[Prelude] Bambi Burgers

Set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world where the earth has been invaded by aliens, a group of refugees finds themselves in possession of advanced giant mecha with the power to save the world- If they're up to the challenge.
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[Prelude] Bambi Burgers

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The van's suspension occasionally bounced up and down as it made its way down the road at night.

"Shut up!" Donovan moaned.

"Are we there yet?" His little sister chirped again. Yes. That stereotype about family trips was coming true, much to his dread, but only and ONLY because his little sister wanted to absolutely crush his spirit. For fun. It was Elise's way of cheering herself up; ever since the fleet's opening bombardment, they'd all been on edge, angry and confused. His sister was a noisy little...Donovan wasn't exactly a monster, so his less than tasteful and frustrated thoughts towards her ONLY stopped a little past there. And of course, one or both of the parents were bound to interfere ineffectively right about -

"If you say that again, I'll drive this car right into a tree!" their father shouted. Once again, dead, lifeless silence reigned. And it was good.

"Are we there yet?" Elise spoke up to call the bluff.

"Why you little - !" Donovan's father floored the pedal as the car accelerated down the road, the lurch in their guts telling them that the massive vehicle was on a one way course to hell. "Now why don't you shut the f - "

"DEER!" his mom cried. The car's tires screeched as Mr. Sanders hit the brakes. The deer was resting on the cracked windshield.


"Everyone, calm down, CALM DOWN!" the father shouted. He promptly unbuckled and got out of the car and looked the doe over with disbelief. The trip was going straight to hell, a dead deer to top it like a cherry...'The Deer' the man thought to himself. There was a way to turn this around. "The car's alright everyone! When we get to Coulee, we'll have venison for breakfast!" he proudly declared, dragging the doe off the hood and opening up the van's rear door.

"You sure that's a good idea dad?" Donovan frowned. He looked at Elise once, and instantly made up his mind. "Aww, screw it, that's awesome dad! Lemmi help you get it in!" he smiled with glee; Donovan practically drank up every drop of his little sister's delicious look of horror. Vegans, ha! There was no place for them in the apocalypse! Soon enough, the van was rolling again. "I can't wait for Bambi Burgers!" Donovan grinned with malicious glee. His mother chimed it about then.

"I'm sure as hell not helping to prepare that poor thing; you boys are on your own." she commented.

"Like you ever cook dear." Donovan's father playfully commented.

"I can tell who'll be sleeping alone for the next few days..." she retorted with a smile.

"Stop that!" Elise cried out. "I don't want a dead deer in the car, and I REALLY don't want to hear THAT from anybody, especially you two!"

"Bambi burgers and steaks, oh my!" Donovan quipped. "Hey dad, you and mom had to have done some crazy shit back in your days, right?"

It was right about then that the deer woke up.


A bald eagle balefully awoke at night to watch an object and the light it made go down the dark strip from its nest. The next thing it saw was interesting enough, as the thing swerved back and forward before simply vanishing from sight as it went over the edge, a horrible crashing sound was heard shortly followed by a bright plume of light that shot up into the sky. The eagle blinked before checking it's chicks and going back to sleep.
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