day. The sooner she found aid, the sooner the world would make real its dream of peace, and Oriza imagined herself the catalyst.

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